To Window or Not to Window Your Garage Door

To Window or Not to Window Your Garage Door

If you’re getting ready to call Door Power for a residential garage door installation, one of the core decisions you will make is whether to purchase a garage door with or without the windows. Garage door windows provide lots of features and benefits. They also present a few challenges. If you decide you don’t want windows initially, you can call us to install them at a later date. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of garage door windows.

Here are a few reasons why adding windows to your garage door is a good idea:

●        Natural Light. Natural light is as valuable in the garage as it is anywhere else. It improves visibility during the day without using electricity. It can also add warmth to your garage during the winter by letting the sun to shine through.

●        Aesthetics. Garage door windows add a decorative touch to your overall window design. We can install doors with windows that now align horizontally or vertically. There are other patterns that you can choose from as well.

●        Cohesive Design. Garage door windows add to the overall design of your home. They naturally look like a part of the exterior instead of an addition.

Here are a few reasons why adding windows to your garage door may not be a good idea:

●        Privacy. Neighbors or strangers can see inside the garage. Burglars have easier access to get to the garage door lock by breaking through the windows.

●        Less Efficient. Windows provide less insulation than the material inside a garage door. Although they do let in sunlight, they also have a low R-value rating. They offer little protection against UV rays or extreme temperatures.

What Else to Consider Before Purchasing Garage Door Windows
If you decide to invest in garage door windows, we recommend that you spend a little more and go with higher quality windows and frames. Polypropylene frames are among the most durable types of material. They will maintain a tight seal between the frame and the glass to eliminate drafts or moisture. Choose doors with real glass. A glass surface is far more scratch-resistant than imitation glass. If you want to maintain privacy and security, then try implementing tint or frost onto the glass.

Call Door Power at 952-467-3199 for more tips on purchasing garage door windows. We help homeowners in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota with garage door repair, spring and cable replacement, and garage door opener repair. We also install garage door tracks and openers. We are your #1 source for garage doors in East Central Minnesota.

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European Ideas for Your American Garage Door

When it comes to art and design, Americans and Europeans influence and inspire each other in almost every industry. Such is the case with garage doors. Discerning homeowners looking to add a little flair to their garage doors can learn a thing two from European style. Door Power can help you find the right European trend that accents your home exterior and gives your property a unique creative edge. Here are some of our favorite European doors styles that work well in almost any American home.

Glass Paneled Doors
One of the best features of glass is that there are lots of options for you to choose from. For instance, you can cover the door in glass panels that are tinted, frosted, or lined with window film. You can choose your design, pattern, color, and overall style. No matter what you pick, your garage door will make a statement.

Dark Doors
Europeans love dark garage doors. And while this presents some challenges in design, an appropriate home setting can provide the perfect backdrop for dark brown, gray, or blue garage doors. A common European matchup is dark doors paired with paneled exterior walls. It has a clean effect without looking institutional.

Traditional Wood, Modern Home
Wood is often associated with timeless, classic, traditional styles. Our installers, however, have installed wood garage doors in modern homes that looked anything but traditional. The result is a vintage European look that is both attractive and trendy. If you go with wood doors, we recommend that you take some time to find out what shade of wood goes best with your home’s colors.

Foldaway Doors
Most garage doors open vertically – but not all. A popular European approach is to add foldaway doors to the garage that open horizontally. Foldaway doors open and close on a rail or slide. Glass doors that open into an empty garage highlight your car. Add a few lights throughout the garage and you now have a full showroom look. Foldaway doors are just as secure as standard vertical garage doors.

Solid Panel Trim
Europeans love panels. A popular approach is to highlight each panel with heavy dark or light trim. The trim is set in contrast to the shade of your garage door. For instance, if you have light tan door panels, we can add a dark brown trim so that both the trim and the panel stand out. You’ll achieve a sharp uniform look that covers the entire garage door.

Your Residential Garage Door Installation Experts in Minneapolis

Door Power is a family owned company that specializes in garage door repair and installation. We provide a wide range of services that include spring and cable replacement, garage door tracks, and fitting your door with a garage door opener. We can also show you all the safety features that we can add to your entire system. To find out more, call us at 952-467-3199 or message us at [email protected].

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Top 5 Ways to Upgrade Any Garage Door

Is it time to give your garage door system a much-needed refresher? Door Power has put together our top five picks for garage door upgrades and replacement ideas that will revitalize your entire garage. Check out our recommendations below:


1.      We Recommend Impact-Resistant
Although older garage doors did a great job of giving you privacy, they weren’t always durable or strong enough to withstand everyday life. Our newer doors are impact-resistant and can stand up to heavier impacts. By choosing high-quality garage doors, you won't’ have to worry about small damages throughout their lifespan as they will be able to within stance the impact of everyday life.

2.      Heavy Insulation
What is the R-Value of your current garage door? In other words how much air, moisture, or heat/cold does it allow to penetrate into your garage? An insulated door performs this function well. It keeps the chill out of the garage during the long, cold Minnesota winter season. It also cuts down on the noise outside. Consider upgrading your door for a heavier insulated door for year round fun in the garage.

3.      Update Garage Door Parts
If you’re not looking to purchase a new door, then we recommend reinforcing your old door with new parts. We can provide full spring replacement, cable replacement, and even fit your current door with new garage door tracks. Your garage door will operate like new and keep the items in your garage safe.

4.      Safety Features
No garage door system is complete without a lineup of safety features. Door Power can equip your home with plenty of devices such garage doors that have no windows or strategically place windows, garage door openers, lights, alarms, lights, battery backups, keyless entry pads. All of these products are designed to heighten security in and around your garage.

5.      Replace Your Garage Door
If your garage door is ready to fall apart or looking a little old, then your best bet may be to go with a garage door replacement. We are a wide variety of unique garage doors for you to choose from and our team is on hand to walk you through the entire process. Check out our Inspiration Gallery to get your ideas rolling!


Let Door Power Upgrade Your Garage Door

As winter approaches, you’ll want to make the necessary updates to your garage door. At Door Power, we can replace your entire door or the components that are worn out. We also specialize in garage door opener repair and installation. Our services extends to both residential and commercial properties across Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota. Call us today at 952-467-3199 for a free estimate. We’re here when you need us.

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3 Reasons You Need a Second Garage

Residential garage door installation is always a healthy investment for any homeowner. If you find, that you need to expand the square footage in your garage, then Door Power can help you every step of the way. We know firsthand the advantage of adding a second garage to your current floor plan. Below we break down three reasons why you need a second garage door!


1.      You Have Two Cars
Garage door repair may be the perfect opportunity to build onto your existing garage. This is especially true if you own two cars. We can custom design a garage door that secures both of your cars and gives them protection from the outside elements. You can even add a little wiggle room for storage and easy walking between the vehicles.

2.      Home Storage
One of the most common reasons homeowners don’t park in their garage is the extra space becomes a catch-all for their storage items. The solution? Add the second stall to your garage. This will double your space and finally give your vehicle a place to call home. Since we’ll need to upgrade your new garage door opener, you will also want spring replacement and cable replacement options to handle a bigger door or match the second door.

3.      Add Value to Your Home
In addition to a second garage being more functional for your home, it can also significantly increase your house’s resale value. A double garage is an attractive feature for any homebuyer. This is especially true if you replace all the old components with new parts such as garage door tracks, garage door openers, and advanced safety features.


Customize Your New Space
If you’re the creative type, you’ve probably already considered the possibility of turning your newly extended garage into your mini-paradise. If you want to do more than keep the lawnmower in the extra garage, then you can turn it into an entertainment room, wine cellar, home theater, party room, recording studio, art studio, or reading room. The sky's the limit.


Add New Garage Doors

If you are going to create additional real estate in your garage, then you’ll want to consider finishing it off with some brand new garage doors. Door Power can help you find the perfect garage door that will match your house and suit your taste and style. We can custom design your new garage to your exact specifications. We also provide garage door opener repair and new installation. Call us today at 952-467-3199. We provide a wide array of services and products for home and business owners in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota.

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Can You Paint A Garage Door? What To Know

If the garage door goes up and comes back down, most people tend to forget about this part of the home. If you live in a community that has a homeowners association, however, someone might take notice of smaller details, such as chipped or faded paint, an unapproved paint color, dents, scratches, or broken windows. Many HOAs encourage garage maintenance, including painting. If you want to avoid violations or fines, though, it’s important to contact a professional garage door company to handle the details for you.

Becoming Familiar With HOA Guidelines

A primary function of an HOA is to create and enforce rules intended to maintain a residential community. Maintaining a community often includes preserving the original architectural and aesthetic theme of the area. The rules help ensure one or even a handful of properties doesn’t stand out too much from the others.

Each HOA is different, so it’s essential to read through your HOA’s handbook and keep a copy close by any time you plan on making changes to the exterior of your property. Many HOAs also require you to receive approval before commencing the work. While your HOA will have unique guidelines, you can usually expect the following regarding garage door painting.

Approved Colors

You may love the idea of a brilliant shade of blue or green to make your garage door pop, but your HOA might not. It’s likely your HOA has provided you with a list of approved paint colors or makes one available on their website, in their office, or even at your neighborhood hardware store. Be sure to share this list with the garage door company you work with so they can help you choose a color or colors that will complement the rest of your home. Choosing from this list will help speed along the HOA approval process and allow you to get started on your specific paint job that much quicker.

If you have your heart set on a shade that you can’t find on your HOA’s approved list, there could still be hope. Some HOAs allow homeowners to deviate from the list but require swatches to be painted so they can get a look at the color on your house before approving or rejecting it. We recommend using these small sample patches even if HOA guidelines aren’t an issue. After all, you want to ensure you really love the color before you’re stuck with it.

Appropriate Designs

Unfortunately, you probably can’t just ask your talented artist friend to paint a beautiful mural on your garage door. Along with paint colors, you’ll want to have a design in mind that you can submit to your HOA for approval. A solid coat covering the entire door is usually simple enough. However, accent colors around the windows, on any hardware, or along the trim could give your HOA reason to pause. Even if all of your colors are on the HOA’s approved list, seek approval of your planned design before taking on any of these intricate details.

Proper Maintenance

The painting might be finished, but your work isn’t done yet. Garage doors require maintenance to keep them running properly and looking great. Your HOA likely wants you to keep your garage door in a presentable condition, but cosmetic damages are bound to occur over time. Make sure you work with a dependable garage door company that can come back to touch up chips or scratches and even repair dents and cover them up with a fresh coat of paint afterward.

Hiring a Dependable Garage Door Company

In the Indianapolis, IN area, Garage Door Doctor can help you sort through HOA guidelines and leave you with a refreshed garage door you’ll love for years to come. A paint job might seem simple enough, but hiring professionals ensures the project is completed right and delivers long-lasting results. This is especially important if an HOA is involved.

Outdoor paint jobs, like garage door painting, aren’t your typical paint jobs. To ensure complete customer satisfaction, our team follows a meticulous painting process.

Prep Work

The prep work may vary depending on your particular garage door type and its condition. Generally, we’ll begin by removing old paint with a wire brush, scraper, and sanding pad. Once we’ve got a clear, smooth base, it’s time to clean the surface of the door with soap and a wet cloth. To ensure everything is removed, we’ll give the door a rinse with a hose or pressure washer.

After the garage door has been cleaned and allowed to dry, the next step is to apply painter’s tape to areas that shouldn’t be painted. With expert hands, our team will tape off the trim, any windows, gaskets, handles, locks, or other hardware. It’s also important to protect the area in front of your door and the inside of your garage, so we’ll lay down drop cloths where necessary.


To ensure the paint goes on smoothly and lasts as long as possible, we’ll begin with a coat of primer. Using a paintbrush, our team applies the primer to each individual panel, the stiles and rails, and the edges of the garage door. The primer then needs to dry for 12-24 hours before painting can begin.


Once the primer is dry, we can apply the high-quality (and HOA-approved) exterior paint we’ve helped you choose. Following the same pattern as the primer application, we’ll carefully paint the garage door panels from bottom to top and work our way outward, cleaning up any excess drips as we go. After the first coat of paint has dried, we’ll apply a second coat to make sure there are no missed spots or uneven patches. This may require a 12-hour drying period between coats.


Following an inspection of our work to ensure everything’s completely covered as it should be, we’ll clean up the area. Our team will take the time to remove all painter’s tape, dispose of any drop cloths, and clean up all of their protective gear and equipment. And just like that, you have a garage door that looks better than it did the day it was installed and that’s HOA-compliant!

Call Us Today

Although garage door painting seems straightforward, it’s an easy project to mess up if you don’t have the experience or proper tools. Fortunately, we have the right equipment, know what kinds of paints to use, and can get the job in no time for you, all at an affordable price. We’ll be happy to help you sort through the details of your HOA restrictions as well.

At Garage Door Doctor, we offer a wide range of garage door services. Whether you require maintenance, repairs, an entire door replacement, or door opener services for your residential or commercial garage door, we’re the company to rely on. Contact Garage Door Doctor to learn how we can get your garage door in Indiana looking brand new.

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Dents Getting You Down? Reasons You Should Never Attempt to Fix a Garage Door Yourself

Garage doors serve an important functional and aesthetic role for the home. According to Popular Mechanics, the average homeowner opens a garage door three to five times each day. This translates into 1,500 times per year. Because you look at your Indianapolis garage door quite frequently, it is understandable that you might notice any sudden appearance of dents or defects. While it may feel tempting to grab a can of paint or a handful of tools to fix it yourself, tampering with the garage door is the last thing you should do. Any attempts to alter your garage door will likely cause more harm than good. A look at the main reasons to leave repairs to the experts can help protect your property and ensure that it gets the care that it deserves.

What are the Most Common Causes of Dents in a Garage Door?

It happens to the best of us. Dents can easily occur when you accidentally bump or reverse your vehicle into the garage door. All of a sudden, the garage door becomes the proverbial object that was “closer than it appeared.” Dents can even occur from wayward bicycles or delivery trucks. While dents may look like minor dimples or scratches, they can actually represent a great deal of underlying damage. The top causes of garage dents include vehicles, weather-related incidents, and sports equipment, among others.


Whether your own a car or a guest’s vehicle accidentally bumps into the garage, any impact can cause substantial damage. Dented garage door panels can eventually cause the entire structure to warp. Dents can also cause bending that puts stress on the garage door’s torsion springs, bolts, or other hardware. You should never underestimate the damage that can occur from the force of impact. Did you know that the average pickup truck weighs 3.0 tons? What looks like a small dent at first can actually knock the garage door rollers out of alignment or damage the garage door track. After a vehicle hits your garage door, it is important to have an expert evaluate the situation and professionally fix the door so that it is back in workable shape.


Weather is another culprit for causing dents. Hailstorms release a torrent of solid precipitation that can easily damage your garage door. In addition, hail ranges in circumference from icy pellets the size of peas to large spheres the size of marbles or even golf balls. Since hailstorms are often sudden, there is usually no warning and no way to protect your garage door from the onslaught. Most people work with a professional after a hailstorm to address any garage door nicks or dents. In addition to hail, even common windstorms can create garage door damage. If the wind speed is strong enough, it can cause rocks or even lawn furniture to slam into your garage door. The combination of force and velocity can cause major damage to your door. A professional home services company can fix any weather-related damage before it becomes an eyesore or escalates into a structural problem.

Sports Equipment

Sports equipment can dent your garage door within a few moments. Many people do not think about the risk of this type of damage before it is too late. For example, hockey pucks and baseballs can easily damage the door upon impact. Since many households have a basketball hoop installed above the garage door in the driveway, stray basketballs can also dent the door. Cricket balls, golf balls, and soccer balls can cause similar damage. In addition, even sports equipment like skateboards can damage garage doors if they get close enough. If sports are popular on your street, pay close attention and get a professional to make repairs as needed.

Inconsistent Maintenance

Garage maintenance is another key to a lasting garage door. Most experts recommend reaching out to a garage door company twice a year as part of your seasonal maintenance checklist. During a routine checkup, a garage door professional can fix any dents before they morph into greater damage.

Can You Fix a Dent in Your Garage Door Yourself?

Once you notice the dent in your garage door, you may feel tempted to roll up your sleeves and turn it into a DIY project. While homeowners have tackled other errands around the home with varying degrees of success, the garage door is an entirely different scenario. Did you know that the garage door is usually the largest and heaviest moving part of any home? Attempting to fix a garage door yourself can be ineffective and even quite dangerous. It is important to let a trained professional efficiently repair any door problems.

Risk of Injury

Attempting to fix a garage door puts you at substantial risk of injury. A garage door that swings loose from its moorings can cause severe injury or even death. Some doors weigh over 300 pounds and are usually several yards tall. Even the springs that open and lift a garage door operate under enormous tension. If one of these springs breaks off, it can also create a missile effect that causes injury. People who work for professional service companies undergo years of training to hone the skills necessary to work in garages. A professional also has the equipment necessary to complete the job correctly.

Risk of Compounding the Problem

Fixing a garage door dent is not a simple job of patching or painting over an area. Knowing the right way to fix each type of dent involves training. Any effort to fix a dent on your own can compound the problem instead of resolving it. Homeowners who attempt to “correct” a dent themselves can end up taking things too far and causing the dent to bow out the other way or spread. This creates an even more difficult and costly issue to repair than simply calling a professional to fix the original problem in the first place. Moreover, some dents involve underlying structural problems that the average person can miss. If a large automobile has hit your garage, there is a strong likelihood of underlying issues with your panels or frame. Resolving the issue is more than a matter of painting over a slight ding. Allowing a garage door professional to troubleshoot the issue saves you a lot of trouble in the future.

Risk of Voiding the Warranty

While some people skip the fine print of a garage door warranty, the terms are usually quite clear. Most manufacturers will only honor the warranty if you can prove that a professional has completed any repairs. If you attempt to complete the repairs on your own, the warranty becomes null and void. The reason is simple. An untrained individual can inadvertently worsen garage door problems without realizing it. A manufacturer is not liable for any errors that you make on your own. Retaining your warranty is especially important in the event of recalls or rebates. To avoid the risk of your warranty being cancelled, always consult with a garage door services company so that you have a proven record of all repairs.

Risk of Losing Time and Money

Attempting to fix a dent on your own often involves rudimentary research as well as purchasing all the equipment and materials yourself. Unfortunately, watching a few tutorials is no comparison to the training that garage service technicians undergo to complete their jobs. Garage door companies have relationships with component manufacturers and already possess the necessary parts that you may never find at your local hardware store. When you add up the opportunity cost of time and supplies, it is much more economical to schedule an appointment with a garage door company instead.

Get Help From Experts Today

Contact the experts for professional assistance. Garage Door Doctor provides services for homes and businesses in Indianapolis, Bloomington, Carmel, and the surrounding areas. We offer diagnosis, troubleshooting, maintenance, and repairs for every type of garage door. Our company also provides 24/7 services in the event of a garage door emergency. Contact Garage Door Doctor today to get the help you need.

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5 Ways to Weather-Seal a Garage Door

5 Ways to Weather-Seal a Garage Door

Sealing your garage door against the weather helps protect the space and keeps your belongings safe. Learn how to seal garage doors and weatherproof your garage with these five tips.

1. Bottom Weatherstripping

Also known as a door sweep, bottom weatherstripping is a common way to seal a garage door. This rubber seal attaches to the bottom of your garage door and compresses to fill gaps between the door and the floor. Garage door weatherstripping is available in rolls from most home improvement stores.

Bottom-seal weatherstripping generally comes in a standard shape that fits in the channels on the bottoms of most garage doors. If you have a wooden garage door, you may need to screw or nail in the weatherstripping. Be sure to choose aluminum or galvanized fasteners to prevent rusting. You can also install a metal channel to make your wood door compatible with standard seals.

Replacing bottom weatherstripping is relatively easy. First, remove the old seal. Most kinds pull out of the channels on the bottom of the door. However, some seals may have screws or nails, even on metal or fiberglass doors. Once you’ve removed the old seal, clean the bottom of the door. Push the new seal into the channels in one continuous piece, and trim it to fit your door. If the old weatherstripping had nails or screws, replace these fasteners as appropriate.

2. Threshold Seal

A threshold seal also fills gaps between the door and the floor, but this garage door seal attaches to the floor instead of the door. It can stand alone, but is more effective when combined with a bottom seal. Since it’s durable enough to drive over, a threshold seal typically consists of harder rubber and is longer-lasting than weatherstripping.

This seal can help keep water out of your garage if the driveway slopes toward the garage, but it can also make it more challenging to hose out or sweep your garage. It can also be a good option if your door meets the ground asymmetrically. However, if your door is significantly irregular or suddenly becomes uneven, it’s best to call a professional to repair and adjust it.

To install a threshold seal, mark the floor where you want it to be with chalk or a permanent marker. Clean the floor and wipe down the bottom of the seal. Apply construction adhesive to the floor in two lines along the edges of the seal and in a zigzag down the middle. Place the seal and gently press it into the adhesive. Most adhesives need 24 hours to cure before you can drive over them.

3. Top and Side Weatherstripping

Rubber weatherstripping is also available in a slightly different configuration for the tops and sides of the door. However, this seal attaches to the door frame rather than the door. Garage weatherstripping is available in rolls at most home improvement stores and cuts easily with a utility knife. It should sit flush against the trim, so you may need to remove raised strips from the frame or sand it for a smooth finish.

Measure and cut three pieces — one for the top and one for each side. Cut the ends of the top piece at an angle to accommodate the side pieces. Attach the weatherstripping with aluminum or galvanized nails or screws to avoid rust. Install the side pieces first, then the top overlapping the side pieces. The outside flange should touch the door along the top and sides when the door is closed. Caulk where the seal meets the frame. Be sure to use a caulk for garage doors or exteriors.

Brush Seals

4. Brush Seals

Rather than being solid rubber, these seals use brushes, which are more flexible and durable than standard weatherstripping. Brush seals are more common along the top frame, but you can also install them on the sides. They cover the gap created when the door bends into the garage. Because brush seals aren’t a solid barrier, air, debris and small bugs may still get through. These come in multiple pieces and secure with adhesive tape. The brush should touch the door when it’s closed to be most effective.

Once you’re ready to install, clean the frame for better adhesion. On the first piece, pull the brush out of the track and cut it about 2 inches short. Attach adhesive tape to the track and press it onto the frame. After attaching the second piece, feed the brush from that piece into the track on the first piece. This overlap helps ensure no gaps between pieces. To account for this overlap on the last piece, pull the brush out 2 inches before cutting the track to fit with a hacksaw.

5. V-Type Seals Between Panels

This product seals gaps between garage door panels for enhanced weatherproofing. Many newer doors won’t need V-type seals since their panels have interlocking edges to block air when the door is closed. These seals are best for older or wooden doors with flat panel edges. Be sure to count the number of panels in addition to measuring the door’s width. Because V-seals cover moving parts, they can wear out faster than other weatherstripping types. It’s best to check them every three months.

To install V-seals, clean the inside of the panels where the seals will stick. Cut the seals to fit between the panels in one continuous piece. Pull back part of the adhesive backing, but don’t remove all of it at once. Fit the seal between two panels and press firmly into place. Continue peeling off the backing and placing the seal as you move along the door.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you aren’t sure whether sealing your garage is worth it or have more questions about replacing weatherstripping, you can find the answers to frequently asked questions here.

Why Should I Weatherproof My Garage?

Weatherproofing and weatherstripping are essential for keeping out water, debris, bugs and other pests, which can get into your home if you have an attached garage. Other benefits of weatherproofing your garage include reduced cleaning and improved energy efficiency. If you heat or cool the space, weatherproofing can help save you money on energy use.

How Do I Know if I Need Weatherproofing?

If you don’t currently have weatherproofing, you could likely benefit from adding some. Garage door weatherproofing provides several advantages and is relatively easy to do. To determine where you need weatherproofing, stand in your garage with the door closed and the lights off. If you see light coming in around the garage door, you want to seal those gaps.

How Long Should Garage Door Weatherstripping Last?

Weatherstripping lasts two to three years, but it’s best to check annually to see if it needs replacing. Weatherstripping may wear out faster on doors that experience heavy use.

How Do I Know When to Replace the Weatherstripping?

Good weatherstripping is pliable and soft to conform to the door’s shape and compress into any gaps. It’s time to replace your weatherstripping if it’s hard and brittle. You also need new weatherstripping if you notice cracks, tears or rips. Even if the weatherstripping seems to be in good condition, it might need replacing if you feel a draft, see light around the door or find more dirt near the frame.

Can I Install Weatherstripping Myself?

Yes! Adding or replacing weatherstripping is a manageable do-it-yourself task for most homeowners. Caulking and other weatherproofing methods are also suitable for DIY.

However, you can also hire a professional if you don’t feel confident in your skills, need other garage door repairs or don’t have time to do it yourself. AAA Garage Door can install, repair and replace your weatherstripping.

Contact AAA Garage Door

Contact AAA Garage Door

Since 1994, AAA Garage Door has provided prompt, reliable service to homeowners in the greater Omaha area. Whether you need a new garage door and opener system, regular maintenance or repairs, our trained technicians will get your garage door working and exceed your expectations. Contact us today to request service.

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Why You Need Your Garage Door Cable Replaced

Your garage door is a complex mechanism made up of several functioning components, each essential to the seamless movement of the door. Part of the mechanism includes a cable and spring that allows the door to open and close in a controlled manner. The springs are under a high amount of tension. For this reason, a spring break could cause the door to slam down and cause injury to a person or damage to an object. The garage door cable, is responsible for catching the door in the event that the spring breaks.

Types of Garage Door Cables

There are a few different types of garage door cables that we can install. This depends on the type of spring system you have.

●        Torsion Springs. These types of cables lock at one end and stop at the other end. Torsion springs must be secured by the cable.

●        Extension Springs. Extension springs run alongside the door on both sides. Because they are so long, they need extended spring cables.

●        Safety Cables. To prevent damage or injury, we are able to install safety cables to all extension springs.

What can go wrong with your garage door cables?

A few different things can go wrong with garage door cables:

●        Cables can wind around the drum incorrectly. The door can become jammed. We can tell if there is a jam because the door droops to one side. We’ve also noticed that it can droop to one side.

●        Garage door cables can also become unwound. We’ll need to replace them with new cables.

●        The pulleys are worn out. Worn out pulleys cannot be repaired because they’ll go bad over and again.

●        The cables can break due to normal wear and tear over time. When this happens, you won’t be able to use the garage door at all. Our professionals will need to remove the old cables and implement new cables.

●        Fraying is also common among garage door cables. A cable is actually smaller cables wound together like a rope. As such, they can also become frayed like a rope. Frayed cables can cause a wide range of problems.

Get Your Garage Door Cable Replace with Door Power

If you need your garage door cable replaced, then contact Door Power. We can come to your home, remove the garage door cable and install a new cable that will fit onto your current door. Call us today at 952-467-3199 and schedule a repair. We provide garage door products and services for both home and business owners in the Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota area.

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How We Can Make Your Garage Door Childproof

Do you have small children in your home? Like any other area around the house, you need to safeguard your garage door to make it safe for the toddlers. Below are some ways that Door Power can help you childproof your garage door.

Garage Door Auto-Reverse

Modern garage doors are equipped with an auto-reverse feature that keeps the door from closing if something or someone gets in the way. We can inspect your current garage door or implement sensors in key places for your child. The sensors will be placed in low sections of the door frame to pick up on small children.

Garage Door Photo-Eye Sensors

If you have an older garage door made before 1993, we can upgrade it by adding photo-eye sensors. The sensors will monitor any type of movement that goes on below the door and stop or reverse door instantly. These sensors are intelligent enough to capture even the slightest movement and respond accordingly.

Door Locks

Door locks reinforce sensors by prohibiting a door from opening. This way if your young toddler pushes a door opener, it will stay shut no matter what. We can install the door lock on either the outside or the inside of the door depending on the both the model of the door and your personal needs.

Reposition the Door Opener

Your children can reach up to push a door opener if it’s placed too low. Our technicians can come out to your home and reposition the door opener so that it’s placed higher on the wall or door frame. Since your child may perceive this as a game, you need to encourage your child to stay away from the opener. We can also install a cover over it so that they cannot touch it.

Seal the Door Panel Gaps with Rubber

It’s easy to lodge fingers between door panel gaps. This is especially true for children with tiny fingers. A practical solution for this is to have rubber seals professionally installed. We can custom cut the seals to your door to remove access to the gaps. Your children will not be able to put their little fingers in the gaps.

Door Power Can Childproof Your Garage Door

If you are concerned about your child’s safety around your garage door, then contact Door Power today. We can inspect your door and identify crucial areas that might compromise your kid’s safety. Call us today at 952-467-3199 and let us help you make your garage a safer place for your entire household. We provide garage door repair and installation for home and business owners in the Minneapolis, Minnesota area.

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Tips for Choosing the Right Garage Door Style

In Indianapolis, your garage door does so much more than protect your garage from the elements. It also helps to protect your home against burglars and offers an additional level of security. Choosing the right style is important because it helps to add curb appeal and the overall appearance of your home. When you are in the market for a new garage door, there are several decisions to make to ensure that you make the best choice. Learning about your options and how to best coordinate them with your home makes this choice a lot easier.

Overhead Garage Doors

This is the most common style for garage doors and there are different types available. These are the type that either lift or roll up when you open them.

The swing type looks like it has two panels. When you open the door, they separate and swing open. They can have decorative hardware and windows to add some more personality. You can also have them look similar to a barn door.

The bifold type has at least four panels. Each of the panels hinge together so that they function similar to a bifold closet door. There are numerous panel options so that you can best match the door to the rest of your home’s exterior.

The trifold type has at least three sections. Each of the sections hinge together. You can opt to have more than three panels to customize the look, but each of these has to be in multiples of three.

The first type of overhead garage door that hit the market was the traditional stile and rail type. There are panel inserts and mortise and tenon joinery to create this type of garage door. You will notice different horizontal rails and vertical stiles to create the overall design of this option.

Non-Overhead Garage Doors

If you prefer a door that opens out or sideways, these types of garage doors are an option. They do not go overhead, so there can be some additional flexibility in the overall style.

The side rolling type opens to one side. This leaves most of the opening free from obstructions, but it takes up a bit more wall space compared to other styles. While they share a lot of similarities with bifold styles, you can automate them more easily.

Barn-style doors either use a slider style or a swing style. There are usually few to no windows and no horizontal rail, and the top section is solid. You can have some windows in this style if you want, but they have to be at the top section and usually have to be rather small.

The true bifold style folds off to either side of the opening after parting in the center. This type is a good choice if you are replacing a wall with a garage door or your existing door is particularly large. You can also customize this door type with decorative hardware and windows.

The gliding and sliding type of garage door works like a traditional barn door. The doors slide to the side on a track. Compared to the opening, the doors will be larger to ensure complete coverage of the opening. The track is twice the door width to ensure they can open fully.

The true swing type use heavy-duty hinges to swing open and then close. There will be one door on either side of the garage opening. You open them outward, so you have to ensure adequate space in the driveway to do this.

Consider the Style of Your Home

The style of your home plays a major role in the garage door style that will look and function the best. Learning more about the most common home styles and which garage doors are the best fit help to narrow down your options.

If you have a colonial home, you might consider wooden garage doors since they fit the classic style. Look at the doors that swing and have two tones for a sophisticated look.

Cape Cod homes tend to work best with composite or wood carriage-style options. Look at garage doors with raised rectangular panels that are symmetrical.

Barn-style doors can work well with a craftsman-style home. You should look for styles that can accommodate windows and recessed panels. You can also get away with garage doors made from glass if your home’s style is modern.

A contemporary home combines well with more minimalist garage door styles. Consider designs that have neutral colors, sleek lines and windows that are a bit off center and vertical. You might also think about glass doors or wooden doors that do not have trim boards.

The mid-century modern home looks good with a garage door that has sleek lines utilizing negative and positive space. Use only a few decorative elements and consider prairie-style windows with no trim on the door panels.

A farmhouse home can benefit from the rustic appearance of barn-style doors. Divided window grilles and buck overlays are also good style elements for this type of home.

A ranch home benefits from a garage door that is elegant and classic. Consider dark finishes and a door with a streamlined design to complement the home.

No trim and vertical panels work well with a Tudor-style home. You can also take advantage of composite and real wood with decorative hardware and small windows.

If your home has a Spanish style, you should look at recessed panels and dark woods. Consider designs that have clean lines and decorative iron elements.

A Victorian home looks good with a real wood door to play to the historical accuracy. You can also get creative with decorative hardware and windows.

Maintaining Your Garage Door

The general recommendation is to have a professional come and perform an inspection on your garage door about once a year. They will examine the door itself and any related components, such as a motor for a power door. If they notice a problem, they can make any repair or replacement recommendations so that you can keep your door operating smoothly.

Whether your garage door is brand new or not, you want to ensure regular maintenance to keep it looking great and working right. There are several tasks that a professional can tackle during a maintenance session. It is important to have a professional do this to ensure proper completion of the maintenance.

There are multiple things they will do to keep your garage door in good condition:

  • Tighten the hardware
  • Test the door balance
  • Clear the tracks
  • Replace the weatherstripping
  • Lubricate the moving components
  • Test the auto reverse
  • Clean around the door

Professionals usually suggest that you should only use your garage door when necessary. The more you open and close it, the more wear and tear you are putting on the different components.

In Indianapolis, it is important to keep your garage door in good working order. We can help you keep it looking good, as well as functioning properly. Our company focuses on garage doors, so you can rest assured that we keep our focus on this industry. We are family-owned, so we offer the family experience to all of our customers. Whether you need a quick repair or you are ready for a completely new design, we can help.

Contact Garage Door Doctor today to schedule your next inspection and maintenance service.

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