What To Do When the Chain on a Garage Door Opener Comes Off

What To Do When the Chain on a Garage Door Opener Comes Off

Most automatic garage door openers are chain driven. The chain is connected to two sprockets that work to drive the carriage or trolley so the door opens and closes. One sprocket is located at the motor and the other is at the end of the rail just next to the garage door itself. Garage door chains require a bit of slack in order for the motor to smoothly open and close the door. The issue is that the constant vibration that occurs whenever the motor runs can start to loosen the chain to where it starts to drag on the rail or disconnect entirely.

If the chain ever does come off, the opener won’t work and you’ll need to manually open and close the door. This is one reason why it’s always a good idea to have your garage door professionally maintained every year as the technician will always check and tighten the chain. Fixing a chain that has come loose may seem like a simple job; however, attempting to fix it yourself can be dangerous. One wrong move, and you can cause injury or even death. If the chain on your garage door comes off, a call to a repair technician is warranted. Of course, there is nothing wrong with being curious about how the technician will repair your garage door. Below are the steps the technician will take to reattach your garage door chain.

Disconnecting the Door From the Opener

The first thing the technician will do is disconnect the door from the opener. There will be a cord with a red handle hanging from the carriage, which is the part that moves the door along the trolley or rail.

If the chain comes off when the door is fully open, the technician will not worry much as the door will normally stay up even after he or she disconnects the carriage from the trolley. However, there is always a chance that the door can come slamming down upon disconnecting the chain. Technicians are aware of these risks, and they have the training and the tools to mitigate them.
After disconnecting the carriage, the technician will then need to close the door by hand so he or she can access the chain. To do this, the technician will pull down on the rope that is connected to the door.

Unplugging the Motor

Once the door is disconnected and closed, the technician will climb on a ladder to unplug the motor from the outlet. This is essential as the technician will not want the motor to suddenly come on while working as it can lead to injury or even death.

Putting the Chain Back on and Then Adjust for Tightness

Depending on how loose the chain is, the technician may simply be able to slip it straight back onto the sprockets. They will make sure that the chain is fully on the sprocket at the motor. Depending on the specific model, the technician may need to use a screwdriver to pry off the cover to access the sprocket.

The technician will then need to take a ladder and climb up to the end of the trolley next to the door. He or she will see a second sprocket at the end of the trolley. If the technician can’t get the chain to easily slide back on the sprocket, he or she will first need to loosen it to secure and retighten it.

The technician will see a bolt that goes through the carriage and attaches to the chain with two nuts threaded on one side of it. The nut that is closest to the opener is the locking nut, and the nut closest to the door is the tension or adjustment nut.

The technician will first need to slightly loosen the locking nut with pliers or a wrench and then loosen the adjustment nut until the chain sags enough that he or she can enable it to slip back onto the sprocket. Once the chain is back in place, the technician will then start to turn the adjustment nut in the opposite direction to tighten the chain. The technician has the experience to know that tightening the chain too much can cause it to break or the opener to not work correctly. He or she will test if the chain is too tight or too loose by pushing down on it with one finger. The chain should only give by about an inch. Any more give and the chain is still too loose, and any less give means it is too tight.

Once the chain is properly tightened, the technician will retighten the locking nut to ensure it stays in place. The technician knows that forgetting this step will cause the chain to quickly come loose and eventually fall off again.

Plugging the Motor in and Testing That Your Door Works Correctly

The last steps are to plug the opener motor back in and then test that everything works as it should. After plugging the opener in, the technician will reconnect the carriage to the trolley. This is done by pulling the red emergency cord back in the direction of the opener until the carriage clicks back in place. When the carriage re-engages, the technician will usually notice that the chain suddenly has a bit more slack. This is normal and the chain will tighten back up as soon as he or she opens the door.

Once everything is reconnected, the technician will test your garage door to ensure that it opens and closes smoothly. If the technician notices the chain slightly dragging on the rail when the door opens and closes, he or she will disconnect the carriage again and tighten the chain a bit more.

If the door opens and closes as it should and the chain doesn’t drag, then the technician’s job is done. If the motor doesn’t work for any reason or the chain immediately falls off again, then the technician will inspect the opener further to determine what is causing this problem.

Depending on the specific cause, you may need to have the chain replaced, or you will potentially need to replace the opener. If the chain constantly falls off, it usually means that the teeth on the sprockets have worn down to the point where they can’t properly grip the chain. As such, you may need to have the sprocket, motor or both replaced.

If you need to have your garage door chain put back on or you need your garage door or opener serviced in any way, the expert team at Garage Door Doctor is always here to help. We specialize in all types of garage door repairs, and we can also help if you need a new door or opener installed. We service both residential and commercial clients, so give us a call today if you need any garage door service in the Indianapolis or Bloomington areas.

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Should You Replace Your Garage Door Spring?

A functional garage door is an important aspect of your home. You rely on it to ensure you are safe when you use it. More importantly, you assume that it will continue to remain up as you drive underneath it when you enter your garage with your car. With that in mind, it’s important to know when you should replace your garage door springs to prevent harm to you and your family members.

Replace Your Springs After 10 Years

The age of your springs is an easy way to determine when to replace your garage door springs. Typically, garage door springs last between 7 to 9 years. With some springs only lasting for seven years, you should monitor your springs-regardless if they are torsion or tension springs-well before year seven. A simple test like lifting your garage door and observing how it responds to you can help you determine if your garage door springs are wearing down. Your door shouldn’t bounce continually once it’s in the up position. If you notice a constant movement, then you can infer that your springs may not be working as they should.

Heavy Use May Dictate that You Replace Your Springs

Beyond age, if you use your garage door heavily, then you should consider replacing your garage door springs before they’ve aged a lot. Much like other consumer goods, your garage door and its springs have a useful life; it’s not manufactured to last forever. When it comes to observing your springs based on your usage, you should have an expert examine your garage door springs. Their knowledge and experience help them easily identify problematic garage door springs.

An Unbalanced Door Signals Bad Springs

Your garage door is manufactured to meet the ground evenly. There should be no gaps between your garage door and the cement of your driveway. If you notice gaps or you’ve noticed that your door seems unbalanced, then you may have a problem with one of your garage door springs. Since damage to garage door springs can happen at any time, you should respond promptly when you have an unbalanced garage door for the safety of your family.

A Crooked Garage Door Signals Damage

Finally, another problem that you can visibly observe is a crooked garage door. If you notice your garage door is crooked, you should stop using it immediately. Continual use may affect other aspects of your garage door and make repairs more costly.

At Door Power, there is no garage door problem too small to fix. We specialize in many types of garage door repairs for homeowners who reside in and around Chanhassen, MN. Give us a call today so that we can help you restore your garage door.

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The Top Garage Security Tips

If your like thousands of other homeowners, you probably keep your home’s heaviest valuables in the garage. While thieves may have trouble stealing your car, your bench press or your tool stand, they can still cause financial damage if they’re let in.

Your garage door might seem like it’s a high-strength, durable sheet of metal—but it’ll make your valuables vulnerable if you don’t take a few security precautions. All too often, the garage is forgotten. Don’t leave your lawnmower, power tools or vehicle exposed. Take charge with the following garage security tips.

Security Tip One: Cover the Windows

Regardless of how strong your windows are, they’re still windows. Reduce the theft incentive, and install blinds or curtains. Or, apply an opaque film over the glass. You can still let light in while keeping prying eyes out.

Security Tip Two: Install a Garage Security Lock

Next, you should double down on your garage door’s security. It should be as secure as your other doors. If you want to halt potential intruders, you’ll need to make sure your garage door can be securely locked. Install a deadbolt, or multiple locks, and top it off with either a padlock or programmable lock.

Security Tip Three: Install a Garage Timer

Sometimes, life gets in the way. If you’re constantly running in and out, you might be forgetting to put the door down. If your garage is open, it’s inviting prowling thieves. Install a garage timer. A garage timer signals your garage door opener to close once a set amount of time has passed. You can pre-program this time, making sure your garage is never left open for too long.

Security Tip Four: Set Up Motion Detection Lights

You may have motion detection lights installed in your backyard, already. If you’re aiming for a cable replacement, spring replacement or track replacement job, consider using the time to install motion detection lights around the garage, too. Among the many safety features you can install, motion detection lights are among the best.

Security Tip Five: Consistent Repair

Talk to your provider, and get your garage door opener, cables and springs checked out. You’d be surprised how often garage doors are damaged from high winds, cold weather and small dents. By having your garage door professionally examined—and examined frequently—you can make sure it’s always in tip-top shape, security-wise.

Browse home security systems, too. While not centric to your garage area, home security systems can boost your home’s overall defense. Take the time, and make sure your household’s safety features are top notch.

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Decorative Hardware for Garage Doors


Fun fact, if you have a steel garage door (which you probably do) the door is magnetic! In this modern day and age, you no longer have to drill holes into your door to mount decorative hardware. You can take advantage of your door’s innate magnetism and add some decorations as easily as putting a magnet on your fridge.

We have a variety of different decorative hardware for steel garage doors. Whether you’re looking for some old-fashioned straps, a more modern handle set, or some carriage-style hinges, we have something to suite everyone’s tastes.

Be sure to check out what we offer. If you decide to change your style, it’s as easy to swap out as it is to install. Keep it stylish! 

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10 Ways to Identify Fraudulent Garage Door Companies

For homeowners, one of the most important homeownership concerns you must manage is the security and safety of your home. When it comes to keeping your house safe from outsiders, garage doors are essential in securing your residence’s perimeter, so servicing them is not something to be taken lightly.

Unfortunately, there has been an influx of fraudulent garage door companies offering unacceptable services or scamming unsuspecting customers out of their hard-earned money. That leaves many homeowners needing help finding legitimate professionals to complete repairs or installations. Below is a guide to help identify fraudulent garage door companies so that you can rest assured that your home will be kept safe by professional, reputable, and reliable technicians.

1. Check Reviews and References

Reviews and references are a great way to find out how a garage door company operates. Ask for references from the company and check online reviews on platforms such as Google, Yelp, or Angie’s List. This should give you an idea of their level of service, track record, and professionalism. Trustworthy companies usually have positive reviews and long-term customers willing to vouch for them and their services.

2. Get the Details

Before signing contracts or paying, ensure you understand the services provided. Ask for an itemized list of services and cost breakdowns to avoid hidden charges or surprise costs down the line. A reliable garage door company should also provide you with warranties on their work and materials so that any issues down the road can be fixed without additional cost. Legitimate companies will also clearly explain their policies on service calls, additional fees, and other potential scenarios related to servicing your garage door.

When getting the details, make sure to also ask about the company’s payment methods. Fraudulent companies often require customers to pay in cash or make payments through untraceable mediums such as wire transfers. Legitimate companies will typically accept credit cards, checks, and other common payment methods.

3. Check for Licensing and Insurance

Garage door companies should be licensed, insured, and registered to operate legally. Check your state’s laws to ensure that the company follows the correct licensing and insurance procedures. A reputable garage door company will provide you with proof of their credentials. If they do not, it’s best to avoid them since they may not operate with integrity or could even be involved in criminal activity.

These licenses and insurance policies will help protect you in case of accidents or injuries while servicing your garage door. Having a licensed and insured company on the job also ensures that they follow industry standards and regulations, which can guarantee the quality of their services.

4. Beware of Door-to-Door Services

No legitimate garage door company will offer door-to-door services. If a technician knocks on your doorstep offering to do repairs or installations, it’s best to decline their services, as this is often a sign that they are not credible or reliable. Legitimate companies will have a physical office and address so that you can check their records and verify the details of their operations before signing any contracts.

Additionally, always ask for credentials and proof of identity. If a company or technician is unwilling to provide these documents, they are likely not who they say they are.

5. Unusually Low Discounts

When a deal is too good to be true, it usually is. Unusually low discounts or promotional offers may indicate fraudulent activity, as these companies will often charge hidden fees and additional costs after completing the job.

Before signing any contracts, shop around and compare rates with other reputable garage door companies. This will give you an understanding of what a fair price should be for servicing and repairs so that you know when a deal is too good to be true. Even if the initial cost appears to be very low, remember that not all costs are upfront. Always read and understand the fine print before making a payment.

6. Your Gut Instincts

Most importantly, remember to trust your gut. If the company makes you uncomfortable, it’s best to look for another, more reputable option. Your safety and security should always come first. If you have doubts or suspicions about a garage door company, it’s best to avoid taking any risks and opt for someone else who can ensure the job is done right.

7. Below-Standard Material Quality

Garage doors are supposed to last for years, so you should always opt for quality materials when installing or repairing them. Low-grade and faulty materials can quickly lead to problems such as broken springs and hardware damage, leading to additional costs in the long run.

Fraudulent companies often use poor-quality parts that will only last for a while. Therefore, choosing a reputable company with good reviews can ensure that your garage door will be serviced with top-notch materials and equipment designed to last.

8. Avoid Companies That Charge for Quotes

Legitimate companies will never charge you to provide an estimate or quote. If a company is asking for payment to give you a price, then it’s best to steer clear and look for another option.

Always ask for quotes and estimates before engaging with any garage door company. This will help you understand the project’s cost and compare prices between different providers. Reputable companies will offer free quotes and estimates, so ensure you know all the costs before signing any contracts.

9. Rude or Unprofessional Employees

The type of customer service you receive is a major indicator of whether or not the company is reputable. Legitimate companies will go out of their way to ensure that you are satisfied with their services, while fraudulent businesses may be unresponsive and unwilling to answer your questions.

If the employees seem rude or unprofessional when dealing with your inquiries, it’s best to look for another option as this can often indicate that their practices are not up to par.

10. No Online Presence

If a garage door company is legitimate, it should have some online presence. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they need to have a website (although this is usually a good sign), but it does mean that you should be able to search for them on Google and see if there are any reviews or testimonials about their services.

Suppose the company has yet to find an online presence that can often indicate fraudulent activity. Always take time to read up on any garage door companies before signing contracts with them. If you are looking for a professional garage door company in the Indianapolis, IN, area, check out Garage Door Doctor for all your garage door needs.

Contact Us

Identifying fraudulent garage door companies can be tricky, but it’s important to ensure that you are dealing with a reputable business before entrusting them with your home. By researching and comparing different companies and using your gut instincts, you can successfully identify any potential red flags and choose a reliable option for all your garage door needs.

At Garage Door Doctor, we are a fully accredited garage door company providing a wide range of commercial and residential garage door services. You can rely on us for garage door replacement, maintenance, and repair at competitive prices. We are fully committed to giving you exceptional service and unrivaled materials. Take advantage of our free consultation by calling us today.

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Garage Door Failure: What To Do Now!

People never think about their garage doors until it stops working, then they realize just how important the door is and how much they use it. You’ll understand when you have to run through the rain from the car to the front door and then come through the house and unlock lift the garage door by hand in order to park inside. Or just as bad, much like 50 years ago, you have to raise the door to back your car out of the garage and then get out of the car to close and lock the door before you leave the house.

Reasons for Failures

There are several things which can go wrong and cause a garage door failure. Of course, there are the obvious problems which happen when a car accidentally hits the door, but other problems just arise over time as pieces of the system wear out or require maintenance. The simplest problem has to do with the laser safety feature at the bottom of the door. If the pointer gets bumped out of alignment or blocked by a pile of leaves it prevents the door from closing. The second most common problem is when the motor for the opener burns out. Far more rarely but on occasion the spring or even the cable can break and needs replacement.

Can You Fix It Yourself?

Generally speaking, a garage door specialist is needed for repairs. Even if you have a good aptitude for these things and can in fact replace the opener, are you sure you know which one to buy for the replacement? You need one which matches the weight of the door which can vary if you have a heavy wooden door with glass windows or a lightweight aluminum door. The same can be said of the spring and chain which have to be the right size and tensioned properly, so their replacement is best left to a professional who has the experience and the tools to the job efficiently.

Calling a Professional

When you do need to call a professional, it’s not very different than hiring a contractor. You want a bid from an established expert who is well known in the community for their professionalism and ability to conduct the work on time and get it done right the first time rather than hiring someone who tries to figure it out as the work on the project.

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Springs, Pulleys, Chains, and Power: Your Garage Door

You’ve probably never put a lot of thought into your garage door other than the fact that it goes up and down as needed and allows you to park out of the weather rather than running from your car to the front door when it’s raining. The actuality of the situation is that your garage door has a bit of engineering and design behind it to assure it functions properly when you need it to.

How It Works

In the old days, garage doors were opened by hand by simply unlocking them and physically sliding it up the rail tracks on which it hangs. Modern residential garage doors nearly always have a motorized opener which opens the door for you and typically there is a remote control so you can open the door from your car as you pull up to the garage. The convenience of this system is obvious, but there are more parts and pieces which can in fact break.

Parts and Pieces

The opener itself is the main part of the system. It has to have the proper amount of power for the weight of the door, according to whether it’s a single or double door made of wood, metal, or fiberglass. The rails rarely need replacement unless a car bumps them. The chain which attaches the motor to the door also rarely needs repair as long as it is kept lubricated, but the coil spring which holds some of the door’s weight can and will break occasionally. One of the most common problems people experience is when the door won’t close because of a safety feature. There is a laser signal at the bottom of the door so if something is in the way, a child or pet for example, the door can’t close. When those pointers get out of alignment they can’t read the signal, or if trash gets in the way they can won’t let the door close either.

Because there is more to your garaged door than the layman often realizes, there are professional contractors who specialize in installation, maintenance, and repair of garage doors. With proper experience and understanding, garage doors can be fairly simple projects for the expert who works with them every day. Be sure to call Door Power when you need repairs conducted or a new door installed for your garage.

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What to Look for in a Credible Garage Door Company

Before you lock in a contract with a garage door company, you’ll need to do some research to make sure you’re getting the proper treatment and the most high-quality service. There are some tips and tricks to determine what to look for in a credible garage door that we’ll be going over in this article. We’ll also cover how to avoid fraudulent garage door companies.

What kind of issues warrant a visit from a garage door company? There are some pretty obvious problems, such as your garage door not opening or closing correctly, your door opening slower than usual or unevenly, or your garage becoming noisier over time. You can also run into issues with your garage door remote and its connection to the actual door or even the pin pad on the inside of your garage.

Your garage is a safe space for your cars and excess storage. It’s crucial to maintain the effectiveness of your garage door so that you can get in and out quickly, keep your belongings protected, and prevent theft. One of the most common entry points for burglary is actually through the garage door because oftentimes homeowners forget to lock the door that leads inside. If your garage door is broken or half open, this leaves you more susceptible to theft. This is why it’s so important to get in touch with a credible garage door company ASAP!

5 Signs of a Credible Garage Door Company

The main determining factors that determine a garage door company is legitimate are: proof of certifications, positive online presence, price comparisons, guarantees/manufacturer warranties, and services offered. Taking these factors into consideration can help you decide which garage door company you should sign off with. Let’s break down these five essential factors to consider when researching garage door companies.

1. Proof of Certifications

When searching for a garage door company, see if you can find proof of their certifications and/or memberships. These act as credible verification of their quality of services. There are several certifications and associations that you can look out for when researching a contractor. The IDA (International Door Association) is a prime example of this.

The IDA is a prestigious organization for the door and access system industry. Credible garage door contractors join this group. Garage door companies that belong to the IDA are committed to responsible business practices. Members of the IDA follow the IDA Code of Business Conduct. They practice honesty and fairness in the industry. This is just one example of certification you can look out for when choosing a contractor.

2. Price Comparisons

We might not need to tell you this, but comparing quotes between companies for the same service can be a determining factor of a credible garage door company. By comparing quotes, you can get insight into the average cost of a particular service and see if any of these companies are overcharging to make an extra buck or under-charging to get away with quick and cheap service.

Consider these questions as you shop around for a garage door company:
  • Does this company ask discovery questions before coming up with a quote?
  • Does this company offer free quotes and allow you to compare quotes between products or services?
  • Do they explain the differences between products so that you’re making the most educated choice?

If you said yes to these, then you may have found a credible garage company to work with! After getting price quotes from the garage contractors you’ve called, you’ll be able to make a much more informed decision about who to go with.

3. Guarantees and Manufacturer Warranties

The most legitimate and trustworthy garage door companies stand behind their work. Making sure you’re working with a manufacturer-approved garage door contractor is a sign of credibility. You can also take advantage of a manufacturer’s warranty on any garage door or garage door part installations. To really know you’ve chosen a good garage door contractor, you’ll see that this company will go above and beyond their warranty with a customer satisfaction guarantee. Be sure you can tell the difference between a credible guarantee and an empty promise.

4. Positive Online Presence

A garage door company’s online presence can be very telling. This can range from a number of positive community reviews to how quickly they respond to questions on their social media accounts. The more involved a company is with its community, and the more responsive they are can show its transparency and credibility. Take some time to reach out to a company if you’re considering them for service and read through their customer reviews. The honest opinions of your community can give you a lot of insight into this garage door company’s quality.

Remember, a company doesn’t need to have 100% positive reviews to be credible. It should just be the overwhelming majority. A company with few reviews and only positive ones is probably not credible, and the reviews are most likely fake.

5. Services Offered

What kind of services does this garage door company offer? Do they offer emergency services should you not be able to open your garage door? Consider if this company pushes cheap prices over quality work- while everyone wants to save money, it quickly becomes a waste of money if you don’t receive high-quality work. See if this company provides services on the particular model of garage door you own. Not every garage door company is created equal, so make sure you’re working with a team that has more to offer.

How to Avoid Fraudulent Garage Door Companies

No one deserves to get scammed. When searching for a garage door company to work with, you want to separate the potentially fraudulent companies from the most legitimate ones. When you call the garage door company, there are things to make note of during the conversation. Here are some of the most common things to avoid when deciding on a credible garage door company.

Say No When They Don’t Have a Legit Location

A major clue that may reveal if they are a scam company is by asking for their address. If their address isn’t a place you can see on google maps, or the place they tell you doesn’t match their Google My Business profile, it’s probably a good idea to skip them. We’d also advise skipping on companies that operate out of what appears to be someone’s house. If you sense any lack of confidence in their answer, don’t bother continuing the conversation.

Additionally, take note of all their contact information and branding when researching a garage door company. Check to see if their website, business cards, email addresses, and phone numbers match, or if they lead to subcontractors or other shady results.

Avoid Payment Up Front

Does this company require you to pay up front? It’s not uncommon for scammers to ask for half of the cost they charge up front before completing a job. They intend to convince you it’s necessary by only asking for half up front- then taking your money and never showing up. A credible garage door company or any home services contractor will ask for payment after the job is completed to account for materials, labor, and so forth. This is different from receiving a quote up front. All companies can quote you based on the service, but they won’t charge you before the work is done.

Pass on Companies with Extremely Low Prices

We all want the best deal when it comes to any home service job. But choosing the company with the lowest prices is actually not a good idea. Companies that give you a rate far lower than their competitors have a tendency to provide lousy work or worse- have surprise fees added to your total after the job is done. The total for your service should never greatly exceed the agreed upon price. All fees should be laid out before you sign anything.

Know How to Identify the “Rebuilding Scam”

An honest garage door company will never push you to replace all the parts of your garage door when only one issue is present. The rebuild scam starts innocently enough, but then the technician will suggest that you replace every piece of your garage door. They’ll try to convince you, no matter how minor the problem is with the garage door, that you replace everything from the torsion springs, rollers, cables, bearing brackets, and even the motor. Then they try to sell the replacement parts at triple the price! These fees are usually buried somewhere in the contract in fine print so it’s easy to miss.

The thing to remember is that It’s very unlikely for every piece of your garage door to wear out all at once. Most garage door parts last from 10 to 15 years, so if this technician tries to convince you that you need a complete garage door makeover, you need a second opinion. Never let any garage door contractor upsell you into a complete replacement without doing your research first.

Choose Garage Door Doctor for Credible Garage Door Service!

If you’re looking for a credible garage door company in the Indianapolis, Lafayette, Columbus, or Fishers & Carmel area, look no further than Garage Door Doctor! We’ve been serving homeowners with reliable and legendary garage door service since 2009 and have no plans for slowing down! We offer 24/7 emergency service for those times when your garage door problems cannot wait. Customer service is our number one priority and the reviews speak for themselves! We’re a family owned and operated garage door contractor associated with the IDA and BBB accredited. We never upsell you on parts you don’t need or hide fees from you until the last second. We’re upfront with our customers and provide quality service every time.

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A Guide to Steel Garage Doors

Your garage door is a significant part of your house. It is one of the first things people see when visiting your home and is essential for your safety. Consider getting a steel garage door if you want to replace or upgrade your current door. Steel garage doors are versatile and come in a range of styles to suit the look of your house. They are also a low-maintenance, heavy-duty garage door option that offers additional home protection. 

What Are Steel Garage Doors?

As the name suggests, steel garage doors are made of heavy-duty, real-gauge steel, which is hot-dip galvanized in zinc to protect against rust. Steel garage doors can have multiple layers that each add strength. The layers often include insulation, cladding, steel and a composite overlay. The composite overlay will determine the look of your door. 

Single or double-layer steel doors are typically just steel or steel and insulation. These doors can be painted in the color of your choice. 

Advantages of Steel Garage Doors 

Metal garage doors have become increasingly popular as they are durable, versatile and secure. In addition, composite overlays mean steel overhead can be designed to fit any aesthetic. Some of the benefits of commercial steel doors include the following: 

1. Durability 

As steel garage doors are made from heavy-duty steel, they are typically more durable than other materials such as wood, vinyl, fiberglass or aluminum. Steel doors are resistant to warping, severe weather, cracking and fire, making them ideal for most homes. 

2. Low-Maintenance

Steel overhead doors require less maintenance than most other materials. Their high durability means they won’t peel, splinter, split or get damaged by insects. Steel garage doors also need to be repainted less often and can be washed a few times a year to maintain their color. 

3. Cost-Effectiveness

The low maintenance needs and durability of steel garage doors make them cost-effective. Adding extra insulation layers to an overhead door can help lower your energy costs.

4. Versatility

You can customize a commercial steel door to suit your home’s styles and needs. Steel doors can be painted in nearly any color. Composite overlays offer a range of wood finishes, giving you the benefits of a steel door with the attractive look of wood. You can also add windows or extra insulation to your steel door. 

5. Extra Protection 

There are a few ways that steel garage doors offer extra protection to your home. Steel doors are more robust and heavier than most garage door materials. As a result, they are harder to force open, providing your home with additional security, especially if they are remote-operated. 

Insulation layers on a steel garage door protect your house from extreme heat and cold. The extra insulation can help regulate your home’s temperature if you have an attached garage. The additional insulation can protect your car and tools from severe weather conditions, even if you have a detached garage. The extra padding can help block outside noise, reducing the noise levels in your garage and house. 

Disadvantages of Steel Garage Doors 

While there are many benefits to steel doors, there are a couple of disadvantages to be aware of. They are: 

  • Prone to denting: While steel is durable, garage doors are still vulnerable to denting and other impact damage. The thinner the steel, the more likely it is to get dented. 
  • Vulnerable to rust: As with any metal, steel is susceptible to rust over time, particularly in salty environments that get a lot of rain. Thicker, galvanized steel doors are more resistant to rust but are more expensive. 
  • Poor insulators: A single-layer steel garage door is a poor insulator and requires insulation which can increase its cost. 

How Much Does a Steel Garage Door Cost?

Metal garage doors cost less than solid wood doors as they are easier to manufacture. Steel garage door prices can range from $250 to $2,000. Steel doors with a lot of customization can cost up to $4,000. The cost of a steel door will depend on several factors, including: 

  • Size: The bigger the overhead door, the more expensive it may be. More material is needed for a two-door garage than a single-door garage, especially if there are extras such as insulation. 
  • Layers: The more layers a steel garage door has, the stronger they are. They will also be more expensive. 
  • Insulation: Polystyrene and polyurethane are the two main types of insulation used in garage doors. Polystyrene is cheaper than polyurethane but is a less effective insulator. 
  • Door style and features: A plain steel door without windows or additional features will be cheaper than a carriage house door with multiple windows. 

Different Types of Steel Garage Doors 

You can choose a range of styles when looking for steel garage doors. Whether you want a classic steel garage door or a more elaborate carriage house garage door, we have a collection of steel garage doors for you to choose from. Our Gallery® Steel garage doors have added a vintage feel to the iconic raised panel steel door by adding grooved panels, optional windows and wrought iron hardware. 

If you’re looking for a more contemporary look, consider the Modern Steel™ overhead doors. They are available with or without grooves that complement modern and contemporary homes. The Bridgeport™ Steel collection combines the aesthetics of wood and the durability of steel to provide numerous design options for homeowners. Each collection has several factory finishes you can choose from, including Ultra-Grain® wood-look finishes.

With the steel garage door collections, you can choose from one- to four-layer construction based on how durable and insulated you want your garage doors to be. The more layers, the stronger the door and the better the insulation

Windows for Steel Garage Doors

Adding windows to your overhead doors can enhance the door’s look and provide additional lighting for your garage. When choosing windows for your garage door, consider the type of glass you want, the size, shape and position. You can even add wrought iron window panels in different styles to match the style of your door and home. 

What’s the Best Garage Door Opener for Steel Garage Doors?

Once you have chosen your steel garage door, you will need a garage door opener for ease of use and safety. Use one of our LiftMaster® Elite Series® openers for complete control. These openers come with built-in Wi-Fi and are myQ® compatible, allowing you to control your overhead door from your phone. 

Browse Steel Garage Doors With AAA Garage Door 

Steel overhead doors are one of the best options you can choose for your garage. If you are interested in replacing your garage door, you can rely on AAA Garage Door for quality doors and professional service. We offer a wide range of Clopay® steel garage doors and LiftMaster® door openers that can suit any home. 

Request an estimate from us today! 


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Signs Your Garage Door Needs to Be Repaired or Replaced

A quality garage door may often last for many years. However, you may be debating whether to replace or repair your door if its best days are behind it. You should take into account a number of considerations before deciding whether to repair it or replace it with a new one. This practical guide may help you decide whether repair or replacement is your best course of action.

When to Replace Your Garage Door

It may be time to replace your garage door if you observe any of the signs below.

Weather Damage

Garage doors can sustain a lot of damage from the elements, including snow, rain, wind, and even the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Over time, dirt, leaves, and other junk can become stuck within the garage door’s track, producing friction and leading to track misalignment problems. It’s time for a new garage door if your current one has sustained significant weather damage, such as rusting, warping, or discoloration.

Your Safety Is Jeopardized

A faulty garage door is not just inconvenient; it is also dangerous. It might fall on someone, causing serious harm or worse. A broken garage door also raises the likelihood of a home invasion by allowing vandals easy access to your house. It is likely that since your previous installation, garage door tech has advanced significantly, and modern doors have safety features such as voice controls, improved illumination, and more.

Need a Makeover

Your door may still function well, but if it is outdated and you want to improve your home’s aesthetic appeal, a garage door replacement may be best. Similarly, if you want to convert your garage space into a living area or workspace, you’ll need a door with superior insulation. Whatever the cause, your home’s outside mirrors the interior, and an improved curb appeal will give you greater satisfaction. In addition, a garage door replacement may also increase the value of your property. A new door will increase your home’s appeal to buyers and alleviate their concerns about having to replace it after buying the house.

Your Door Lacks Safety Features

Older garage doors lack the safety measures that contemporary garage doors provide. One of the best features of current garage doors is the presence of safety sensors that prevent the door from opening or closing if it senses children, pets, or anything beneath it. Modern sensors can help avoid unfortunate accidents from happening. Sensors can also prevent damage to your property, like your car, by signaling the door to stop before a collision occurs. While aftermarket add-on sensors for outdated garage doors are available, they are not necessarily the most effective option.

Rotten Wood

In damp situations, wooden garage doors are prone to deterioration. If your garage door has wood rot, it is best to exchange it with a modern model. Contemporary garage doors are constructed of more robust and weather-resistant components than their wooden predecessors.

Increasing Energy Costs

You may have noticed that your utility bill has been increasing. Your door could be the culprit if your garage is attached to your house. In the winter, an older door with poor insulation and damage may let a lot of cold air into your house and warm air out, causing your HVAC system to work harder. In the summer, the opposite may be true. Installing a new, modern door can improve your home’s overall energy efficiency and lower your energy bills.

When to Repair a Garage Door

There are times when you don’t need garage replacement. Minor problems may be fixed, saving you money. Here are some of the most frequent garage door problems and how to remedy them.

Sagging Garage Door

Your garage door’s opening and closing system is most likely malfunctioning if you have a sagging garage door. Garage doors are powered by balanced springs, which lower the power required to raise them off the floor. When your garage door is unbalanced, the lifting system has to work more to raise and lower the door. This deterioration might eventually lead to worn or damaged springs and drooping doors. In most cases, an expert garage door technician can resolve this problem by adjusting the system or replacing worn-out parts.

Noisy Garage Door

A fully functional and optimal garage door should be quiet. A loud garage door is a warning sign that something is amiss with the overall mechanics. Sound and appearance are closely linked, just like a shaking garage door would indicate something wrong with one or several components that make your door move; a noisy garage door is indicative of a problem with one or more parts that make up the door itself.

If your garage door becomes extremely loud, it might be a sign that something is going to break. In other terms, today’s noise might lead to failure or collapse tomorrow. If you hear weird, unpleasant noises in your garage door’s operation, call the Garage Door Doctor for garage door repair before any of these possibilities play out.

Opening or Closing Problems

When your garage door fails to close and open correctly, you have a faulty garage door. The door may be reacting to control cues in an erratic manner. Or its movements may be jerky or stuttering. In the worst-case situation, it may have stopped working altogether. No matter what is occurring, you have noticed that your garage door is not operating as smoothly as it used to when opening and closing.

Once you’ve clicked the activation button, the door should react in less than a second. If it doesn’t, it is probably time to call a professional to have it fixed.

Shaking Garage Door

A garage door should operate steadily and smoothly, with no tremors or unusual movements. If your garage door is wobbly, it’s most likely due to a problem with the tracks, belt, rollers, or lubricant. In any event, a shaky garage door should be serviced as soon as possible before the ailment worsens. If the problem is not addressed quickly, an unstable garage door may eventually become a damaged garage door. That is why, if your garage door begins to wobble, you must act quickly and contact the Garage Door Doctor for repairs.

Chipped or Broken Sections On Your Garage Door

The garage door receives the most harm from the outside world of any component of a house’s exterior, behind only the roof. Though your garage door is not directly affected by hail, snow, rain, or falling debris, it may receive a lot of objects thrown at it, owing to the playground role that driveways frequently provide for children.

As a result of this damage, your garage door’s panels, bottom-rubber lining, and edges can chip away and progressively come undone. No matter what is chipped or cracked, these little defects do not constitute a faulty garage door. However, left unattended to, these little problems tend to get worse. Avoid having to replace a garage door by having a repair specialist touch it up every few years.

Rely on the Professionals at Garage Door Doctor

We can assist you if you have difficulty deciding if your garage door should be repaired or replaced. Our skilled staff can evaluate your door and advise you on the best option.

At Garage Door Doctor, we’re proud to be an experienced, trusted, and highly rated garage door company in Indianapolis, IN. Our family-owned and -operated company has been offering commercial and residential garage door service since 2009. Contact the Garage Door Doctor today to make an appointment.

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