Which Is Better for Your Application: Rolling or Sectional Steel Doors?

Which Is Better for Your Application: Rolling or Sectional Steel Doors?


Just as every garage serves a specific purpose, so too should every garage door accommodate the space’s unique needs. When considering different commercial garage doors, many people compare steel rolling garage door benefits to steel sectional garage door benefits. In the debate between steel sectional vs. rolling steel garage doors, it’s sometimes difficult to identify which suits your needs.

Thankfully, our team at Garage Door Specialists have extensive knowledge about all types of commercial garage doors. We’re happy to help identify the benefits of each and highlight a few points to consider as you make your decision to purchase a new garage door.

Benefits of Rolling Steel Doors

Rolling steel doors are fantastic resources for commercial settings. You might hear people call them overhead rolling doors, roll-up doors and coiling garage doors. Their mechanism retracts the steel rolls together into a compact coil. These overhead rolling doors are applicable in the interior and exterior of a space. Their versatility, combined with their small footprint, ease of maintenance and attractive design, offer distinct advantages, including increased security, durability and insulation.

Rolling steel doors create layers of protection and locking mechanisms to provide exceptional security. The strong materials used in their design provide substantial durability that enables them to withstand heavy usage, wear and tear for years, which includes standing up to severe weather, corrosion and rust. These steel doors can also have a layer of foam insulation that reduces the transfer of both heat and noise.

One of the more popular types of overhead rolling doors used in commercial settings are fire-rated roll-up doors. These steel roller doors enhance safety and security by rolling down automatically when triggered by smoke to prevent fires from spreading. With customization offering additional benefits, rolling steel doors are applicable for interior and exterior use in businesses of all sizes.

Benefits of Sectional Steel Doors

Sectional garage doors are among the most popular types of garage doors available, particularly for residential applications. Steel sectional doors have wider panels than those of rolling steel doors, and rest parallel to the ceiling when retracted. Like steel roller doors, steel sectional garage door benefits are versatile enough to cater to your unique needs. For instance, you can opt to include windows, insulation or added hardware. Steel doors are generally affordable for all budgets and require little maintenance.

As one of the leading types of commercial garage doors, steel sectional doors offer a range of benefits. Although they don’t roll into a coil like rolling steel doors do, steel sectional doors are still relatively compact. They also feature strong, durable materials that resist damage and provide enhanced security. If you need better climate control of your interior, choose insulation.

Things to Consider When Making a Decision

Things to Consider When Making a Decision

Now that you have a general idea of the benefits sectional steel doors and steel roller doors provide, let’s venture deeper into the decision-making process and identify a few crucial considerations. Depending on your specific application, you’ll need to consider additional factors such as each door’s performance, ease of installation, cost and overall maintenance.


No matter which types of commercial garage doors you choose, performance will be one of your top priorities. Performance is the way to assess how well a door can handle heavy usage. Some garage doors can meet high-efficiency metrics, such as completing hundreds of thousands of cycles before wearing down. 

Typically, rolling steel doors will offer higher cycle ranges than steel sectional doors. However, more is not always necessary. Depending on how much traffic will come in and out of your garage, the “performance” you desire may be a reliable, cost-effective door, even though it doesn’t yield a six-figure cycle range.


Before considering space requirements, you must first think about the best way to mount the garage door. Different lift mounts will require space either directly above or beside the doorway, or overhead behind the doorway. For example, you can have rolling steel doors mounted to the walls instead of the ceiling, while sectional steel doors require ceiling or roof support. 

Since rolling steel doors can attach to the walls, they require limited overhead space, which is ideal for smaller garages. However, there are various ways to mount steel sectional garage doors. These include a standard lift, a high lift for high ceilings, a vertical lift to bring the entire door straight up or a low-headroom lift for limited overhead spaces.


The physical space necessary to install any garage door is a factor many commercial and residential property owners forget about at first. Steel sectional doors will take up more overhead space than rolling ones, which significantly limits property owners with low ceilings or smaller garages.

Consider how many resources are above you: fire sprinklers, lighting, HVAC vents, hanging storage shelves and hanging promotional materials like banners or signs. Steel sectional doors may block these, whereas an overhead rolling door will contain itself in a compact coil that takes up limited overhead space in your garage.


Cost factors into every decision you make for your business. However, it’s vital to understand that “cost-effective” and “cheap” are not the same. No matter which garage door you choose, you should always make sure it has reliable parts and comes from a trustworthy garage door company.

In many cases, steel sectional doors are more cost-effective than steel roller doors because they feature one-piece construction. You must also consider the long-term cost associated with each door. For instance, the steel sectional door may have a smaller upfront cost, but rolling steel doors typically have a smaller lifetime cost, as they’re more durable and require less maintenance.


While space is a critical concern, the size of the door is another aspect that requires some thought. Depending on your garage opening, you may need a door that meets non-standard specifications. A size variance ranging from half an inch to an inch may not seem large, but such details are vital.

It’s possible to custom-fit many rolling steel doors to the exact dimensions required. In most cases, you can also get steel sectional doors modified. However, their modification limits may be predetermined increments ranging from 2″ to 3″ to 18″ to 24″. Modifications on either door will still look attractive, but if your dimensions are uncommon, a rolling steel door may provide a better fit.

Security and Maintenance

Although sectional steel doors feature single-piece construction, they often have more components in their overall mounting and installation than rolling steel doors do. With fewer exposed parts, rolling steel garage doors take less wear and tear over time. They’re also more likely to have grease-coated springs that resist damage from rust and low temperatures.

Regarding security, both will secure your garage and everything inside it. Generally speaking, choosing an overhead rolling door over a steel sectional door may lend additional safety because their parts are less exposed. Remember that all commercial garage doors require routine inspection to ensure they’re secure and safe for use.

Steel Sectional vs. Rolling Steel Garage Doors

Steel Sectional vs. Rolling Steel Garage Doors

Still unsure whether a steel sectional garage door or a rolling steel garage door is ideal for your application? We’re here to help. Contact Garage Door Specialists today and tell us the performance and functionality you desire from your garage door. Our knowledgeable team will help you choose the right steel roller doors or steel sectional garage doors that meet your unique needs.

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Benefits Of Gating Your Parking Lot

Offering employees a place where they can park their vehicles during work is a fantastic perk, especially if your offices sit in a downtown area where parking comes at a premium. But are you doing all you can to keep their vehicles safe?

access control system from LiftMaster

If your property contains a parking lot, it is in your best interest to install a security gate system. Adding entry gates for your parking lot has many advantages, including keeping your employees safer.

Why Add Entry and Exit Control Systems?

By installing a security gate, you can monitor who enters and leaves your parking lot. You can keep people who lack the proper identification or clearance from entering your lot, and you get advanced notice when a guest comes to visit your business.

Entry gates also give you some separation from the street, which will make your property less attractive to burglars.

Why Gate Your Parking Lot?

One of the most popular reasons for installing gates for your parking lot is to protect your employees and customers. With a gated parking lot, you can control access to your property. You keep people without proper clearance from entry. You also give your employees greater reassurance and peace of mind when they walk to their cars at night.

If any of your employees work a night shift, this added measure of security is especially important. A gate can keep other people from using the lot as well, whether it’s after hours or on a weekend. Other reasons to gate off your parking lot include:

  • Improving your property value: Adding entry and exit gates raises the value of your location, giving potential buyers an attractive reason to purchase the property. They will appreciate not having to install security gates on the parking lot themselves.
  • Making the property more attractive: You can choose from a range of entry gates, many that demonstrate impressive sophistication. An iron-wrought fence with a cool pattern will make your entire property look better.
  • Decreasing liability: You are responsible for what happens in your parking lot. You want to keep your employees safe and protect your company’s reputation as a caring workplace.
  • Increase your profile: Adding security gates to your property tells potential customers that you care, and you have the means to make your property better. When you make an investment in your business, you show your dedication to making the company work. People will appreciate your focus on security and professionalism.

Get in Touch With Us Today

You can enjoy so many advantages of access control systemsContact Custom Door & Gate to learn more about our entry and exit gate options.

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3 Effects of Cold Weather on Garage Door Openers

3 Effects of Cold Weather on Garage Door Openers

Your garage door opener may struggle to open the door in cold weather, which could lead to breakage or higher energy costs. In some cases, garage doors may stick in cold weather, meaning the opener may not be able to open the door at all.

The question is, what steps can you take to maintain the integrity of your garage door and garage door opener in cold weather?

a garage door covered in snow

How Cold Weather Affects Garage Door Openers

Is it too cold for your garage door to work correctly? Many homeowners ask this question when winter weather hits and they notice a slowdown or malfunction of their garage door opener. Cold weather can have different effects on your garage door based on fluctuations in precipitation and temperature.

Your garage door system is a machine. Like any other machine, it has moving parts. Temperature changes are notorious for the impact they have on interconnected components. Cold weather, especially, can have a significant effect on your garage door opener.

Cold Weather and Garage Door Openers

Three effects of cold weather on garage door openers are:

1. Garage Door Openers May Lose Lubrication and Connectivity

Garage door openers can lose some of their lubrication in cold weather, which may cause them to work harder. When you properly lubricate your garage door opener, you minimize the strain on the motor. A professional technician can assist you in finding the best lubricant for your garage door parts.

The photo-eye sensors on your garage door can also become fogged over due to the cold. When this happens, the garage door may think there is an obstruction in the way even if there isn’t. This lack of communication between the sensors can cause malfunctions with your garage door opener. Luckily, all you have to do in this situation is wipe off the lenses.

2. Garage Doors Contract in Cold Weather

Garage doors — mostly those made of steel — contract in cold weather. Other metal garage door parts, such as rollers, hinges and springs, can warp if they’re not moved regularly in the cold.

At AAA Garage Door, we recommend scheduling annual maintenance before winter begins and lubricating your garage door’s moving metal parts to keep them working properly.

3. Garage Doors Can Freeze to the Ground

When water freezes during the winter months, some garage doors freeze to the ground, especially if puddles form at the bottom. Garage doors are designed to seal to the ground in an attempt to prevent weather and small animals from coming inside. In cold weather, though, this can cause the door to stick.

To help prevent this, push away any collected water from the bottom of your garage door as often as possible.

Schedule Your Garage Door Winter Maintenance 

AAA Garage Door has 25 years of experience performing everything from simple repairs, garage door parts replacements, inspections and regular maintenance to total replacements. We make it our top priority to give our customers comprehensive services and the highest-quality products on the market. We’ll also ensure your Omaha residential or commercial garage door performs well throughout the winter months.

If you find that your garage door is sticking in cold weather or it’s too cold for your garage door opener to work properly, trust AAA Garage Door to find the right solutions. Repairing or updating your garage door or garage door opener with a replacement is simple and straightforward with the help of our highly skilled technicians.

Fill out our online form to schedule garage door services or request a free estimate for your garage door opener today!

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Double Garage Door Conversion Options

Double Garage Door Conversion Options

Do you have a double garage door that you’d like to convert to two single garage doors? Or maybe you have two single garage doors you’d like to remodel into one double door. Either way, our professional service technicians at AAA Garage Door can remove or add a central garage pillar to make space for your new door.

a home with a double garage door and a single garage door

Single to Double Garage Door Conversion

Converting two single garage doors into one double-sized garage door can be an investment for many families and businesses, but it is well worth it. Many double-sized garages are fitted with two separate doors, independent of each other, so that just one can be opened at a time.

Two single doors are typical of more traditional builds, as they were introduced when cars were smaller and could squeeze between the gap. Today, modern cars tend to be larger, and many people are now looking to convert their two single garage doors into one double garage door.

When considering converting two single garage doors into a double, it is essential to know the advantages so that you can make the best decision based on your lifestyle and budget.

How to Convert Two Single Garage Doors to a Double Door

The process of converting two single garage doors into one double door consists of the following steps:

  1. Take measurements of the garage.
  2. Select a replacement double garage door.
  3. Perform garage pillar removal and discard the two single garage doors.
  4. Install a new double door.
  5. Add the final touches.

Benefits of Double Garage Doors

There are many benefits to having a double garage door, including:

  • Allows for wider vehicles to enter: The space created by converting two single garage doors into a larger double door is great for parking sizable vehicles. One larger double door can also be a way of providing the drivers at your home or business with peace of mind. Drivers will have more wiggle room when backing into or pulling up to the garage and easily avoid scratches and dents.
  • Provides additional walking space: Converting two single garage doors into one double door provides more walk-around room. Those exiting or entering the garage can more comfortably walk around stored items or vehicles.
  • Updates the appearance: One double garage door can make the entire front of your home appear larger and help tie together its overall appearance. Whether you’re looking to sell your home or not, a newly installed double garage door increases your home’s value.
  • Easier to maintain than two doors and two openers: Maintaining one double garage door is easier and more convenient than keeping up with two.
  • Provides improved accessibility: For wheelchair users or the elderly, having the extra space is crucial for getting into and out of the car with ease.
  • Streamlined operation: With one double garage door, you can operate the entire system with a single remote. This streamlines the exit and entry process and removes the clutter of multiple door remotes.

Double to Single Garage Door Conversion

If the thought of a double to single garage door conversion is intriguing to you, we recommend that your garage be at least 22 feet wide. This will give you ample space to get into and out of your vehicle comfortably. A double to single garage door conversion will grant you total control over how much of your garage’s interior is exposed to the outside.

How to Convert a Double Garage Door to Two Single Doors

Converting one double door to two single doors includes a sequence of steps similar to a single to double garage door conversion:

  1. Take measurements of your garage.
  2. Choose two replacement single garage doors.
  3. Add a garage pillar to divide both sections.
  4. Install two new single garage doors.
  5. Add the final touches.

Benefits of Single Garage Doors

The advantages of converting one double garage door to two include:

  • Reduce your heating bill and air conditioning costs: If you live in a cold climate, two single garage doors can lessen the amount of cold air that flows into the garage, reducing your heating bill. Two separate doors can also inhibit the humidity that enters your garage, significantly lowering your air conditioning costs.
  • Have a backup plan in the case of a malfunction: If you opt for two single doors, you’ll be able to get one of your cars out of the garage in the case of a breakdown, such as torsion spring failure.
  • Enhance the appearance of your home: While some homeowners prefer the streamlined appearance of one double garage door, others believe that two single garage doors better enhance the overall architectural design of their home.

Trust AAA Garage Door for Your Garage Door Conversion Needs

If you own a home or business in the Omaha area or its surrounding communities and you need to convert your double or single garage door, reach out to the trained technicians from AAA Garage Door.

As a locally-owned company with over 25 years of experience, we care about improving people’s businesses and homes. We’ve repaired all types of commercial and residential garage doors throughout the years and will help you find a garage door you love within your budget. Our team of highly skilled technicians makes high-quality products and superior service our priorities.

Get in touch with our garage door experts to find out more about how we can help with your double garage door conversion project.

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