Get Your Garage Prepped for the Winter Months

Get Your Garage Prepped for the Winter Months

Did the recent snowfall catch you off guard?   Don’t worry, there is still time to get your garage prepped and ready before old man winter really comes to town.  After you shovel out from this storm, keep up the momentum and make the simple changes listed here so you are ready for the next one.

Prep and Organize

Once you have cleared your cars and any other large items out, give your garage a good sweeping.   You’d be shocked at the amount of debris you track in over the summer months.  Check the exterior for any holes or areas that critters could come in and find a warm home over the winter.   Plug them up so you don’t find any chewed cords or items come Spring.  Examine windows or doors for air leakage and consider applying some weather stripping to keep those seals tight.  This is important if you have a door that connects from the garage to your home to keep those pesky drafts out.

This is a great time to examine the track, springs and mechanics of your garage door opener.  Make sure nothing is in the way of the beam that stops the door in case of an emergency.  We don’t suggest you attempt to fix the springs yourself.   The tension on this item is high and accidents can occur in seconds.  Seek out a professional if you think an area needs adjusting.

 Now you can organize the items you need to store.  If something can be hung to utilize wall space, go in that direction.  Sports gear, gardening items and hoses can all hang securely, freeing up floor space.  Swap out your summer gear and have your winter items at the ready.   Put your shovels, ice scrapers, sleds and any snow sports equipment where you can access it easily without having to climb over a patio chair.  Be sure to check over your snow-blower, start the engine and make sure you have the proper gas to last all winter.

Beat the rush and stock up on salt or washer fluid (which is safe for garage storage) for the winter.

If you have the room, set up a snow station that has hooks for snow covered coats and hats, a tray for wet boots and a non-slip mat to ensure you don’t fall into a slushy mess.

A Word on Liquids 

If your summer to-do list had you painting or staining, any of those leftovers should be kept in a more stable climate.  Same for any weed killers or other liquid lawn products.  The cold weather and possible freezing of these items can cause them to separate or become ineffective.  Find a safe area in your basement or a little-used closet to store these items.

All done! 

Now that your garage is all prepped you can relax inside with a hot chocolate and cross your fingers for a mild winter!

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