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Expand Your Omaha Living Space With A Garage Conversion Or Renovation

Many Omaha residents face the dilemma of just not having enough room for their growing families. The homes that once felt open and roomy can quickly close in when children are born, when college kids return home or when older relatives move in. Rather than pack up and move every time your space needs change, one option is to consider a garage conversion.

Whether you need a man cave, a “she space,” a home gym, at-home office or have some other need for additional space; this article discusses the many ways an existing garage can be converted into a comfortable living area.

The Garage Is Just An Extension Of Your Home

If you think about it, the garage isn’t an extension of the great outdoors. At AAA Garage Doors, we always say the garage is an extension of the inside of your home. When it’s time to take advantage of the extra space the garage area affords, there are several ways homeowners can repurpose that space into an optimized useable square footage.

Many newer Omaha homes already have a head start on this type of renovation, with installed drywall, windows, secure doors, and even heating/cooling. If this isn’t the case in your residential situation, those items are often a good place to start.

Intended Use Dictates Garage Expansion Renovation Planning

The first area our local garage technicians recommend looking into, before starting any garage expansion project, is to identify what the existing space is intended to be used for. Of course, budget is also a huge consideration but having an idea of the intention of the space really drives all the renovation decisions that follow. If you are converting your garage for a home gym, you may wish to use an epoxy coating or padded mat flooring, for example. If you are going for a more full-time living space like a room or man-cave, you may prefer laminate or tile flooring, for example or wish to accent the external garage door with a wooden style.

A Well-Fitting, Quiet Garage Door System Is A Must For Garage Extension Renovation

Next, making sure there is a well-insulated, maintained, and adequately fitting Omaha garage door is an essential part of any garage renovation project. You’ll want to make sure the seal around the door is airtight, keeping heating costs down and potential insects and invaders out. Installing an updated and quiet opener system will be necessary, as well. When the garage becomes a living space, its use also increases.

AAA Garage Door, Inc. in Omaha and Fremont has many residential garage door styles and designs that even include large windows that could help allow natural light, making the renovated space seem much less like a garage and more like just another room in your home.

We Can Assist You In Adding A New Garage Door To Your Expanded Living Space

Having a well-insulated maintained and properly fitting garage door in Omaha is essential for these types of garage renovations and AAA Garage Door, Inc. has several options including overhead doors with large window openings that can truly make a converted space feel just like home. Contact our garage door experts at (402) 727-0789 to talk about ways to enhance your home’s value with a new Omaha overhead garage door.

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Are You in Need of Garage Doors Repair or Replacement Service

Garage doors are very common in every house these days especially those automatic garage doors since they are convenient to use but as much they provide the convenience of use to us they also disturb that comfort zone when they do not function properly. So, if you are looking or noticing any kind of dysfunctionality in your garage door do not ignore that neither tries to fix it own. Maybe chance are the issues you are facing cannot be fixed and you need to replace your garage doors.  

Since garage doors have become an important part of the homes, they need to be taken care as precisely we take care of other parts of our home. So, to make sure whether the garage door needs repair or replacement, check for these points:

  1. Damage:

This is the foremost thing to do since the intensity of damage to the garage door make sure whether they need repair or replacement if you are able to understand the exact thing then you can take help of the professionals. Minor damage won’t cost much for the repair but if the repair cost is a little extra then it is better to get the doors replaced. 

  1. The age:

The  Garage door replacement also depends on the age of the doors because not all the old doors can live up to repair, they need to replaced at instant since old garage doors can be dangerous as they may fall anytime. 

  1. Expanse:

Now, this is again one of the most important when it comes to garage door repair or replacement since not in every situation you can afford the expenses. So, if currently, replacement of the garage door is a little expensive for you then you can just get your garage door repaired and later if the condition gets bad then you can get it replaced. 

You may have read that for any assistance you must contact the professionals who know their job better than you, well, you should because maybe your experiment will cause you extra expenses as compared to the money you will spend on the professionals. 

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Don’t Fall for DIY Temptation: Get Professional Spring Repair This Summer

Affordable Garage Door Repair is one of the few providers of professional garage door spring repair in the Murray area. In fact, spring repair is one of our specialties.

When you call us because your garage door isn’t working, we start by diagnosing the problem. More often than not, we find that the cause lies with your door’s spring. One of the most important parts of our job is identifying exactly what springs your door uses, because a replacement with the wrong kind of spring, without the proper training, can be disastrous (more on that later). First, let’s explain how garage door springs are supposed to work:

Extension Springs: The Budget Minded-Option

Generally, extension springs are more common and less expensive than torsion springs, but also less safe. Exposed parts are the root cause behind the potential hazards of extension springs. Whatever position your garage door is in (open, closed, or in motion), there is a possibility of a failure in the door’s spring, cable, or bottom brackets (which hold the cables and rollers in place).  

Do not try to replace extension springs or safety cables by yourself. You can’t spell “extension” without “tension:” the tension in the springs means stored, potential energy that can cause a spring to snap and fly through the air at dangerous velocities.

Torsion Springs: The Safer Option

Torsion springs may be more expensive, but they’re also stronger and longer-lasting. Their superior balance compared to extension springs means easier opening and closing. Because they must be calculated to fit a door’s specifications (weight, height, and track radius), their sizes and lengths vary. 

Most importantly, they are safer because they have fewer exposed parts. But it’s still wiser to leave repair or replacement to professionals. Since the springs have to match the specifications of your door, you’ll be protecting your investment and gaining the peace of mind of knowing the job was done right. 

Instead of attempting a difficult and dangerous DIY, leave your garage door repair job to the experienced professionals at the best garage door fix company in the Murray area: Affordable Garage Door Repair. Contact us today!

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The Benefits Commercial Garage Doors Offer

The right garage door is essential for any business that relies on a garage workshop, or a garage space that is used to keep business assets or store goods. Businesses can’t just choose any garage door, they need to choose a high-quality commercial garage door to ensure that their stock, company fleet, and assets remain secure at all times, yet easily accessible by employees and business personal whenever needed. 

At Garage Door Doctor, we have a variety of available options when it comes to commercial garage doors in Indianapolis and the surrounding area. We provide business owners with high-quality commercial garage doors that provide total peace of mind and to protect what matters most to their business. Whether your business has one garage or multiple garages that need commercial garage doors, our team can help with installation, repairs, and maintenance to ensure the highest standard. Until then, check out some of the benefits offered by our selection of quality commercial doors and garage door openers. 

Easy Access & Unmatched Security

When a garage is a main space for business operations, it needs to be easily accessible, but offer high-level security at the same time. Our selection of commercial garage doors provide these reassurances. Commercial garage doors can be fit precisely to the needs and demands of your space and are available in different designs, such as an overhead sectional garage door or a roll-up commercial garage door. All of our commercial garage doors offer outstanding security and allows quick and easy access for employees.

Allow You To Take Advantage of Your Space

With no inward-opening doors and all the parts and components overhead, businesses can take full advantage of any available space. This can benefit many businesses, especially auto repair shops who regularly service vehicles and need as much room to work in as possible. Not to mention, vehicles can also be transferred in and out of the garage without having to worry about damage to the garage door frames and other fittings.

Creates a Great First Impression

Customers that trust companies that run business from a garage premises often want to ensure they are getting professional service. More so, they also want to assure that any belongings, such as a vehicle, they entrust to that company will be secure. A high-quality commercial garage door not only provides both parties with confidence, but it also creates a positive first impression from the outside. A commercial garage door that is immaculate and well cared for will show that a company cares about its business and its customers.

Protects What’s Most Important 

Starting and running a business often involves investing in stock, equipment, and other business assets. Unfortunately, thieves are opportunists and will stop at nothing to get their hands on these items. Business products, assets, and inventory are often a target for burglars, as garage doors have a reputation of being easily compromised. However, don’t be fooled. Our Indianapolis commercial garage doors are the best defense a business can use to protect what matters to them most. For businesses, replacing stolen items through insurance will result in higher insurance payments, so prevention is a much better consideration in the long run and a secure, durable commercial garage door provides just that!

Expertly Installed

One of the most crucial considerations for any business thinking about a new commercial garage door is that they choose the right commercial garage door company. Get this decision wrong and all sorts of problems can be a result, including a door that is difficult to open and close, security issues, and other issues that will have you calling the company back for repairs.

Fortunately, at Garage Door Doctor, we offer some of the best commercial garage doors and openers that the industry has to offer and our technicians are trained to the highest standards. This ensures all doors we install, service, and repair will provide years of reliable use and comes with a workmanship guarantee. No business should leave its productivity, let alone security, to chance. A quality commercial garage door system from Garage Door Doctor gives business owners total peace of mind that everything on the other side of the door is protected day and night.

If you are a business owners operating in Indianapolis and the surrounding area that is looking to keep their business premises secure and operations running smoothly, a commercial garage door from Garage Door Doctor may be the solution you are searching for. 

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How To Fix A Slow-Opening Garage Door

Garage doors do a lot of heavy lifting on a day-to-day basis, which means that they will eventually need maintenance and repairs to stay in full working condition. How do you know when your garage door needs service? One of the telltale signs is that it takes longer to open and close.

text reads slow

Here’s a look at some of the reasons why your garage door opener is slow and how to fix a slow garage door.

How Long Should It Take for My Garage Door to Open and Close?

How long should it normally take for a garage door to open and close? The average is between 12 to 15 seconds. Most garage doors will be able to fully complete opening and closing cycles within that range. If you find that your garage door is taking closer to 20 seconds (or longer) to open or close, it’s time to get the door checked.

Service When Your Garage Door Slows Down

The most common slow opening garage door fix is lubrication. Without proper lubrication, your garage door’s many parts have to work overtime during opening and closing cycles, which makes those processes take longer than normal. Also, as your garage door is used day-in and day-out, over time, pulleys can also become worn and springs can lose tension — which also slows down operating speed.

If you’re wondering how to fix a slow garage door, start by lubricating all tracks, brackets and hinges. Once you’ve fully lubricated those parts, test the door to see if it’s moving faster. Some garage door models have speed setting controls. If your door has these controls, make sure they haven’t been adjusted in a way that noticeably slows your garage door.

If neither lubrication nor speed control settings fix the problem, it’s time to call a professional. A professional garage door service provider can check your door’s pulleys and springs to see if there’s a more complex issue that needs repair. It’s never a good idea for a homeowner to get into these more intensive maintenance and repair tasks. Garage doors operate under a massive amount of tension, and it requires specialized knowledge and expertise to safely and effectively provide maintenance and repairs.

Get Your Garage Door Serviced Regularly

At Custom Overhead Doors, we the best garage door products as well as maintenance and repair services. We know just how important your garage door and its operation is to your day-to-day lifestyle. Our technicians can quickly identify the reasons your garage door opener is slow — and then make recommendations for how to correct the issue.

Since 1989, we have proudly served home and business owners in Raleigh, Greenville, Greensboro, and Fayetteville. For all your garage door needs, trust the team and the experience you’ll find at Custom Overhead Doors.

Contact us today about maintenance and repairs for slow garage doors.

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How to Choose the Best Garage Door Repair Company

From extra security to daily convenience, your garage door plays a major role in your everyday life. Many of us rely on our garages to keep our vehicles and valuable possessions safe day and night, and if you have an attached garage, it is also a convenient entry to your house while keeping out poor weather, bugs, and much more.

Courtesy of Affordable Garage Door Repair, your prime source for garage door installation services in Holladay, have a look at this checklist to keep in mind as you choose your garage door repair company.

Convenience & Simplicity

Among the most critical factors to have in mind while shopping around for a garage door repair company is the convenience. You need a service company that will arrive at your home at a time that works with your busy schedule, as well as on the same day. After all, the last thing you want is to have to chase a company down to book an appointment, get a quote on the price, or even just speak with someone. Search for garage door repair companies that will come to you precisely when it suits your schedule the best.

Trust & Expertise

Make sure to choose a company with trusted, reputable repair technicians and a wealth of online reviews so that you don’t wind up with the wrong technician doing work on your garage door. Find a team that is friendly and personable who will provide you with complete answers to all your questions both in-person and over the phone, on whom you can rely to arrive exactly when they state they will. The last thing you need is to be waiting all day for them, and unfortunately, this often tends to happen with many less reputable garage door repair companies.

High-Quality Parts

Finally, you need a repair company that will use top of the line parts and will stand by their work long after the repair is completed. A company that will not only do the job right, but will help you create a comprehensive strategy to prevent other problems from arising in the future.

Are you looking for the best garage door repair in Salt Lake County? If so, give our team at Affordable Garage Door Repair a call today!

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5 Reasons Why Your Garage Door Won’t Open

5 Reasons Why Your Garage Door Won’t Open

You have come home after a long day at work followed by grocery shopping at the nearby store. You desperately want to get inside the house, dump grocery bags on the kitchen counter, and lie down on your bed for at least half an hour. You are too tired and your eyes are calling for the shuteye for too long now.

When you reached your home, you click on the remote to open the garage door. Nothing happens. You click on it again, this time a little bit forcefully. Nothing happens. Frustrated, you get off the car and retry. No luck!

There can be plenty of reasons why the garage door won’t open. Let’s have a look at some of the most common one.

1. Operator’s Power Source is Disrupted

This seems like a ridiculous mistake to make, but you will be surprised to know how often this can occur. Sometimes, people forget plugging the door opener with a working outlet and then curse under their breath when the garage door won’t open and they find themselves locked out of the house. Before leaving the house, be careful not to unplug the power source.

2. Broken Springs

The first problem that your garage door may incur is broken springs. You may hear a very loud sound coming from your garage – similar to the gunshot or firecrackers – that will indicate that the door’s torsion springs have been broken. If you face the problem of broken springs, don’t try to open the door and call the professional as soon as you can to get the problem fixed.

3. Sensitivity Needs Adjustment

You have to make sure that the sensitivity is set at a moderate level. If the sensitivity is set too high or too low, you may incur problems while operating the door. But this isn’t a grave problem and you can also get it fixed on your own.

4. The Door is Off the Track

Your door can derail from its original track, making it difficult to slide properly. If you hear sounds of squeaks while moving the door, be sure that the door is facing problems. Even though it is advisable that you ask for help while readjusting the door, you can try it on your own if you can balance the weight of the door. The process is simple: you will have to loosen the screws that hold the door to its track and place the door back on its track. Tighten the screws immediately to prevent the door from losing its position.

5. Your Remote Is Not Working

It can be possible that the problem doesn’t lie in the garage door and its complicated system, but in the tiny room that you are holding in your hands. A remote may not work if it is not within the range, out of batteries, or has damaged antennas. Regularly check your remote to avoid any inconvenience in the future.


The garage door can create problems for various reasons. While some of the causes are manageable and you can fix them on your own, it is always better to avail the services of a professional company for getting your garage door repaired.

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Do You Need of Garage Door Repair in USA

Are you still keeping expensive things in that area like your car and are you are fond of using the remaining space in your garage as your second storage room? Well, a broken garage door makes your expensive valuables prone to robbery.

Also, if your garage is attached to your home, A broken garage door immediately puts your home’s security at risk! It becomes an easy way to get into your house.

It is essential to get it fixed or buy an entirely new door right now!

If you are double-minded whether to fix it or buy a new door then look at the damage bourne by it.

  • If it’s broken by a car accident or a tree branch fell on it, it’s better to replace it. Repairing a highly damaged door will almost cost as much as the new door. Moreover, the dent remains even after repair work!
  • If your garage door is fairly new and If it’s a minor malfunction then get it repaired.
  • If your garage door is old then it probably has no immunization. Repairing that door will only lead to more problems air go more expenses in the future.

Whichever you prefer to do, your choice should ensure safety and security to your family. If you are wondering which are the best in Residential and commercial garage door repair technicians then Great Plains Garage Door in Elk City, USA is always my recommendation. They have a staff of four full-time technicians with more than 60 years of combined experience. These technicians can repair your broken garage door or get an entirely new customized design suitable for your house’s ambiance. Also, it’s comparatively inexpensive as they don’t use subcontractors!

So what are you waiting for? Call them now!

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How to Program a LiftMaster Garage Door Remote

Whether you have a new opener or are simply replacing an old remote, there are some basics you’ll need to know in order to set up a remote to open and close your garage door.

As a bonus, we’ll also be covering how to clear programmed remotes from your opener’s memory.

The steps we’ll be covering here can apply to most LiftMaster, Chamberlain (parent company of LiftMaster), and Sears Craftsman model openers. At A Plus Garage Doors, we almost exclusively install LiftMaster openers. Over the 15+ years we’ve been in business, we’ve found that LiftMaster units are readily available, reliable, feature-rich, affordable, and carry a very competitive product warranty.

Many types of remotes or transmitters have been manufactured and sold over the years, and the ones we typically set up for our customers look like this:

liftmaster remotes

Preparing to Program

Before we get around to doing the actual programming, you’ll need to have two things ready:

  1. Access to the Learn button on the opener. Take note of the button color.
  2. The remote you want to program with good batteries (if the remote has an LED it should light up when a button is pressed, even before it is programmed).

Most openers will require a ladder to reach. Start by locating the antenna wire that hangs from the motor, which may be hidden under a light cover, usually on the back side. Most covers can be opened by gently pushing the sides out from the inside.

The Learn button will be located near this antenna wire, and will be either yellow, purple, red/orange, or green. Sometimes (but not always), the button will match the color of the antenna wire.

program liftmaster remote learn button

If you have a wall-mounted panel, there may be a physical button or menu option to assist with the programming steps. If the panel has a digital menu, you should find it under Menu → Features → Program → Remote.

liftmaster wall panel

Programming the Remote

The steps to program a LiftMaster remote to an opener can vary slightly depending on the model of remote. Refer below to your model for the exact sequence of events.

LiftMaster 891LM and 893LM

  1. Press the Learn button to enter programming mode.
  2. Press the Learn button again, the LED will flash once.
  3. Press and hold the button on the remote you want to use with your opener.
  4. Release the button when the opener’s lights blink or two clicks are heard.
  5. Test the remote.

[Link to official manual]

LiftMaster 890MAX and 893MAX



  1. Press and hold the program button until the LED turns on. Slide off the clip to reveal the button on the 893MAX, which can be pressed using the long end of the clip. For the mini keychain 893MAX, the button can be reached using a paper clip or pin through a hole in the side. See the above images for reference.
  2. Press and release the button you want to use with your opener based on the color of the Learn button:
    • Yellow: 1 press
    • Purple: 2 presses
    • Red/orange: 3 presses
    • Green: 4 presses
  3. Exit programming mode by pressing any button other than the one from the previous step.
  4. Press the Learn button on the opener or control panel.
  5. Press the programmed button from step 2 until the opener lights flash or you hear two clicks.
  6. Test the remote.

[Link to official manual]

LiftMaster 375UT

  1. Make sure your garage door is closed.
  2. Slide open the battery cover. Hold the program button until the LED lights up, about two seconds.
  3. Press and release the Learn button on your opener or control panel.
  4. Press and release the button you want to use with your opener. Make sure you wait for the LED to stop blinking after each press. The number of presses needed is based on the color of the Learn button on your unit:
    • Yellow: 8 presses
    • Purple: 3 presses
    • Red/orange: 2 presses
    • Green: 4 presses
  5. Press the program button to exit programming mode.
  6. Test the remote.

[Link to official manual]

Clearing ALL Remotes from Your Opener’s Memory

If you want to start with a clean slate, you can clear the memory of your opener at any time to forget any previous remotes. This means that if you lose or replace an old remote, you can clear it so it no longer works with your opener in case it falls into the wrong hands.

To erase all codes from memory, press and hold the Learn button on the opener until the Learn LED goes out, usually about 6 seconds. This will wipe all previous codes from memory.

Having Trouble with Programming?

Most LiftMaster products have manuals available online, start by using the Chamberlain/LiftMaster search page and search for your model number of your remote and/or opener for more information.

If you need additional help and are located in one of our Utah service areas, reach out to us today so we can check out the issue for you.

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Signs Your Garage Door Needs to be Replaced

Garage doors are often used multiple times daily and certainly see their wear and tear. People are often surprised when their garage door finally fails, but there are some telling signs that typically precede total failure. Below, let’s examine some early symptoms that you may need to replace your garage door.

1.    It’s off the Tracks

If a garage door comes off its tracks, it can create a dangerous situation, which can impede the function of the garage door. There are many reasons why a door may come off its tracks, including a misaligned horizontal and vertical rail, a broken garage door cable, or broken or worn-out rollers.

2.    It’s too Noisy

Aside from being annoying to listen to, garage door noise can help point to an ongoing problem. Listen carefully to the noise the garage door is making. If you hear a popping sound, it may indicate the panels of the garage door are not fitting together properly. If you hear a grinding sound, it might be a sign that the torsion springs are starting to wear.

3.    It Has a Slow Response

Sometimes, when opening the garage door, you may notice a slight, few second delay. This could be a sign the door needs some regular maintenance. The delay can be caused by the door getting stuck in the tracks. A professional is able to help lubricate the door to give it a smoother opening. All moving parts of the door, such as the rollers, tracks, and hinges, should receive a light coat of lubricant.

4.    It’s Out of Balance

An out-of-balance door must be fixed right away to avoid a larger problem. Doors that are still functioning and are out of balance can place undue stress on the other components in the door. These components, such as the springs, can become overstretched and break, causing a dangerous situation. Signs your door might be out of balance can include a sagging door or a door that doesn’t close evenly.

As a main artery into the home, garage doors are an important part of the house. If your garage door is showing signs of wear and tear, it may be time to find a replacement. The professionals at Door Power are here to help. We offer a range of services and products to find the right solution for your home. To learn more about the products we carry, contact our team today!

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