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3 Effects of Cold Weather on Garage Door Openers

3 Effects of Cold Weather on Garage Door Openers

Your garage door opener may struggle to open the door in cold weather, which could lead to breakage or higher energy costs. In some cases, garage doors may stick in cold weather, meaning the opener may not be able to open the door at all.

The question is, what steps can you take to maintain the integrity of your garage door and garage door opener in cold weather?

a garage door covered in snow

How Cold Weather Affects Garage Door Openers

Is it too cold for your garage door to work correctly? Many homeowners ask this question when winter weather hits and they notice a slowdown or malfunction of their garage door opener. Cold weather can have different effects on your garage door based on fluctuations in precipitation and temperature.

Your garage door system is a machine. Like any other machine, it has moving parts. Temperature changes are notorious for the impact they have on interconnected components. Cold weather, especially, can have a significant effect on your garage door opener.

Cold Weather and Garage Door Openers

Three effects of cold weather on garage door openers are:

1. Garage Door Openers May Lose Lubrication and Connectivity

Garage door openers can lose some of their lubrication in cold weather, which may cause them to work harder. When you properly lubricate your garage door opener, you minimize the strain on the motor. A professional technician can assist you in finding the best lubricant for your garage door parts.

The photo-eye sensors on your garage door can also become fogged over due to the cold. When this happens, the garage door may think there is an obstruction in the way even if there isn’t. This lack of communication between the sensors can cause malfunctions with your garage door opener. Luckily, all you have to do in this situation is wipe off the lenses.

2. Garage Doors Contract in Cold Weather

Garage doors — mostly those made of steel — contract in cold weather. Other metal garage door parts, such as rollers, hinges and springs, can warp if they’re not moved regularly in the cold.

At AAA Garage Door, we recommend scheduling annual maintenance before winter begins and lubricating your garage door’s moving metal parts to keep them working properly.

3. Garage Doors Can Freeze to the Ground

When water freezes during the winter months, some garage doors freeze to the ground, especially if puddles form at the bottom. Garage doors are designed to seal to the ground in an attempt to prevent weather and small animals from coming inside. In cold weather, though, this can cause the door to stick.

To help prevent this, push away any collected water from the bottom of your garage door as often as possible.

Schedule Your Garage Door Winter Maintenance 

AAA Garage Door has 25 years of experience performing everything from simple repairs, garage door parts replacements, inspections and regular maintenance to total replacements. We make it our top priority to give our customers comprehensive services and the highest-quality products on the market. We’ll also ensure your Omaha residential or commercial garage door performs well throughout the winter months.

If you find that your garage door is sticking in cold weather or it’s too cold for your garage door opener to work properly, trust AAA Garage Door to find the right solutions. Repairing or updating your garage door or garage door opener with a replacement is simple and straightforward with the help of our highly skilled technicians.

Fill out our online form to schedule garage door services or request a free estimate for your garage door opener today!

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Double Garage Door Conversion Options

Double Garage Door Conversion Options

Do you have a double garage door that you’d like to convert to two single garage doors? Or maybe you have two single garage doors you’d like to remodel into one double door. Either way, our professional service technicians at AAA Garage Door can remove or add a central garage pillar to make space for your new door.

a home with a double garage door and a single garage door

Single to Double Garage Door Conversion

Converting two single garage doors into one double-sized garage door can be an investment for many families and businesses, but it is well worth it. Many double-sized garages are fitted with two separate doors, independent of each other, so that just one can be opened at a time.

Two single doors are typical of more traditional builds, as they were introduced when cars were smaller and could squeeze between the gap. Today, modern cars tend to be larger, and many people are now looking to convert their two single garage doors into one double garage door.

When considering converting two single garage doors into a double, it is essential to know the advantages so that you can make the best decision based on your lifestyle and budget.

How to Convert Two Single Garage Doors to a Double Door

The process of converting two single garage doors into one double door consists of the following steps:

  1. Take measurements of the garage.
  2. Select a replacement double garage door.
  3. Perform garage pillar removal and discard the two single garage doors.
  4. Install a new double door.
  5. Add the final touches.

Benefits of Double Garage Doors

There are many benefits to having a double garage door, including:

  • Allows for wider vehicles to enter: The space created by converting two single garage doors into a larger double door is great for parking sizable vehicles. One larger double door can also be a way of providing the drivers at your home or business with peace of mind. Drivers will have more wiggle room when backing into or pulling up to the garage and easily avoid scratches and dents.
  • Provides additional walking space: Converting two single garage doors into one double door provides more walk-around room. Those exiting or entering the garage can more comfortably walk around stored items or vehicles.
  • Updates the appearance: One double garage door can make the entire front of your home appear larger and help tie together its overall appearance. Whether you’re looking to sell your home or not, a newly installed double garage door increases your home’s value.
  • Easier to maintain than two doors and two openers: Maintaining one double garage door is easier and more convenient than keeping up with two.
  • Provides improved accessibility: For wheelchair users or the elderly, having the extra space is crucial for getting into and out of the car with ease.
  • Streamlined operation: With one double garage door, you can operate the entire system with a single remote. This streamlines the exit and entry process and removes the clutter of multiple door remotes.

Double to Single Garage Door Conversion

If the thought of a double to single garage door conversion is intriguing to you, we recommend that your garage be at least 22 feet wide. This will give you ample space to get into and out of your vehicle comfortably. A double to single garage door conversion will grant you total control over how much of your garage’s interior is exposed to the outside.

How to Convert a Double Garage Door to Two Single Doors

Converting one double door to two single doors includes a sequence of steps similar to a single to double garage door conversion:

  1. Take measurements of your garage.
  2. Choose two replacement single garage doors.
  3. Add a garage pillar to divide both sections.
  4. Install two new single garage doors.
  5. Add the final touches.

Benefits of Single Garage Doors

The advantages of converting one double garage door to two include:

  • Reduce your heating bill and air conditioning costs: If you live in a cold climate, two single garage doors can lessen the amount of cold air that flows into the garage, reducing your heating bill. Two separate doors can also inhibit the humidity that enters your garage, significantly lowering your air conditioning costs.
  • Have a backup plan in the case of a malfunction: If you opt for two single doors, you’ll be able to get one of your cars out of the garage in the case of a breakdown, such as torsion spring failure.
  • Enhance the appearance of your home: While some homeowners prefer the streamlined appearance of one double garage door, others believe that two single garage doors better enhance the overall architectural design of their home.

Trust AAA Garage Door for Your Garage Door Conversion Needs

If you own a home or business in the Omaha area or its surrounding communities and you need to convert your double or single garage door, reach out to the trained technicians from AAA Garage Door.

As a locally-owned company with over 25 years of experience, we care about improving people’s businesses and homes. We’ve repaired all types of commercial and residential garage doors throughout the years and will help you find a garage door you love within your budget. Our team of highly skilled technicians makes high-quality products and superior service our priorities.

Get in touch with our garage door experts to find out more about how we can help with your double garage door conversion project.

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Do This, Not That-Organization Tips for the Garage


You may be storing items in your garage that are not only taking up space, but should not be stored there in the first place. Let’s help you identify these items and find a better home for them.

No one likes to run out of propane when you are grilling for a picnic, but that spare tank should not be tucked away in your garage. Hot temperatures may cause the tank to expand and start leaking gas. One small spark could lead to a fire. Tanks should be kept in a well-ventilated area outside.

Those blankets & beach towels you are storing for summer vacations are prime real estate for critters to burrow and sleep in over the winter. Bring these items back inside and store them in space saver bags you can vacuum the air out of. The flattened bags can slip under beds, as not to take up extra space in linen closets.

Cherished family photos and other memorabilia deserve a special spot inside the home. If left in the garage, they can become a feast for bugs to nibble on. Placed in air-tight containers, these memories will be enjoyed for years to come.

That older gaming console or other electronics you may be saving should also stay away from your garage. The higher humidity can wreak havoc on the inner workings and wires are a magnet for mice to chew on. Assess these items and ask yourself if they are worth hanging on to considering how quickly electronics are updated.

Having extra canned food for emergencies is a smart idea, but don’t be tempted to stockpile them on shelves in the garage. Canned foods that are exposed to temps over 80 degrees can spoil. Rust can also form on the cans quickly if your garage is prone to high humidity.

Hanging your bicycles up after summer is over is a creative way to free up floor space, but did you know that the rubber tires should be stored inside? The cold temperatures in winter may lead to the rubber cracking. A few hooks in the back of a closet can secure the tires till springtime rolls around again.

Consider storing these items in your garage to free up some space in the home.

Coolers and water jugs don’t have to clutter up a closet, line them on a shelf in the garage for easy access. Same with serving dishes or plates you may use a few times a year for entertaining purposes. You can use the freed-up space for that new pressure cooker you’ve been eyeing up.

Christmas decorations or any other holiday décor, will be safe nestled in a few plastic totes. Lights, glass and ceramic items will all do well, while more fragile items or anything paper should still be kept inside.

Your luggage can find a new home in your garage too. Nestle as many pieces inside each other and store on a higher shelf.

A place for everything, and everything in its place.” ~~Benjamin Franklin


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Safety Features For Your Garage Door

When you invest in a new garage door or replacement parts or features for your current garage door, you want to look into safety features to keep you and your family safe. Though you may not think they are necessary for all garage doors, it is better to invest in safety features than risk the wellbeing of your loved ones. Many garage doors now come with built-in safety features, but you can add additional features with the help of a certified garage door technician. Here, our professional team at Bluff Country Garage Doors will discuss different safety features and how they can benefit you.

Backup/Spare Battery | When it comes to the functionality of your garage door, it is critical that you have a backup plan in the case of a power outage or something that happens to the wiring that causes the door to malfunction. With how garage doors are now designed, you can still use the automated aspect of your garage door as long as you have a backup battery in place. With the backup or spare battery, power will continuously flow through your garage door opener, which allows you to get in and out of the garage if you need to. If your spare battery has sustained damage or given out due to old age, we can replace it with a new battery for you.

Manual Controls | Like backup and spare batteries, having manual controls is a crucial safety feature that will prove itself useful in the case of an emergency. It is important to have a backup feature if the power at your home or business goes out, the building is damaged by a storm that ruins the automatic features of your garage door. These manual backup features can override the automated system to allow you to get in and out of the garage door if you need to. To learn more about this safety feature, contact our technicians today.

Auto-Reverse Mechanism | Another important safety feature that garage doors are equipped with basic auto-reverse mechanisms. With these tools, there is a basic motion sensor attached to the track of your door that will reverse the door’s motion to prevent damage to any object or person in its way. The auto-reverse mechanism is designed to detect larger objects, not necessarily smaller objects.

Enhanced Motion Detectors | These motion detectors are also called child motion detectors for their ability to detect movements of smaller objects closer to the ground. If you want these motion detectors, we will install them on each side of your track to detect any movements close to the ground, such as children or pets. To learn more about these enhanced motion detectors for the safety of your loved ones and possessions, contact us today.

Contact Bluff Country Garage Doors Today

If you are in the Tri-State area of Southeastern Minnesota, Northeastern Iowa, or Western Wisconsin and looking for garage door repair and installation, contact Bluff Country Garage Door today. Our licensed technicians can repair or install virtually any part or full door. To learn more or request a free estimate, give us a call at 612-226-4721 or message us on our contact page today.

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How Can I Use My Garage?

Most people assume that a garage can only be used for a few purposes, like storing cars, providing extra space for basement overflow, creating a man cave, or using it as a band stage for your children. However, as one of the leading overhead garage door repair services in Jordan, the Affordable Garage Door Repair team has seen creative ways of using the space that can be applied to anyone’s garage.

Here are some ways you can use your garage:

To Entertain Your Kids

While this covers the prospect of allowing your children to form a band, there are other ways your garage can be used to entertain your children.

For younger children, your garage offers a great place to allow them to use chalk to draw and play games. If your kids want to be artistic, they can even expand their creativity to include paints and graffiti your garage as a way of expressing the individuality of the home.

Alternatively, you can use it as a space where you can play games with your children without worrying about the impact on your house. Holding a haunted house around Halloween is a good option for this. It allows you to utilize the space fully, deck it out in spiders, cotton cobwebs, and use a fog machine without worrying about the clean up after.

To Entertain Company

In addition to entertaining your kids, you can use the garage as a great space to entertain company. By installing a mini-split heating and cooling system, you can use the garage as a great place to host parties where your house might not have space. Plus, if you open up the garage door, you can transform an indoor party into an indoor-outdoor event.

To Work

With a little bit of insulation, soundproofing, and a mini-split system, it’s possible to make your garage a home office space where you can work remotely or make strides to the next Great American Novel. With more and more people working remotely – both pre-COVID and during the pandemic – it’s essential to have space where you can work on tasks where you won’t be interrupted by family members running around the house.

Having a garage can sometimes be a headache, but with a little effort, it can be a great way to add to your home in meaningful ways. For more ways to use your garage or hire an overhead garage door repair service in Salt Lake County, call Affordable Garage Door Repair today!



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Why is My Garage Door So Noisy?

You’ve probably gotten accustomed to the noise your garage door makes as it rattles open and closed to let you park or set up a garage sale. However, there are some noises that you should pay attention to because they can be the early warning signs that you’ll need to find an overhead garage door repair service for your Jordan-area home.

Here’s a quick primer on what the noises your garage door makes might mean:

The Kinds of Noises that Can Occur

Whenever you have a mechanical system lifting a heavy weight – like a garage door – there’s bound to be noise. However, it’s a mistake for homeowners to assume that their garage is noisy for this reason alone. Some signs that your door might need a bit of maintenance are noises like:

  • Grating
  • Scraping
  • Rattling
  • Squeaking
  • Banging

While this list isn’t exhaustive, they can be seen as illustrative of how to think about your garage door’s noise: pay attention for the slightest deviation from the norm, and then start to look for potential issues.

Which are the most serious?

In some cases, you’ll have to do very little to rectify the problem. Your garage door could be in perfect working order, which means that you should probably invest in a bit more insulation around your garage to help dampen the noise before it gets into your home. Alternatively, you might just need to find where some bolts or panels have come loose and tighten them to stop the mechanism from rattling as much.

However, there are some signs that you need to pay special attention to when it comes to maintaining your home’s garage door. If it sounds like your garage door opener is straining to lift the door, for example, then you might need a brand-new door opener. Putting off a repair like this can lead to further damage to your garage door and potentially injure your family.

When should I call a professional?

Fixing loose bolts or oiling the tracks are pretty easy to do on your own. However, there are some issues that you should not attempt to fix without the help of a professional because it can require specialized tools and training to repair safely. An example of this would be when your garage door is rumbling, you probably have a problem with some of the springs and pulley system in your garage door’s system. Attempting to fix these issues can result in serious injury because you’re trying to manage a lot of force without the tools and training necessary to do so effectively.

If you’d like to schedule a garage door inspection, or are looking for an overhead garage door repair professional in Salt Lake County, call Affordable Garage Door repair today!


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