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Which Garage Door Motor is Best for Your Home?

Those who have experienced the pain of a broken operator know that it is imperative to get a garage door fixed right away. There are tons of different systems and brand names to choose from, depending on your preferences. Those looking at newer systems will have better energy efficiency, quieter operation, and more tech connectivity available. Older models might not have all the advanced technology, but are most likely cheaper and perfectly capable of handling their designed function. 

While there is a lot of thought that goes into replacing a garage door operator, one thing you should think about is what motor will run the system. There are two types of motors available: AC and DC. Read below to find out which motor you would prefer for your operator and call Affordable Garage Door Repair, the leading garage door installation company serving Midvale, when you’re ready to upgrade your system. 


The most currently used garage door motor is AC, which stands for alternating current. If you own a heavy and loud operator, you most likely have an AC motor installed. The alternating current in these motors can change direction and travel further distances. Although these types of motors operate on stronger currents, the currents cannot be stored, meaning there is no backup power if the electricity goes out. AC motors generally cannot accept newer technology due to their large size. If you’re looking into buying an AC motor, you don’t have to worry about much maintenance but keep in mind that repairs can be costly.


While not really the industry standard yet, DC motors are up and coming. DC stands for direct current, meaning the power can only flow one way. Their voltage is constant and cannot travel far distances without losing some power. However, DC motors have the advantage of being smaller, lighter, and quieter. A big advantage of having a DC motor is that it allows for soft opening and closing of garage doors. They are much more energy-efficient and contain technology capable of connecting to smartphones and tablets. 

What Else Should You Keep in Mind?

Now that you know a little bit about garage door motors, take a look at other features you should keep in mind when shopping for a new operating system. If you need any more information or you’re ready to get your new door installed, call Affordable Garage Door Repair for the best garage door installation services in Holladay and surrounding areas. 

The material for your new garage door can be wood, steel, aluminum, fiberglass, or vinyl. Which one do you choose? Depends on your location and preferences. Like Affordable Garage Door Repair, most garage door installation companies recommend insulation because it provides an extra layer of protection. If you are getting your garage door replaced or installed, make sure you take a look at the spring that allows the door to open and close. It should be high-quality, durable material that will last for years. Finally, think about extra safety features that you could have installed. When you’re ready to install your new garage door, contact Affordable Garage Door Repair, the leading garage door installation service in Holladay and Midvale. 

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Preparing For Garage Door Installation Service

Maybe you’ve noticed the signs that indicate you need a garage door replacement or maybe you just want to enhance the look and curb appeal of your home with a new, modern garage door — whatever your reasoning for garage door installation your new door will ready for installation before you know it!

Garage door installation requires a lot of planning. Our technicians need a safe working environment to ensure proper installation and to avoid any setbacks. If we can’t access the garage, objects are in the way, or we have no electrical access, the installation may be delayed. 

Preparing For Your Upcoming Garage Door Installation

What can you do to help ensure a smooth professional installation? There are a few simple steps you can take that will make the garage door installation process easier for you and our crew of garage door technicians. 

1. Clear Your Garage

The first thing you will want to do to prepare for garage door installation is to clear your garage. In order to properly install a new garage door system, there cannot be any vehicles or obstructions in your garage. It is helpful if you move vehicles out of the garage and to a spot far enough away that still allows us to park our work vehicle near the garage door opening and work around that area without risking any damage to your vehicle.
Additionally, you’ll want to clear any other equipment or objects in your garage that may get in the way. Lawnmowers, sporting equipment, garbage bins, and other items that are near the garage door or the garage door tracks should be moved outside of or to the rear of the garage. As a safety measure, have at least one foot on each side of the garage door track and fourteen feet back into the garage clear. This will ensure there is plenty of room for our technicians to set up a ladder, remove your existing door and opener, and set up and assemble the new door and opener system.

2. Make Sure We Have Access

In order to replace your existing garage door system with a new one, our team will need access to your garage. Therefore, it is important to be present, at least for the beginning of the installation process. Once we have access to your garage, you are free to go about your normal routine, just make sure that you remain reachable in case any questions arise. 

3. Keep Your Pets Inside

If you have pets, make sure they have a safe place to stay while the installation is going on. While our garage door contractors enjoy seeing your friendly furry companions, far too often customers let their pets roam free during the installation process. This is dangerous for both your pet and the installation team. It is easy to trip over a pet or drop large objects. Your pet may even find something interesting to chew on that may in fact be dangerous. To avoid these risks, simply make sure you keep your pets inside or in a safe area away from the garage door. 

4. Watch Your Kids

Children are often curious about what goes on during a garage door installation, but they need to remain a safe distance away from the garage area. It is not safe for children to be playing or hanging around the garage area during the installation process. Removal of your existing door and the installation of your new garage door includes items under spring tension, heavy items, overhead items, and power tools. This being the case, the only people that should be in the garage or the area of the installation are the trained and experienced garage door contractors. 

5. Choose A Spot For Your Wall Console

Typically, wall consoles or keyless entry pads are placed next to the personnel door that enters the garage, on the garage side of the wall. Exterior keyless entry pads are normally installed on the left side exterior jamb of the garage door that is closest to the personnel door into the garage. If you would like a special location for the wall console or keyless entry pad for your garage door system, be sure the garage door contractors are aware of your preferred location

By doing your part to prepare for garage door installation service will make the process go that much more smoothly and efficiently. The garage door contractors on the job will truly appreciate that you took a few moments to follow these simple suggestions. 

Request An Estimate For Garage Door Installation

If you are in need of a garage door installation service, you can count on the team at Garage Door Doctor. Our trained and experienced technicians will work promptly and efficiently to replace your existing door and opener system will a new one that will last for years to come. If you would like to receive an estimate, contact us!

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Your Modern Garage Door: The Latest Trends

If you’re looking to upgrade your home’s design, a new garage door is a smart place to start. Not only will a new garage door enhance the curb appeal of your property, but it can also give a new look and feel to your exterior design. Door technology and design have come a long way in more recent years, offering advancements in energy efficiency, safety, and ease of use. If you’re searching for a new garage door but don’t want to settle for a standard design, here are the latest trends to consider in 2019.

Eco-Friendly Garage Doors

If you’re like many environmentally conscious Americans, you know that including energy-efficient additions in your home is a smart choice. Not only do you get a little tax break for your eco-friendly efforts, but you also save on yearly energy costs. Sounds like a win-win, right? But did you know that one of the best places to implement energy-efficient design is your garage? It’s true, both your home value and your wallet can stand to benefit from a newer, eco-friendly door. So what makes a garage door eco-friendly? Here a few characteristics:

●        Quality materials. Eco-friendly garage doors are constructed from high-quality materials, making them more durable, prolonging their life, and lowering your repair and maintenance costs.

●        Better insulation. Modern, energy-efficient garage doors offer better insulation and weatherproofing, lowering your heating and cooling costs.

●        Recycled materials. Increasingly, eco-friendly garage doors make use of recycled materials such as steel and wood, making them a more environmentally-conscious choice.

As the ever-growing global impact on our environment increases, an eco-friendly garage door is a smart choice for the environmentally-conscious consumer.

Improved Technology

Nowadays, we like our smart tech, and garage door manufacturers are jumping on the tech bandwagon, too. Today’s garage door openers are worlds away from the tried-and-true, hefty handles that were a staple in the garage door industry for decades. Increasingly, modern garage doors come equipped with smart technology that integrates with your home’s wifi, your cell phone, and even Amazon’s Alexa! With smart technology, you can open and close your garage door remotely, receive notifications when other people use the door, and even get an alert if you forgot to shut the door on your way to work.

Improved Materials

While the tried-and-true steel, aluminum, and wood doors are still popular choices, newer materials are making their way onto the market. Materials like fiberglass and vinyl are both easier to maintain, and more lightweight than their traditional counterparts. Not to mention, newer materials are more affordable, making them a solid choice for the budget-conscious consumer. Many modern garage doors now implement more effective insulation materials as well, helping you shell out fewer dollars for heating and cooling costs.

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How to Solve Common Garage Door Issues

Just like thousands of homeowners across the country, your garage door is probably used almost as much – if not more – than the front door, making it all the more frustrating when the garage door opener or door mechanisms malfunction. Inconvenience aside, if something happens to your garage door, it could turn the items you have stored in the garage into prime targets for theft, and it could leave your home vulnerable to break-ins as well as drafts and leaks. But, most of the time, garage door opener problems can be solved as long as you know what to look for!

Below, we at Affordable Garage Door Repair have a few of the top garage door and opener issues you may run into after installation and some ways to troubleshoot them. Of course, sometimes you may experience a major problem that requires professional assistance, and as a leading overhead garage door repair service in and around Salt Lake City, UT, our technicians have the skills and equipment to fix the problem efficiently and at minimal cost to you!

A few other issues you may have to deal with include: broken wall switches, unresponsive keypads, continuously-running door motors, and doors reversing after hitting the ground. Fixing these problems can be relatively easy with many of the same suggestions we listed above; however, not all problems can be easily remedied by DIY solutions and require the attention of an expert.

If you have tried our suggestions, but you are still having trouble with your garage door or your garage door opener, it might be time to bring in the professionals to inspect your door and solve the issue. At Affordable Garage Door Repair, we proudly offer a wide range of services including automatic garage door installation services in and around Murray, UT. For more information about our garage door repairs, replacements, and installations, or to schedule an appointment with an Affordable Garage Door Repair specialist, call us or fill out a service request form here today!

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Prepping Your Garage for the Winter Months

Summer has officially moved on. Schools in session, Halloween decor is everywhere and a few trees are starting to show their fall colors. Although we hate to say goodbye to the warm weather, many of us look forward to cooler temps, football games and cozy sweaters. What we don’t look forward to is putting away all that summer gear that has crept up all over the yard and house…..and the eventual sleet and snow that will make its way to our area. If you follow these tips to get your garage space ready for winter, you’ll be back to sipping that pumpkin spice latte in no time!

Start with a Clean Slate

Start by giving your garage floor a good sweeping. Look for any oil or gas spills that may have happened. If you find one, treat them right away by covering the area with cat litter, cornstarch or baking powder. Let this sit on the stain for a few hours and then collect it with a brush and pan. Scrub the area with a small amount of dish soap and water, then rinse and let dry.

Use a damp cloth to wipe down around window and door frames. Now is a perfect time to examine any weather stripping and replace it. Examine caulked areas too. If you notice cracking, scrap away the affected area and apply a new strip of caulk. Clean seals will ensure a tight closure so moisture and cold air don’t creep in over winter.

Replace any light bulbs that may have burned out over the summer so your area is well lit when we turn those clocks back.

Store Items the Right Way

As you gather your summer gear together for storage, check items for breakage and general wear and tear. Clear up space by donating items you no longer use or throw them it away. As you put items away, make sure they are secure, especially if they are hanging or being stored on a shelf. Make sure they do not interfere with the opening and closing of your garage door. Use a peg board or employ various holders to hang smaller items.

Don’t bury your shovels and winter items under your patio furniture! You may not be thinking of snow just yet, but you’ll be thankful the shovel is not buried under a mountain of pool noodles come that first dusting. Put all your snow gear, shovels and ice melting products in an accessible area. Make a note if you need to buy any products or finally replace that shovel with the broken handle.

Make sure your cars are equipped with ice scrapers and brushes for snow removal. Store an extra pair of gloves with these items too.

Garage Door Check-Up

Examine all areas of your garage door opener and track. Make sure the tracks are clear of objects and debris. Open and close the door and look for any hesitation or unevenness when it is in motion. If the springs or any other part of the track seem to be faltering, call a professional to look things over and make any repairs. Many homeowners suffer unnecessary injuries because they try and tackle these repairs on their own.

We hope that you are ready for cooler temps and the beauty that fall brings. Please call us with any garage door concerns or repairs.

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Tips To Fix A Loud Garage Door

An automatic garage door is a complex piece of machinery that involves a lot of working components, so when you are dealing with a loud or noisy garage door opener you may not know where to turn. All garage door systems make noise when opening and closing, but it should not be loud enough to wake the neighbors. 

Tips To Fix A Loud Garage Door System

If you are dealing with a loud garage door, you are in luck. In this blog, we are going to share some tips to help you find a solution.

Lubricate Metal Parts

If you live in the Midwest, it is important for homeowners to prepare their garage door system for different seasons. Metal parts of garage doors, such as rollers, hinges, springs, and tracks need to be lubricated in order to function properly and reduce the noise of a loud garage door. A good rule of thumb is to lubricate these parts every six months — before winter and summer. When these parts are regularly lubricated, you will not only increase the functionality of your door, but you will aid in noise reduction and extend the life of your garage door system. 

Tighten Up Nuts and Bolts

As the seasons’ change and the temperatures fluctuate, parts of your garage door will expand or contract which can loosen nuts and bolts. Your garage door system has a variety of different nuts, screws, fasteners, and bolts. Even using your garage door every day can cause these pieces to loosen, which leads to more noise when opening and closing your door. If you have a loud garage door, check all the hardware, tightening any loose nuts, bolts, or screws that you come across.  A loose screw can be an easy fix to your load and distributive garage door.

Check Garage Door Rollers

If loose pieces or unlubricated parts are not the culprit of the noise, turn to the garage door rollers. Standard garage doors typically have five to six rollers on each side of the tracks. When rollers are worn and damaged they will not function properly. Of course, these are supposed to roll and not slide when opening and closing. When they slide, they will make a terribly disruptive sound. If it is because the rollers are damaged, they will require repair or replacement. 

Inspect the Garage Door Tracks

Speaking of garage door tracks, they could be another reason why your garage door is making so much noise. If debris or other objects are in the track, they can lead to a disruptive noise when the rollers move along the track. To avoid this, be sure to inspect the track and clear any visible debris and objects that could get caught on the rollers. 

Make Sure Your Opener Is Working Right

If you have lubricated the moving parts and inspected the other areas mentioned above and your garage door is still loud, the issue could be your garage door opener. Garage door openers generally last 10-15 years depending on how well they are maintained. When the motors in these openers become noisy, it may be time to replace your garage door opener. To determine if you need a garage door opener replacement to fix a loud garage door, contact the experienced technicians at Garage Door Doctor.

How Our Garage Door Contractors Can Help

When you have exhausted all of the possible solutions and remedies for your noisy or loud garage door, it’s time to call Garage Door Doctor to diagnose the issue. Garage door repair experts can service or replace the following:

  • Garage door rollers
  • Garage door hinges
  • Torsion springs
  • Garage door opener motors
  • Garage door panels
  • Damaged or bent garage door tracks
  • And so much more!

At Garage Door Doctor, we are proud to provide professional garage door services in Indianapolis and throughout the surrounding area. Our experts always recommend professional installation and repair of your existing garage door to ensure your safety and the integrity of your door. If you have a loud garage door and can’t figure out the cause, our garage door technicians can come out and take a look. To request residential garage door service and eliminate your loud garage door, contact Garage Door Doctor! 

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4 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Garage Door

If you think it might be time to replace your garage door, chances are, you’re right. If you’ve noticed strange noises, sluggishness, or visible signs of wear-and-tear, your garage door is probably on its way out. To protect your home and family, it’s important to keep your garage door up-to-date and in proper working condition. Below, the experts at Bluff County Garage Doors detail four of the most common signs that your garage door is far past its prime.

Sluggish Door Speed

While no garage door operates at light-speed, your garage door should always be responsive as soon as you hit the button. The typical garage door takes about 15 seconds to open and close fully. If you’ve noticed your garage door lagging, it could mean the springs and pulleys have worn and are in need of replacement. However, if your garage door is dated, it may be a better idea to overhaul the whole thing. Replacing or repairing springs and pulleys can be a temporary fix, but eventually, you’ll still need a new door.

Visible Wear-and-Tear or Damage

If you notice visible signs of wear-and-tear or glaring dents in your garage door, it’s time for a replacement. Wooden doors are susceptible to cracking and rotting, especially in more humid environments. As rot sets in, the door begins to deteriorate, which can result in sagging or breakage. Wear-and-tear, such as broken sealing, also leaves your home susceptible to burglars, as this type of damage makes it easy to jimmy open your garage door.

Unusual Noises

Grinding, squealing, and rattling all indicate a serious issue with your garage door. Perhaps the problem can be corrected with professional garage door repair, but if the noise is uncharacteristically loud, your door’s motor may be nearing its end. The professionals at Bluff County Garage Doors can diagnose a noisy garage door and recommend the appropriate course of action.

Door Doesn’t Open and Close Fully

A garage door is heavy enough to cause serious injury and even death if it falls unexpectedly. Incomplete opening and closing may be the result of faulty sensors, improper track alignment, or broken seals. If your garage door is relatively new, a simple garage door repair may be able to fix the problem. However, if your door is dated or has visible damage and wear, replacing it is your safest option.

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How To Properly Clean Your Garage Door

Your garage door needs to be cleaned periodically, as it’s constantly exposed to the elements. A clean garage door can go a long way toward increasing the curb appeal of your home — after all, your garage door makes up a significant part of the visible exterior of your home.

garden hose

If that’s not enough to convince you, keep in mind that many newer garage doors come with a warranty, and some warranties can be voided by failure to keep your garage door clean. A buildup of dirt or oil on the tracks can lead to mechanical breakdowns that may not be covered. You can save yourself money — and a few headaches — by making sure your garage door is in good shape.

But how often should you clean your garage door? What kind of tools should you use? We’ve put together this guide to help you get started on washing your garage door.

When to Clean Your Garage Door

In general, homeowners should clean their garage doors at least twice a year — in spring and again in autumn. But if you live in an area where your home is exposed to more extreme elements — such as a coastal region — you might notice that your garage door needs to be cleaned more often. If you notice a buildup of pollen, oil or any visible dust or dirt on your door, you should take the time to clean it as soon as you get a chance.

What Tools to Have on Hand

The tools you’ll need include:

  • A bucket filled with water
  • A hose
  • A soft rag
  • Gentle soap

Here’s an additional tip: Wear rubber gloves and clothes you don’t mind getting dirty!

The Best Way to Clean Garage Doors

Here’s a step-by-step guide to cleaning your garage door:

  1. Mix a gentle soap or cleaning solution with water.
  2. Wet the surface of the door with a garden hose.
  3. Working in sections, start scrubbing with a soft rag or bristle brush and your cleaning solution mixture.
  4. Use the hose to rinse the section you’ve just washed.
  5. Move to the next section and repeat until you’re finished!

If you find any stubborn oil stains, you can remove them with a mixture of bleach diluted with water. Be sure to wear gloves, and rinse the area thoroughly before using bleach — mixing bleach with household cleaners is dangerous.

How to Clean Garage Door Windows

If your garage door has windows, you can clean them the same way you clean any other window in your home. A gentle cleaner is always best. Make sure to be extra careful around any seals or weather stripping.

What Not to Do When Washing Garage Doors

Here are a few things you should avoid when cleaning your garage door to avoid damaging it:

  1. Don’t use a pressure washer.
  2. Never mix the cleaner with bleach.
  3. Avoid using abrasive sponges or scouring products that can damage the finish of your door.

Time for a Repair? Call Custom Overhead Doors

Cleaning your garage door regularly is one of the things you can do to keep it in working order. Taking the time to clean also gives you a chance to do a quick inspection of any issues. For more significant repairs and services, don’t hesitate to contact Custom Overhead Doors.

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Break-In Prevention – 4 Tips To Ensure Your Garage Door Is Secure

Keeping your home safe and secure is a primary concern for every homeowner. You want to be sure that you, your family, and your belongings are kept away from prying eyes and prevent the chance of a break-in. It’s important to remember that most break-ins are opportunist, so simply locking up your home and keeping valuables out of sight can be a great deterrent. However, seasoned, professional burglars will look for easy ways to get into your home through any of the main entry points.

While many homeowners focus on home security for their windows and doors, it’s essential that you don’t overlook your Omaha garage door. Below, our residential garage repair experts at AAA Garage Doors take a closer look at four simple tips to help homeowners to keep their garage door secured.

Upgrade your Garage Door Opener

If your garage door opener has been in use for many years, it might finally be time to update it. Modern garage door openers have smart systems in place that will alert you if your Omaha garage door has been left open. The most up-to-date systems can even come with an alarm and security lights included helping to keep your property even more secure. Another helpful element with the newest technology is that you can often close your door remotely if it left open. This allows the peace of mind that you are back in control of your home security, even when you’re not home!

Pay Attention To Your Door Release Trigger

The vast majority of garage doors have a special release trigger that will allow you to get in or out of your garage when there is a power cut. Typically, the trigger is near the top of the door, allowing burglars an opportunity to access the switch and gain access to your home through your garage door. It’s worth considering an installation of a shield in front of the door release or, alternatively, you can disable the safety release. The method for doing this will be different from model-to-model, but usually, it is as simple as cutting the chord that is attached to the emergency release. If you are unsure as to how to disable the security release, simply get in touch with our team at AAA Garage Doors and let us help you out.

Add Manual Locks

If you really want to keep your garage door secure, a great option is to install heavy-duty manual locks on the inside of your Omaha garage door. However, while this is a highly-effective approach in some situations, there are some pros and cons worth considering. First of all, you will need to be at home in order to secure the locks from the inside. Secondly, how effective these locks will be, is solely dependent on how much you are willing to use them, which brings us to our final point.

Create Good Security Habits

Homeowners who become complacent in regards to their security habits put their house at a higher risk of burglary. Locking your garage door sometimes, switching on your security lights from time-to-time or closing the door most of the time, will not help to keep your home secure. Here at AAA Garage Doors, we recommend developing and practicing good security habits. Effective communication with all family members and residents will ensure that everyone is on the same page with what is required in terms of security when leaving the house. Be proactive and always follow the same security procedure when you are closing up your garage, and you will be at a much lower risk for break-ins.

Keep Your Garage Door Secure And Your Family Protected

To keep your home secure and protected, you must take the time to secure your garage door. As a major entry point to your home, this vulnerable area requires necessary steps to ensure there is no unauthorized access. Get in touch with our garage repair experts at AAA Garage Doors to find out more about how you can bolster the security of your garage door. With our help, you can rest easy knowing that your home is safe and secure.

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Maintenance Matters – 5 Tips To Keep Your Garage Door Operating Smoothly

As a homeowner, you rely on your garage door to access your home multiple times a day and you want to be sure that you can depend on it to perform, as it should. As the largest moving part in most homes, it’s essential that you take the time to look after your Omaha garage door properly and carry out regular maintenance to ensure that it stands the test of time. If you take care of your garage door, you will be able to depend on it to work as intended for many years to come.

With a few simple tips and tricks, you can ensure that your garage door continues to operate smoothly. Let’s take a closer look at five straightforward Omaha garage door maintenance tips that you can implement with ease to care for your garage door.

Lubricate Moving Parts

It might only take you about ten minutes per year but taking the time to grease up your garage door’s moving parts will help it last for a long time to come. Just a small amount of lubrication can make a big difference when it comes to preventing noise and keeping your garage door opening and closing properly. Use a spray lubricant to coat the opener’s chain or drive screw. You can also add some lubricant to the overhead springs, hinges, rollers, and tracks.

Test The Balance Of Your Omaha Garage Door

If a garage door is not correctly balanced, the overhead door will have to work extra hard and therefore will not last as long. In order to extend the life of your opener and keep your door operating smoothly, you need to test the balance of your garage door. Simply disconnect the opener by pulling the release handle. Next, partly open the door manually. If the door is correctly balanced, it will maintain this position without any assistance from you. However, if it moves up or down on one side or the other you will need to adjust the springs. As this can be a delicate matter, it is best to call our team of professionals at AAA Garage Door Inc. to ensure you get the balance just right.

Tighten The Hardware

Since a garage door opens and closes several times in a day, it’s not unusual for the hardware to become loose over time. In fact, the average overhead door opens and closes over a thousand times a year and all of this movement can naturally cause different elements to loosen. Be sure to check the hardware from time to time and tighten any parts that appear to have become loose or contact us at AAA Garage Door Inc. and let our garage door specialists check over your hardware for you.

Check The Auto-Reverse Feature

Testing the auto-reverse feature once or twice per year is a good practice to get into. Designed as a safety feature, the door should automatically reverse when it comes into contact with something as it is closing. To test it, you can put a large item in the path of the door, between the door and the ground. If your Omaha garage door starts reversing automatically when it comes into contact with the object, it is working correctly.

More modern door openers often have a photoelectric system, which is used to detect people or pets walking under the door. As the door is closing, simply wave your foot underneath it and the door should auto-reverse. If your door fails to auto-reverse in either test, you will need to have your garage door opener repaired. You can also avail of our comprehensive Garage Door Safety Tune-Up Service at AAA Garage Door Inc. so that you can rest easy knowing that your garage will not be the cause of damage or injury.

Visual Garage Door Inspection

Inspecting your garage for water damage, chips and peeling paint from time to time is important to prevent any low-level damage from getting worse. Depending on what material your garage door is constructed from, you may need to carry out additional maintenance. For example, if your door is made of steel, rust spots may develop which will need to be sanded, primed and painted. A timber overhead garage door, on the other hand, may need to be treated to keep the wood from becoming damaged from exposure to the elements. At AAA Garage Door Inc., we offer a weather seal and preventative maintenance service that are specifically designed to help keep your garage door from encountering unnecessary problems.

Get Help From The Pros With Your Garage Door Maintenance

Ensuring that your garage door is properly maintained is vital in making sure that it stands the test of time and that it will operate smoothly. If you need assistance with your garage door maintenance, get in touch with our team of garage door experts at AAA Garage Door Inc., today. With our extensive experience with garage doors, you can be sure that your garage door will be in good hands.

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