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Using Google Search to Find the Best Garage Door Repair Service in Omaha

Would you be surprised to hear that a simple Google Search for the terms “garage door repair and service” returns over 246 million results in less than one second? That means there are a lot of articles, services and overhead door repair providers out there who like to associate themselves with that very broad search term.

If you are living in the Omaha area and need reputable garage door repair or service, you could enter that same search term but add the location “Omaha” to your search (“garage door repair and service Omaha”), and the field of options narrows to just under 4 million results returned.

Finding High-Quality Garage Door Services In Omaha, NE Is Much Easier Than Ever Before

When you need expert overhead door repair and service for your Omaha home, sorting through the options online is not only frustrating but also overwhelming, but you truly do not to experience either of these emotions, just simply call us at (402) 727-0789.

We’ll take a moment to review your immediate needs and soon you’ll know what other Omaha-area homeowners already know, that we are friendly, trustworthy, and able to assist with any overhead door replacement or repair needs. For garage door parts in Omaha, repair services or replacement doors, you’ll always find our experienced technicians to be professional, prompt and priced right.

Our Trained Staff Of Professionals Have Served The Fremont And Omaha Area Since 1994

Specializing in repairing all kinds of residential garage doors including wood, aluminum, fiberglass, composite, and steel doors. We have both the experience and equipment needed to repair your garage door so that it is both functional, safe, and worry-free, and we stand by the work we perform. From overhead door repair to garage system and opener issues or total replacement, our customer-focused approach is what has built our business and why our customers continue to call us whenever they need garage door services of any kind.

If you want to find out more about AAA Garage Door, Inc. in Omaha, it really is as simple as doing a quick Google search for some of the very keywords that describe us and how our valued customers speak about our service. Look for phrases like “trusted,” “experienced,” “quality products,” and “superior workmanship,” and you’ll be sure to land on what other Omaha-area homeowners already know.

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Why Quick Commercial Garage Door Repair is Essential

A reliable, working commercial garage door is essential to smooth and productive business applications. However, with continuous use for daily business operations, a commercial garage door will eventually malfunction and require repair from a professional commercial garage door contractor.

A malfunctioning or damaged commercial garage is something that needs repairing immediately, as it could negatively affect business operations, revenue, and other logistical factors. At Garage Door Doctor, we are the Indianapolis commercial garage door experts and have provided many businesses with reliable and prompt commercial garage door services. We know how to diagnose malfunctioning commercial garage doors and restore them back to full health! If you experience issues with your commercial garage door system, here are some reasons you shouldn’t delay calling us for quick commercial garage door repair.

Improve Safety

Safety is the number one reason you need to properly maintain your commercial garage door and promptly seek repair when it malfunctions. If your commercial garage system’s door fails or is damaged, it presents a risk to employees and could damage company vehicles, inventory, or belongings that are stored inside. Contacting a commercial garage door company to make quick repairs, as needed, will help eliminate these risks.

Enhance Security

Even if your commercial garage door (or doors) works well enough to keep business operations running, they may not be providing the level of security that they once were able to before. Rather than giving burglars access to your business assets and inventory, repair your commercial garage door before it is too late.

Increase Efficiency

Does your business rely on the use of a garage door? From causing shipment delays to throwing off production schedules, a malfunctioning commercial garage door can cause a host of problems for the efficiency of your operations. In order to get everything back on track and operating smoothly, it is important to call for immediate garage door repair.

Avoid Costly Repairs

Fixing the smaller repairs on a commercial garage door will help you avoid more costly repairs down the road. For example, having a spring replaced and providing regular track lubrication and other small, simple repairs can keep your commercial garage door system operating for years to come. Avoiding the smaller repairs could lead you to commercial garage door replacement or replacing your system altogether, which is definitely more costly.

These are just a few of the many reasons why you should not delay commercial garage door repair, as your garage door system is essential to smooth and efficient business operations.

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What You Can Do to Keep Your House or Building Gate Safe

What You Can Do to Keep Your House or Building Gate Safe

Installing a gate is fraught with tensions.

Whether you live in the suburbs or a mansion, whether you’re an apartment complex owner or part of building administration, you need to make you’re the gate you install protects the property it is meant for effectively.

In order to fulfill its purpose, the house or building gate needs to be functioning properly at all times. This means that you need to avoid the gate from damage and carry out frequent gate repairs.

Gate Maintenance

To make sure your gate stays functional, you need to carry out annual maintenance service. This includes calling up a professional and asking them to carry out a gate inspection. Usually they’ll look for problems with:

  • Roller banks
  • Rollers
  • Hinges
  • Motors
  • Any electrical circuitry
  • Gate contacts
  • Brackets

They will also inspect the gate material for signs of damage from weather or accidents.

Wooden Gates

Wood will deteriorate over time without regular maintenance. It needs to be re-stained or repainted once every two years. Wooden gates will also require treatment to prevent them from insect infestation.

Wrought Iron Gates

Iron is a relatively durable material; however, it is susceptible to rust. You will need to regularly inspect your wrought iron gate for rust spots. Apply a rust-resistant spray or wax after installation to keep it in working condition. Keep repainting it to protect it from the elements.

Composite Material Gates

These include gates with a steel core wrapped in PVC. Every two year, they will require professional maintenance and repair. Composite gates also need to be repainted every 5 to 6 years.

Gate Safety Systems

Gate Safety Edges

Safety edges on gates (usually made of resistant rubber) are meant to protect against damage from shearing or crushing on electric gates. Gate safety edges are used if you have a sliding or swing gate. They will protect the gate system as well as people and objects that come in contact with the gate.

Gate Photocells

Safety photocells for gates ensure that gates do not get damaged upon movement.  They can be installed for all types of gates— sliding, automated or swinging. Gate photocells will detect objects in the way of the gate’s motion and thus move the gate accordingly.

Gate Insurance

Of course it’s not always possible to keep your gate perfectly safe and free from damage. Regardless of all safety measures you take, some damage is likely to ensue. To prevent any hefty financial losses from house gate damage, make sure your home insurance plan covers gate insurance.


With regular service and maintenance you can guarantee the safety and functionality of your house or building gate. Act quickly whenever you spot signs of damage. Install safety edges and photocells on your gate systems to keep them getting harmed or destroying anything in their path.

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The Benefits of a New Garage Door

Garage doors tend to be one of those things that nobody thinks about until they’re broken. Over time, even the best garage doors suffer from the wear-and-tear that naturally follows frequent use. After long enough, they are likely to suffer from various problems and even break suddenly, which can be inconvenient or dangerous. Old garage doors—especially ones that have not been properly maintained—are a risk to the safety and convenience of you and your family. When it comes down to it, there comes a time when investing in a newer garage door is a wise decision to make. Here are some of the benefits of getting a new garage door.

Increased Safety

Old garage doors are usually lacking important safety features, making them more dangerous than new garage doors. With developments in technology, garage doors have become much safer than they used to be. When you buy a new garage door, you can trust it to have automatic reversal features, stronger tracks and supporting chains, and more stability, all of which serve well to prevent accidents that are caused by older garage doors.

More Security for Your Home

Burglars who know what they are doing can easily access a house through the garage—often thanks to an old garage door. Most people trust their garage door to stay closed, so they don’t lock the door that leads from the house into the garage. Old garage doors are significantly easier to break into than newer ones. In addition to being more sturdy and difficult to move, new garage doors can come with security features such as alarms to protect you and your family.

Fewer Issues

Let’s face it: old garage doors have a lot of problems. From being loud and clunky to suddenly stopping or falling off the track, old garage doors can be very inconvenient to deal with. New garage doors, on the other hand, will save you a considerable amount of time and money due to their lack of issues. In addition to not having been used before, new garage doors are equipped with the latest and greatest technology, making them even more smooth, efficient, and durable than any old garage door could ever be.

Increased Curb Appeal

Investing in a new garage door is a sure way to increase the value and curb appeal of your home. Nobody wants to look at an old garage door with cracked, chipped and faded paint. New garage doors, on the other hand, look excellent, which helps to boost your home’s curb appeal and often increase its value more than the garage door cost.

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A Short Guide to Garage Door Maintenance

Maintenance or taking care of our homes is something we do always, whether to beautify them or to make them more habitable, but we often forget an important part of the home which is the garage. Negligence towards the garage doors often, therefore, put a lot of pressure on its automatic door opener, thereby causing you to spend an hour or two along with loads of money near the beginning spring and late fall season each year on a repair. For many of us, garage is the only in and out to our homes. This is why we need to consider tips to maintain the garage door.

Follow these Garage Door maintenance tips if you do not wish to spend lots of money on repairs: 

Issues with the garage door as well as automatic garage door openers are often apparent in the shuddering movements,  grating, and the scraping noise. A garage door that is both, well-maintained and well-tuned is comparatively quieter since it can move up and down. Also, the jerkiness disappears. Tips? Do the following:

  1. Check both sides of the whole apparatus
  2. Check your the springs, pulleys, as well as cables
  3. Check if the above appear or look balanced.

The rollers along the periphery of your garage door should be scrutinized at least two times a year and then replace each in and in and around at least, 5 to 7 years. While inspecting, substitute any of the rollers you find which may be chipped or cracked, or even worn out. The majority of rollers can be detached by merely removing the cohorts holding them to your door. However, you must never try to remove the bracket of your bottom roller located on each side of the door. This is because these are attached to its lift-cables, that are under tremendous pressure.

At least 2 times a year, to maintain movement in the door; use premium spray lubricants, with grease made from white lithium available in a spray-can. You must apply this on the rollers as well as the hinges, and if you have applied excess, wipe it off. If any of the rollers or hinges seem wedged, spray them with a piercing solution, like the one termed “WD-40”, then wipe them off and then use grease.

To keep the pulleys on the extension-spring openers as well as the bearings on torsion-spring, grease the openers. Put a small amount of oil on the torsion spring in case you are rusty. In case your opener possesses a metallic chain or screw, spurt white lithium grease on either the chain or the screw, but do not employ lubricant on the belt-drive opener.

Garage door maintenance is as important as maintaining the rest of your house. While negligence could cost you loads of money, you should definitely heed the ancient proverb “precautions are better than cure”. To protect your garage door from the wear and tear and other problems, you could take a look at Dayton Garage Door Pros website or connect with them for more info.

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You Need An Automatic Gate Opener & Here’s Why

Gates are part of our houses. And why not? We all need security. In a world ravaged by theft and burglary and what not; we cannot afford our homes, built by our sweat and blood to be easily accessible to the dacoits and thieves. That is where gates become so important.  In our present write-out, let us take automatic gates and see how they can be important.

Firstly, the most important advantage is that if you have good metal Automatic gate opener helps in making your residence safer than ever. Being able to manage access into the home is one of the surest means of avoiding prospects of burglary, trespassing, or the entrée of any unwelcome visitors, thereby permitting you to make a decision of who you wish to let into your premises.

Apart from the decision-making functions, it engenders a safe perimeter for those residing within the house. For example, in case you have children or a pet. These automatic gate openers ensure that the owner will not without difficulty run out into approaching traffic, which could disastrous.

Secondly, these gates provide more handiness compared to the manual ones, thereby saving time as well as irritation of getting out opening and closing them. With this type of gate opener, you can open the gate while you are entering without having to open the gate.

Thirdly, these gates add on to the aesthetics because they improve the elegance of your property. Moreover, these are intended for residential properties usually come in wrought ironwork that only augments the beauty of your home sweet home. Something to show off you know.

Finally, think it over! Are you in continuous threat only by humans! Not all! Threats come from beasts too. If you live in the woods or live very close to the wildlife; you could be threatened by animals like foxes, rabbits, deer, coyotes and other wild beats. An automatic gate opener prevents these pesky animals to enter thereby keeping your home and its surroundings safe and sound.

Are you looking for an Automatic gate opener or garage door sales & installation at a fair price? If so, you really need to check out Dayton Garage Door Pros. These guys are experts in their gate openers and provide the best services in lieu of the same.

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The Benefits of a Brand New Garage Door

Have you ever tried to open your garage door only to notice that nothing happens? Have you been constantly hearing loud noises from your garage door? While these issues might mean you have a broken door, some issues are normal. But even everyday wear and tear on your garage door can cause issues that can be very annoying to deal with.

While garage door repair and maintenance services usually stop these problems from happening, it is possible to still see issues, which can turn out to be very costly. If these repairs continue to add up, you might consider a garage door replacement. In this post, we’ll discuss some benefits of a brand new garage door, including why you should contact Bluff County Garage Doors for a new installation.

Check out these benefits of a brand new garage door:

●       Newer technology

While the garage door you currently have might still work great, you could be missing out on some pretty amazing technology. Just like most electronics nowadays, garage doors are also pretty advanced when it comes to their level of technology. From opening the garage with your phone to very quiet operation, garage doors are becoming more advanced every single year.

●       Freedom to Choose

If you move into a home rather than having one built, you’re forced to deal with the garage door you have, unless you decide to install a new one. If you decide the old garage door isn’t cutting it, purchasing a new garage door can bring many incredible benefits. One key benefit of a brand new garage door is having the freedom to choose the model. With the wide variety of garage doors available today, the options are endless.

●       Quieter Operation

A huge issue that homeowners or businesses have with their garage doors is their loud and annoying operation. That dreadful screeching noise can be quite annoying to deal with, and that noise can mean you have some serious issues with your door. Another key benefit of receiving a brand new garage door installation is that you’ll say goodbye to those loud and obnoxious noises. Newer garage doors are made with highly advanced materials that take away the annoying screeching noise that many of us deal with every day.

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7 Reasons Why Omaha Homeowners Should Invest In A New Garage Door System

Adding a new garage door to your Omaha home adds much more than just a barrier between your home and the great outdoors. In fact, a new overhead garage door can bring value in ways you probably haven’t even considered.

AAA Garage Door, Inc. wants you to know that the when it comes to garage doors in Omaha, having one that is both great looking and functioning as it should can bring homeowners many positive returns. After all, the overhead door on the front of your home makes up between 20 and 40 percent of the facade and is often one of the first noticeable things potential buyers see.

Here are seven ways a new garage door can make perfect sense by bringing benefits that add up to real value.

Increase Your Omaha Home’s Value

According to Remodeling Magazine’s 2019 Cost Vs. Value report, upgrading an aging garage door can really boost the resale potential for your home. The all-in cost of replacing an outdated overhead door with an upscale steel model like that available from AAA Garage Door, Inc. and Clopay boosts your home’s value by 97.3% of what it costs to install.

Eliminate Costly, Unplanned Garage Door Repairs

Replacing a garage door that isn’t performing well can help homeowners avoid unexpected repairs that can cost much more when performed on an emergency basis. Getting that door in optimal working order and keeping it that way through ongoing inspection and preventative maintenance can save inconvenience and cost.

Keep Your Home Safe From Intruders

When you consider that your overhead garage system and door are essentially the only things standing between your family and potential intruders, the price of security and peace of mind is minimal compared to the alternative.

Provide Energy Efficiency And Lower Heating/Cooling Costs

If homeowners could just think about their garage as an extension of the home (and not an extension to the outside), they may find it more important to replace the overhead garage door as a proactive way to create energy efficiencies. A new overhead door with proper insulation and energy efficient features can prevent cold or hot air from seeping into the home you are paying to heat and cool all season long.

Reduce The Possibility of Accidental Injury

Aging garage doors are potential accidents just waiting to happen. Electronic sensors that do not have working emergency release features or aging, weakened springs and tensioners can be really dangerous to those operating the door. The value of making sure your overhead door is safe and functioning optimally is priceless.

Improve the Overall Appearance of Your Home And Neighborhood

Newer garage doors are designed to provide so much more than just a barrier for your home. Today’s garage systems and doors, like those made by Clopay and offered by AAA Garage Door, Inc. in Omaha are decorative as well as energy efficient and safe. Enhancing the appearance of your home’s exterior can pay off when it’s time to put your home on the market.

Minimize Noise Caused By Older Garage Door Opener Systems

Older garage door systems can be extremely noisy, especially when rollers become misaligned. Newer garage opening systems are designed to be very quiet, enhancing enjoyment for your entire family.

With this many potential benefits and the relatively low cost to repair or replace your overhead door and garage system, the value far outweighs the many excuses homeowners find for not replacing those aging, sometimes dangerous older garage doors.

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4 Reasons Why You Need Garage Door Repair

Well, when it comes to the protection of cars, there is something way more faithful than dogs! Guess what? Garage doors! In fact, the garage door has issues like your dogs. The average life of a garage door is rather simple. Ups and downs, ups and downs and repeat. These doors protect your car from theft and other problems. But what if your garage door stops working?

Our present write-up is to tell our readers about why there is a need to take care of your garage door when it ceases to work. In the following paragraph let us ponder upon what causes one to seek Garage Door Repair.

Garage Door Repair can cease to work due to the following reasons:

  • First of all, you need to take your car out and the power abruptly goes off. There is usually a cord with a red lever, hanging down from your guide track that you use to open as well as close the garage door. This lever is your manual override. When you pull it, it permits you to open and/or to close the door manually in the form of elbow grease.
  • During the winters, climate usually hardens the apparatus of the opener and thereby causing the door to be unable to possess any power. Most of these openers which have been made over the last fifteen years include the pressure adjustments apparatuses for lowering and raising the garage door. Now, make sure and then regulate the afore-mentioned settings on a season-basis so that they keep on working without getting frozen.
  • Third, when garage doors become noisy and squeaky, and if you sleep close to the same or say atop the garage it could keep you awake all night long or cause many different types of problems. Usually, this is taken care of by a mixture of conventional maintenance and the substitution of some parts. If the safeguarding tips given above does not become quiet and continues to squeak and squeal, it is possible that you might need to put back the door’s hinges.
  • For many homeowners, the garage might be the only he/she/ they might enter and exit the house. In that case, the garage door opener plays a very significant role. For those who exit and enter your home through the garage and the button or opener does not work, you might have to stay out for a pretty long time.

These are instances which may make you consider taking a look at the Garage Door sales near you. Moreover, if you need advice on garage door repair or services pertaining the same, do try to get in touch with Dayton Garage Door Pros or you could check out their website.

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Top Things to Look for When Purchasing Garage Door Opener

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