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How to Assess the Urgency of Garage Door Sheet Metal Tears

Between storms, vehicles, visitors, and accidents, garage doors take a beating. Often, small dents can become warped metal. Eventually, warped metal tears—and this should never be a DIY repair job. Whether you’re in need of residential garage door installation or garage door repair, an expert’s handiwork is more reliable. In fact, we’ve written an entire garage door company blog on why you should never DIY a variety of repairs!

That being said, if you’re looking to assess the urgency of the situation, there are a number of steps you can take to do so on your own. Below, Door Power, your preferred Norwood experts in all things garage doors, discusses them, alongside what to do for longer-term fixes.

Step One: Check for More Distortions

Even if you’re looking at a finger-sized rip, you should still check for distorted metal. Feel around the area, and look for rippled material. Getting bent a smidgen out of shape is nothing to panic about; you’ll just need to contact a professional quickly. If the entire area is warped, however, this is a more urgent issue. Usually, tears will occur quickly after the metal becomes warped—so, ideally, you should get this seen the same day.

Step Two: Are Wind and Rain Entering?

A/C loss is a hefty expense, and so is mold growth. Not only is the latter pricey to fix, but it can also cause health issues. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, “mold exposure can irritate the eyes, skin, nose, throat, and lungs of both mold-allergic and non-allergic people.” Though your family might not exactly hang out in the garage, mold sure does love to spread.

 If you’re facing unwanted showers inside the garage, don’t hesitate to address the issue. Call a repair person. Moisture accumulates over time, resulting in mold growth. Plus, if you’re facing wind problems, you might be allowing unwanted humidity into your home, which can have similar consequences.

Step Three: Are the Edges Sharp?

That’s almost a rhetorical question; any cut metal should be remedied by professionals. Warped metal is sharp, and installed sheet metal is equally so. Even if you manage to avoid the pointy bits, installing sheet metal over the area may remedy the problem temporarily, but left alone it can cause more damage in the long run. Regardless of how the edges appear or feel: a professional garage door repair specialist is your best bet.

What to Do for a Short-Term Fix

If you need to repair a torn garage door immediately, and you know your way around power tools and sharp objects, you can rig up a temporary fix. Lay a slab of sheet metal atop the damaged area, and apply caulk between the door’s surface and the patch. Then, apply pop-rivets to secure the sheet metal in place.

While this solution can provide immediate defense against harsh weather and the like, we don’t recommend using it long-term. As we said, the work of a professional in residential and commercial garage door installation is always more reliable.

What if I Don’t Have the Materials?

We get it: not everyone has a drill lying around with the strength to manipulate sheet metal. Nor may you have that sheet metal accessible in the first place. Running to the store in severe weather to get it, let alone completing the process, might be impossible—so what do you do in this situation?

First: don’t compromise your safety. No matter what’s going on outside, you and your family are the top priority. Only venture out to get at the damage once the skies have calmed and you’re in a rational frame of mind. Then, if you can’t possibly obtain the materials, call for same-day or next-day emergency garage door service. Time is of the essence.

Why Same-Day or Next-Day Garage Door Repair Is a Necessity

Of course, it’s a requirement for your peace of mind—who wants to have a home repair need hanging over their head?—but even if you can stomach the stress and the thought of heightened energy bills, you still need fast garage door repair in the case of a tear for one key reason: mold.

According to FEMA, mold can begin to grow on a surface within 24 to 48 hours. While all species of mold are different and the timeline will vary depending on environmental circumstances, its colonization is not something you want to risk, given all the health problems it can cause.

Door Power: Garage Door Repair Pros That Strive for Same-Day Service

No matter how badly your garage door has been damaged, we’re here to get it—and your life—back on track. Reach our Norwood office today at 952-467-3199.

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How to Avoid Garage Door Scams

Do you need to have your garage door repaired but do not know whom you can trust? We don’t blame you. Shady salespeople are becoming all the more common, showing up to help you and vanishing without a trace when you need to get into contact with them—and it’s not just the garage door industry that’s suffering this, but roofing and storm damage, too.

Door Power in Norwood, Minnesota is here to help take the stress out of garage door repair. We have been servicing the Minneapolis metro area since 1967, so you know we’re the real deal. Here are a few tips to help you avoid getting scammed while having your garage door fixed.

How to Vet a Garage Door Company

When choosing a company to repair your garage door, make sure you get referrals from friends and family to help you make that choice. Check with the BBB, Yelp, and social media reviews for the company. Make sure they have a physical address, and that that address is legitimate; simply plugging it into a map app on your smartphone can yield some information.

Before you commit to even a favorable-looking company, ask for bids or work estimates so that you can get a feel for their honesty (or lack thereof). Also, ask if there is a charge for them to come out and give you an estimate—there shouldn’t be!

When Garage Door Technician Arrives

Of course, just because a garage door company checks out in theory doesn’t mean they’ll do so in practice. Here are a few things for you to look for when a garage door technician arrives if you want to make sure that they’re legitimate:

●        Driving a company vehicle

●        Wearing a company badge / uniform

●        A competent manner and an obvious wealth of industry knowledge

●        An air of courtesy and professionalism

One final thing to look for: that the garage door company technician explains the rationale behind every decision they make. You shouldn’t have to pull teeth, so to speak, to get this sort of information out of them; real, caring professionals are happy to share their expertise, as it helps their clients prevent similar problems from happening in the future.

Red Flag #1: Overzealous Replacements

If a repair technician tells you they will need to replace every last part of the door—or even the garage door in its entirety—you should get a second opinion. As Angi, a site which matches small business to customers, puts it: “It’s highly unusual for every garage door component to wear out at the same time.” If you find yourself being offered a complete package, you may have a simple repair job, but a dishonest repair company may convince you that you need additional service.

Before you commit to a larger project, contact Door Power. Our technicians will give you an honest and accurate assessment of the service your garage door needs, whether that be garage door repair or replacement.

Red Flag #2: Hidden Fine Print

Before you agree to any garage door repair service guarantee, read the fine print and find out what the warranty covers.

Garage door springs, for example, have an estimated lifespan of 15,000 to 50,000 cycles depending on how much you use your garage door. Will a given guarantee cover the springs for the far end of their lifespan and use? You can also protect yourself from these loopholes by learning a bit more about individual garage door parts—like through our garage door company blog on tracks, for instance.

Make sure the garage door company guarantees their labor as well as the parts they install. If they do not guarantee their labor or parts, they may be using cheaper products that will break more often.

When the Rubber Meets the Road: After you Hire a Garage Door Repair Company

At this point, you should most likely know that the garage door company is a legitimate one that can actually do the repairs they claim—but that doesn’t mean that they should be excluded from ethical business practices! You’ll still need to keep your eyes open, though outstanding garage door repair companies will automatically dot their i’s and cross their t’s.

Before Garage Door Repair

Make sure you get a written and detailed list of all parts and labor necessary to complete a garage door repair job. In other words: you’ll want the work broken down, so that you know exactly where each fee and charge came from. Not only does this hold your garage door company accountable for the work that they’ve done, but it also lets you know exactly what has been replaced and repaired, which can help protect you from scams in the future. Remember that first red flag we talked about?

After Garage Door Repair

Make sure you also get a receipt of all replaced parts and work completed. This also ensures garage door repair technician transparency, as you can hold it up alongside the list we talked about in the previous paragraph and make sure everything checks out. If there are discrepancies—which can sometimes occur if a garage door specialist discovers additional repair needs during the process—work should have been temporarily halted so that everyone can understand what’s required going forward.

 Finally, never pay for a job until it is complete and you are 100% satisfied with the results. Expect nothing less from a company hired to

Contact Door Power for Top-Notch Garage Door Repair Services Today

If you need a garage door repair, trust the company that’s been in business for decades: Door Power. We offer comprehensive services in residential and commercial garage door repair and installation in the Twin Cities Metro Area. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment! You can reach us at 952-467-3199.

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A Guide To Broken Garage Door Springs

garage door springs

Is your garage door spring broken? Whether you have a torsion spring or extension springs, your garage door spring plays a vital role in the operation of your garage door. Opening and closing your garage door with a broken torsion spring is not possible and could be hazardous. Attempting to open it could damage to your garage door or cause personal injury. Garage door springs require professional attention, as springs are under high tension and require specialized tools for repair or replacement. If you’re experiencing a broken spring on your garage door, contact AAA garage door for prompt service and repairs.

If you have a broken torsion or extension spring on your garage door, this helpful guide will point you in the right direction.   

How Do I Know if My Garage Door Has a Broken Spring? 

Your garage door spring is a vital part of a fully functioning garage door. Your garage door spring is also called a coil or torsion spring, and it is the part that bears the weight of your garage door when it is opening and closing. There are a few tell-tale signs that your garage door spring has broken.

Here’s what happens when a garage door spring breaks:

  • The door will not open
  • You hear a loud snap, like a firecracker
  • Your garage door slams shut when you close it
  • The door is misaligned on the rails
  • After opening a few inches, your garage door’s safety mechanism stops it
  • The door opens very slowly
  • The top of your garage door is bent
  • You notice a gap between the rings on your torsion or extension spring
  • The door is extremely heavy when you try to open it manually

These are just a few of the warning signs that your garage door spring is either broken or about to go out. Many times, your garage door spring will break when you try to open it. While it can happen quite suddenly, sometimes you can tell your spring is wearing out. You might hear a loud squeaking sound when the door is opening or closing, or the door could seem slightly misaligned. When this happens, you’ll want to stop using your garage door, park your cars outside and call a licensed garage door repair professional immediately.    

Can I Use My Opener Remote to Open My Garage Door? 

If your garage door spring is broken, then your automatic garage door opener will not work. You will not be able to use your opener remote to open your garage door. For safety, you’ll need to disengage your automatic garage door opener by pulling the string with the red handle located at the top of your garage door system.

To disengage the opener, pull the red handle attached to your opener motor. Next, cut the power to the motor by unplugging it. This way, if you do happen to press the button on your opener remote, the automatic garage door opener will not activate. This measure ensures your own safety and protects your door from further damage.

broken garage door springs are a safety hazard

Is It Safe to Open a Garage Door With a Broken Spring? 

A broken garage spring is a potential safety hazard for your family. The springs on your garage door balance the weight of the door while it is opening and closing. When your garage door’s torsion or extension spring breaks, the door becomes extremely difficult to lift. Because of this, a garage door will not always open with a broken spring. And we do not recommend homeowners attempt to open the door themselves.

Garage doors can weigh several hundred pounds, and lifting that much weight over your head can be strenuous and potentially hazardous. The spring itself may also snap if you attempt to lift or close the door. Use extreme caution around a garage door with a broken spring, and if at all possible, call a garage door specialist right away so you can get your door back in operation in the safest way possible.

How to Open a Garage Door With a Broken Torsion Spring

If your garage has a large spring that’s centered just above the door, you have a torsion spring. When your garage door’s torsion spring breaks, your door will not open and you will have to manually lift your door to open it. If at all possible, you’ll want to contact a professional garage door repair company to properly diagnose your issue before you try to open it on your own. Of course, that’s not always possible and you may not have a choice but to try opening your broken garage door manually. 

If your garage door’s torsion spring breaks as you’re trying to leave for work or school and you absolutely must get it open, follow these steps:

  1. Find another person to help you: It will take two people at least to lift the weight of your garage door.
  2. Inspect your door and surroundings: If your door is bent or off the rails, then you should not try to open it. Be sure to look around for any other potential hazards, wear solid sole non-slip shoes and inspect the rails before you try to open your garage door manually. 
  3. Disengage the door from the automatic opener: As we discussed earlier, you’ll want to disengage the automatic garage door opener by pulling the red handle hanging from the opener’s box on the ceiling of your garage.
  4. Lift the door: Working alongside your partner, carefully attempt to lift your garage door. If your door is too heavy, then stop immediately and call a professional repair company. Do not risk hurting yourself or someone else, and contact a professional as soon as you realize your garage door is too heavy. 

It’s best to leave the garage door untouched until you can get it repaired. But if your torsion spring breaks when the door is open, you might need to know how to close a garage door with a broken spring to keep your home and belongings secure. Be sure to grab your partner and disconnect the opener, then carefully pull your garage door down, ensuring it doesn’t slam or fall shut.

How to Open a Garage Door With a Broken Extension Spring

Garage doors with extension springs feature one spring on either side of the door. If you have a broken extension spring, then your door may come off its track while opening, causing an imbalance. 

The safest way to get the door open is to call in a professional repair company right away. If you must open your garage door with a broken extension spring, then you can follow a similar procedure as opening a door with a broken extension spring. You’ll also want to work with a partner, inspect your surroundings and disconnect the automatic opener before you begin. Then, you can: 

  1. Use tools to start lifting the door up: You can slide two crowbars under your garage door to wedge it open and start lifting it up. Instead of trying to lift your heavy door off the ground with only your fingers, using something to pry the door open will give you a little leverage.
  2. Start lifting: Slowly and carefully lift your garage door up evenly along the horizontal rails. If your door is too heavy to lift, stop and contact a professional repair company right away. 
  3. Place clamps on the rails: Once you have the door lifted high enough, prop the door open using two pairs of heavy-duty vice clamps on both sides of your garage door. Attach the vice clamps to the rails under your door to hold it open. 
  4. Slide ladders under the door to hold the door open: The pairs of heavy-duty vice clamps should temporarily hold the door open long enough for you to prop up the door for a longer period using ladders. You can use two six-foot ladders placed under either side of your garage door’s opening to help hold your door up until a technician arrives for repairs.

two professionals fixing a broken garage door spring

Contact AAA Garage Door to Repair Your Broken Garage Door Spring

If your garage door coil is broken, contact the professionals at AAA Garage Door for all of your garage door repair and maintenance needs. Manually opening your garage door with a broken spring is extremely dangerous and should not be attempted. A professional can come quickly, get your garage door working again and ensure the safety of everyone in your household.

With over 25 years of experience serving the homes and businesses of Omaha and eastern Nebraska, AAA Garage Door is your go-to company for emergency service and repair. At AAA Garage Door, we’re committed to providing quality products and services to meet all your garage door needs. 

Call AAA Garage Door at 402-707-0789 to learn more about our services or schedule your garage door repair online today! 

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What’s the Lifespan of a Typical Garage Door?

Garage doors are a vital part of everyday life. They do more than cover your garage’s entryway and inside the house. They also serve a cosmetic purpose, making your house look beautiful. With all these benefits, it is not ideal to leave your garage door to wear out before you think of replacing or repairing the damaged parts.

Always keep up with regular maintenance to avoid the general cost of getting a new one and increase the lifespan of your garage door. But how long does a garage door last?

How Long Should a Garage Door Last?

Different garage doors have different warranties. Most manufacturers offer a three-year warranty on their garage doors. The lifespan of your garage door depends on its usage. How often do you open and close it in a day?

Additionally, the garage door’s overall quality, your local climate, and how dedicated you’ve been to its maintenance are also significant contributors to the door’s lifespan. Considering standard usage, it is safe to say that a garage door should last for 15 to 30 years of continuous usage. The garage door openers should serve you up to 15 years before replacement with proper maintenance.

Factors Contributing to the Lifespan of Your Garage Door

Your garage door secures your car and other belongings, but it does not operate the same as a regular house door. There are lots of factors that contribute to its lifespan, and here are a few.


How you care for and maintain your garage door matters significantly. You need to do regular maintenance and servicing. Have an expert look at the openers and inspect if there are any signs of rust or breakage.

Local Climate

The location of your residence is also an essential contributor to the lifespan of your garage door. In Indianapolis, the weather can sometimes be inclement; there may be storms, high winds, and even hail, and that’s to say nothing of the cold, snowy winters and humid summers. When your garage door gets exposed to all of these elements, the damage could significantly lower its lifespan.


How often do you use your garage door? What kind of springs does it have? Remember, the working mechanism of a garage door is highly dependent on its springs. The springs determine how many open or close cycles your garage door can withstand.

Price and Quality

The durability of all garage doors always comes down to quality, which directly affects the price. If you get a high-quality garage door from a renowned and trusted retailer, you know that it will last on the high end of its lifespan. High-quality garage doors do not come cheap, however worth it the investment may be. You must be willing to spend more to get a long-lasting garage door.

Torsion and Extension Springs

Springs primarily affect the working process of your garage door. They offer the smooth opening and closing of the door. The torsion springs are located above the garage door, while the extension springs run along the horizontal tracks of the door.

Like a car’s brakes, the garage door springs are usually the first to break and thus need replacing frequently. The best part is that when you replace the door springs, the new ones could give you an additional 10,000 open and close cycles, which will prolong the lifespan.


Garage doors are made of different materials, and each of these materials has a different lifespan. For instance, wood garage doors will last from 15 to 30 years. Other materials like steel, aluminum, vinyl, fiberglass, and wood composite can last 20 to 30 years.

Life Expectancy of a 10,000 Cycle Garage Door Spring

Considering everyday usage, we can help you determine how long your garage door will serve you with a spring of 10,000 cycles. If you use your garage door twice every day, you will get about 14 years of service.

Using the door about four times a day will reduce the number by half and give you only seven years. If you usually use your garage door about six times a day, which is quite rare, it will serve you for only five years. And finally, if you use it up to eight times a day, which is even more unlikely, you will get only three years out of your garage door.

The Importance of Garage Door Maintenance

Maintaining your garage door prolongs its lifecycle and any other related component, like the openers and the springs. Increase your garage door’s lifespan by regularly lubricating and cleaning the working parts. Also, ensure that the sensors are working correctly as they are the components responsible for the opening and closing of the garage door when there is an obstruction in the driveway.

At Garage Door Doctor, we have a garage door maintenance plan to help you stay ahead of all the damages and minimize your repair costs. After installation, we also offer regular maintenance services to our customers, especially those unfamiliar with the working mechanism of garage doors or who are uncomfortable handling the door.

Time to Replace Your Garage Door

Most people do not understand the working of their garage doors and thus cannot tell when to get a new one. At Garage Door Doctor, we deal with all things related to garage doors, from repairs and maintenance to replacements. We also recommend some factors that you can consider to help you determine if it is time to replace your garage door. If your garage door shows the following symptoms, it may be time to start shopping again.


If you notice that the garage door is sagging and not functioning as it should, it is time to get a new one. At this point, repairing the garage door may not be worth it since sagging indicates that the structural integrity of the door has been compromised.

Damaged Wood

If the garage door is made of wood and you notice it is warping, cracked, peeling, or damaged, you should plan on getting a replacement.


If your garage door is extremely noisy when it’s opening or closing, and it also takes ages to open or close, you may need a new one. These are typically signs that your garage door has served its purpose, and it is time to move on to another one.

Damaged Aluminum

Aluminum is one of the most long-lasting garage door materials. However, it also gets old over time. If it’s an aluminum door and you notice dings and dents, consider replacing it.

Constant Repairs

If recently you have been spending too much on repairs that won’t serve you long enough, it is time to let go and get a new one. You will save money in the long run.

Give Us a Call

At Garage Door Doctor, we are proud to be one of the most highly rated garage door operators in Indianapolis and the surrounding area. We offer installation, maintenance, and service of all makes and models of garage doors, both residential and commercial. Contact us today for assistance and advice regarding your garage door.

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Should You Repair or Replace Your Garage Door?

If your garage door isn't working, the first thing on your mind is usually to get it fixed so you can gain access to your belongings and restore your home’s security. However, having a broken garage door fixed isn't always the best option. Depending on the situation, sometimes it's better to take the opportunity to have it replaced altogether!

Here are some questions to ask yourself as you make the decision to repair or replace your garage door, courtesy of Door Power, your Norwood garage door company of choice.

Is the Garage Door Installation’s Damage Extensive?

A garage door that suffers severe damage, such as a hit by a car or large tree limb, will rarely ever look as good as it once did. Even if the mechanical parts are fixed, the door will be dented or cracked. This can make your whole house look like it's in disrepair. In this case, it's better to get a new door.

Additionally, while severe damage isn't always visible, your bank account will see it just fine. If it turns out that you not only need a new spring but also new tracks and a new cable, it's a good idea to just start with a brand new door. The cost of all of the repairs will add up to almost the same thing.

How Can I Tell if my Garage Door Installation Has Extensive Damage?

Of course, “extensive” is a subjective term. Plus, since said damage isn’t always immediately visible to the naked eye like we said, it can masquerade as a much smaller, much more fixable problem. We won’t lie—for the layperson, it can be hard to assess the state of a garage door, especially since most problems yield the same result: the thing won’t open or close!

That’s why it’s important to get an educated opinion from a garage door repair and installation company before you make your decision. With their systemic knowledge of how garage doors work, they’ll be able to accurately point you in the right direction. Preferably, this company should have technicians that, like ours, aren’t paid on commission; this allows them to give you unbiased feedback without their paycheck at stake and to focus on what your situation truly requires.

Is The Door Old And Inefficient?

Older garage doors typically have no insulation. This is fine for a detached garage that isn't under climate control, but if it's attached to your house, the old door is costing you money due to its inefficiency. We’ve dove into this topic—how insulated garage doors can save you money—in our residential garage door installation blog.

Replacing that door with a new, insulated one is a good idea even if repairing it would be cheap, because you'll make up the investment through lower power bills.

Is The Damage Minor?

If the damage is minor and won't cost much to repair, it's usually best to go ahead and have it fixed. Garage door tracks and even spring replacement don't cost all that much on their own – it's when a door is old enough to have multiple problems that replacement becomes the better bet.

Is The Existing Door Fairly New?

Newer doors are insulated, and as long as they haven't been dented or otherwise obviously damaged, they look great. These doors also have all of the modern safety features, such as sensors that stop them from closing should a person wander underneath. Having a fairly new door fixed makes sense, because a new one won't be a significant improvement—unless, of course, it outperforms your current garage door in some significant way.

Do you Want More Out of Your Garage Space?

Garages can be more than spaces to store vehicles and junk that you don’t want to think about. With the right garage door or high-tech garage door opener, they can become anything from an additional room in your house to a high-security vault that holds what you deem most dear.

For instance, a highly-insulated garage door from Clopay kept a user’s space 53 degrees fahrenheit warmer than the outside’s -7 degrees, according to the brand’s official website; this temperature stability means that the garage space becomes comfortable even in the colder months, which opens up the possibility for hobby spaces, temperature-controlled storage, and more. In addition, high-tech garage door openers and other technology from Liftmaster enables remote access and additional security features, so you can rest easy storing valuables in your garage.

If you need the security or additional space a garage can provide, replacing the door, opener, or other parts with new tech can be just the ticket. You’ll revolutionize a space you once thought had only a singular purpose and truly get the most out of your home.

Call Door Power For Five-Star Garage Door Repair And Installation

Whether you need garage door repair or installation, we're ready to serve you. Door Power in Norwood, Minnesota has full-time technicians with more than 60 years of combined experience. We strive to do the job right the first time, every time. Our technicians don't work on commission, and we don't use any subcontractors—meaning your service is always our top priority.

Call our Norwood office at 952-467-3199 to get your quote today!

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How to Align Garage Door Eye Sensors

Garage door eye sensors (also known as safety sensors) are a critical component of your overhead door system. If you’re having trouble with your garage door eye sensors, read on or watch the video below for some tips on resolving the problem.

Introduction to Eye Sensors

Eye sensors are two little light sensors at the bottom of your door. They are typically six inches up from the floor and attached right to the track. When the eye sensors are aligned, meaning the sending sensor’s laser is being read by the receiving sensor, your door will open and close properly. If one or both eye sensors are out of alignment, your door will try to come down but instead come right back up.

Garage Door Eye Sensor, Utah, Eye Sensors, Garage Door Repair
Eye Sensors are the little boxes attached to the bottom of your garage door track. They shoot laser beams at each other. You’ve probably made a fool of yourself jumping over them at some point.

How to Align Eye Sensors

Let’s dive into what it takes to get your door closed today. First, get down on the level of your eye sensors and look for a green light on the receiving unit, and a yellow light on the sending unit. So long as you have power and the doors are open, the yellow light should always be on. If it isn’t, you have an electrical problem, not necessarily an eye sensor problem. This could be anything from a stapled wire to a power outage. You’ll want to check around for something obvious, like a breaker switch, before calling a professional. 

Once you’ve confirmed the yellow light is on, the next thing to look for is the green receiving light. If the green light is off, you’ll need to align your eye sensors. Rather than wiggling the brackets themselves, the easiest way to go about this will be loosening the wing nut that screws into the sensor. Once the wing nut is loosened, realigning the sensors should be a breeze!

Make sure to adjust the eye sensors on all axes. Move them forwards, backwards, inside, and out. 

Troubleshooting Your Eye Sensors

Once the eye sensors are aligned and both lights are on, the next thing to look for would be something obstructing the laser between the two sensors. There might be a cobweb, hard water buildup, or other debris in front of either unit. 

Another common issue is loose, rattling tracks that shake the sensors as the door is coming down. If the green light is flickering during the door’s opening or closing, the problem might not be your eye sensor’s alignment… it may be your rattling doors.

Thank you for tuning in. If that did solve your problem, you’re welcome. If not, please give us a call today. We’re happy to help.

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Glass Garage Doors Buying Guide

a house with a glass garage door

Glass Garage Doors

Glass garage doors are an excellent way to modernize your home or business with a sleek and stylish design. They give any building a modern and elegant touch that calls attention to your garage. For a sense of sophistication that will grab visitors’ attention, glass garage doors are a fantastic way to enhance the look of your exterior. 

They can save you energy costs, increase curb appeal and create an open space inside your garage. There are plenty of customization options, so you can be sure your door will enhance the overall look of your property and provide a durable entrance and exit that reflect your home or business.

What Are Glass Garage Doors?

A glass garage door for houses and businesses is perfect for those who want natural light and clean lines. They’re a fantastic way to add a modern touch to your home’s exterior and provide ample sunlight. Garage door glass panels are typically framed with metal trim, leaving you with a durable door that looks great. 

Pros of glass garage doors include:

  • Increased curb appeal.
  • Coordination with your home’s exterior.
  • An open space with windows and light.
  • Durable materials.
  • An updated, modern look for your home.
  • Being able to look outside uninterrupted.
  • Little required maintenance.

Additionally, you can save costs with a glass garage door. You don’t need electricity to light your garage due to the amount of natural light that shines through, and you can save costs on paint by not needing touch-ups for staining. However, the convenience and luxury of glass doors do have their downsides. 

Cons of glass garage doors include:

  • The preparation needed installing a heavier material.
  • Spending more on glass than other options.
  • Lacking any form of insulation for your garage.
  • Not finding a cohesive look for older homes.
  • Increased opportunity for security risks with some types of glass.

Due to the lack of insulation and styles, glass doors are not always ideal for those with Victorian and older style homes or live in regions that experience cold or harsh winters. 

Glass Garage Door Cost

A wide variety of factors can affect the price of your glass garage door. The glass you choose, the style of the door, the difficulty of installation and additional customization will cause the price to rise or fall. 

Insulated glass may make your garage feel cozier, but it will also increase your spending. Furthermore, frosted glass can be a great way to ensure your privacy, but you can expect to drop a few more hundred dollars for it. 

French doors are typically the most expensive style, paneled doors are usually the least costly and carriage style doors usually fall between the two. 

The installation price of the opener and whether you need one door or two will change the total cost as well. Furthermore, commercial doors are typically more challenging to install and more expensive. 

Residential Glass Garages

There really are no limits when creating the perfect look for your home. Whether you use your garage as a workshop, playroom or just a space to put your car, a glass exterior will reflect your lifestyle and add a sleek and modern touch to your home. 

classic door is easily customizable, and you can choose from a wide range of window options. For the traditional look of a wooden door, an insulated carriage door could be the right choice for you. Perhaps you want a truly unique and modern look by having your windows run vertically down the side of your door. You may even decide on a full-view door that will allow the maximum amount of light possible to shine into your space.

Regardless of what design you’re looking for, plenty of glass options can meet your needs. With customizable glass, texture, color and framework options, you can upgrade the look of your home in no time. 

Commercial Glass Garages

In commercial buildings, glass garage doors can save immense energy costs. You’ll be able to see clearly during the day and, depending on the door’s insulation, can even expect to cut costs on heating and cooling during some parts of the year. 

Furthermore, utilizing a lighter metal, such as aluminum, makes the door lightweight and easy to open and close. A lighter material reduces the wear and tear on parts and equipment and requires less maintenance. 

Overhead doors are most often seen in a commercial setting. A glass overhead door is excellent for businesses where visual access is a vital consideration for door design. Fire companies, retail environments and service stations can benefit from a glass full-view overhead door

Customizing Your Glass Garage Door

To create a cohesive look with the rest of your property, consider different customization options. You can customize the framework and glass and decide on the color, whether you want texture and if you want a layer of insulation with glass panels.

You can customize the framework with various types of metal. Most glass garages have a metal framework, and you can choose whether you prefer aluminum or steel. However, some people love the look of wood and decide on natural or composite wood materials. You can paint the framework to match your preferences. 

There are also plenty of garage door glass options. You can opt for the tempered glass that you find in cars and entry doors. It’s much stronger than regular glass and safe if it shatters because tempered glass breaks into fragments rather than tiny shards. 

If security is a potential problem for you, deciding to go opaque is an excellent option. Opaque glass filters the light that enters your garage. While you will still have an illuminated space, other people won’t be able to see inside. You can utilize frosted windows for additional privacy that creates a blurred image when you look through them or obscured glass that is textured and won’t reveal your garage interior. Tinted glass appears dark and is semitransparent, and mirrored doors let you see through your garage but leaves outsiders looking at their reflection on the other side. 

You can also customize your door with window styles. You may prefer arched windows or traditional square windows. You could opt for a full-view garage door or incorporate small windows stacked on the side of your door. You could have one large window on top or rows up and down your door. 

Regardless of the look you’re going for, there are plenty of customization options to create it.

Glass Garage Doors in Nebraska

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