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What Can Damage Your Garage Door and How to Prevent It

What Can Damage Your Garage Door and How to Prevent It

No home these days is complete without a garage.

A secure place for your car(s), the home’s largest storage space, a place to carry out science experiments, and whatnot.

However, a garage would essentially be useless if the garage door gets damaged. Not to mention, it would become a gateway for intruders and stray animals.

There are many things that can damage a garage door.

Natural Disasters

Perhaps the most obvious of these things is damage due to natural disasters. Catastrophes such as hurricanes, floods, tornadoes and earthquake can not only damage the garage door, but also the entire house.

These are obviously beyond anyone’s control. However, there’s no use worrying about natural disasters since they don’t occur very frequently and damage due to them if often protected by home insurance plans.

There are many causes of damage that can be prevented, though.

Preventable Causes of Garage Door Damage

Infrequent Garage Door Inspections

A professional garage door specialist should conduct inspection at least once or twice yearly. There are many problems that may arise with your garage door including:

  • Broken hinges or cables
  • Off-track door
  • Worn out gears and pulleys
  • Malfunctioning electrical circuitry
  • Damaged motors and springs
  • Damaged garage door panels

Experts can inspect the door and carry out repairs before the door stops functioning altogether.


You might think a dent here and there in your garage door isn’t a cause of concern. However, dents and cracks in steel or aluminum garage doors expose the material to moisture which can lead to rusting. Rusting will completely destroy a door with time.

Make markings around the garage door to prevent your car from bumping into it. Make sure toys, heavy electrical machinery and cycles stay away from the door. Never stand in the way when someone is operating the garage door.

Garage Track Issues

If dirt, stones, chewing gum or dead insects start accumulating in your garage door’s track, it can damage the door eventually. The track keeps the door aligned during opening and closing. To prevent the track from becoming dysfunctional, clean it regularly. Use a vacuum cleaner to keep it clean and a lubricant to ensure smooth functioning. A well-lubricated garage track will prolong the life of your garage door, too.

Foundation Problems

Cracks in the foundation of the house or garage can insidiously destroy the garage door. Cracks cause the foundation to shift which then puts pressure on garage door cables, springs and hinges, damaging them.

If there is a significant foundation shift, it can also cause the garage door to bend or break completely. To prevent this problem, hire a professional contractor to lay out the foundations of your home. Make sure the soil is settled properly and there is ample gravel spread beneath the foundation before construction.


A functioning garage door is essential for the safety of your home. Many things can damage garage doors such as natural disasters, bents due to cars, garage track issues and brittle foundation. Always remember to get garage door inspections regularly to prevent long-term issues.

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Add Value to Your Omaha Home with a New Residential Garage Door

It’s true that a new Omaha garage door is known to add resale value, but its replacement can do much more than increase the bottom line sales price of your home. For the long-term enjoyment of your home, even if you aren’t looking to put it on the market anytime soon, a new residential overhead door can bring hidden value that really should be considered especially for the relatively small investment.

Improve Overall Curb Appeal with a New Residential Garage Door

First, replacement garage doors are an excellent way to improve overall curb appeal. In an independent study conducted by Cloplay, a U.S. manufacturer of residential overhead doors, 80 percent of Realtors said a new Omaha garage door increases the overall listing price of a home. Something so simple and affordable that can substantially increase your home’s curb appeal is worth a look when you are going through the list of home improvements that bring high impact.

Add A Reliable Barrier of Security with a New Overhead Door

Additionally, consider the value that your residential garage door has as a primary security barrier, keeping you and your family safe. Some older garage doors don’t have the security features that newer overhead doors offer from tamper-proof mechanisms and openers to tight-fitting seals and quality construction.

Having a Safe, Functional Garage Door is Invaluable

Value is also found in having a residential garage door that works optimally to minimize the risk of accidental injury. As overhead doors age, the parts that are continually under pressure weaken and become potential hazards to anyone operating or near your Omaha garage door. Openers that have worn or non-functioning electronic sensors pose potential crush risks and should be replaced with updated, working technology for the mere fact they can be very dangerous for you and your family.

Added Value from a New Garage Door by Increased Energy Efficiency

Also, what about the value that comes from energy efficiency? New overhead garage doors, including those available right here in Omaha from AAA Garage Door, Inc., can help save on heating and cooling costs. With a variety of options, insulation values, garage door materials, and styles, you’ll save money from day one when you replace your aging door with a new, energy efficient Omaha garage door from AAA Garage Door, Inc. and Cloplay.

Don’t Put Off Replacing Your Residential Garage Door

With so much value riding on the overhead garage door at your residence, there isn’t any good excuse to put off garage door repair or replacement. Call AAA Garage Door, Inc. today at (402) 727-0789 to discuss the many ways you can realize value with a new overhead door.

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Is Your Garage Door Stuck? Try These Solutions

Are you having trouble with your home’s garage door? There are a few measures you can take to try to get it working again. To learn some tips and tricks for getting your garage door up and running, check out our video below, courtesy of Affordable Garage Door Repair, your source for overhead garage door repair for the Davis County community.

If you’re looking for more information on overhead garage door repair services for Layton homes, don’t hesitate to give our seasoned team members a call today at (801) 447-1263 to get your garage door functioning as it should be!

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Broken Garage Door? Call Our Team

Is your home’s garage door damaged or on the fritz? Don’t sweat it! Our crew here at Affordable Garage Door Repair can fix it in no time. Providing overhead garage door repair for the Davis County community, we take pride in providing service that’s professional, timely, and that gets the job done right the first time around.

For more information on our overhead garage door repair services for Layton residents, don’t hesitate to give our seasoned crew members a call today at (801) 447-1263 and get your garage back to working as it should!

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Benefits Of A Side Mount Garage Door Opener

Side mount garage door openers, also known as jackshafts, come with many advantages, such as space efficiency and low maintenance. But those two features are just the beginning. If you’re looking to take your garage experience to the next level, this is the door opener for you. It’s affordable, durable, reliable and easy to take care of.

Clopay garage door

This garage door opener can also be placed out of sight, so when you pull in to your garage, you’ll be greeted by clean lines and an unobstructed ceiling.

Benefits of Side Mount Garage Door Openers

In each home, two things remain important: space and maintenance. In a perfect world, you would be able to maximize the square footage in your home and keep all appliances and fixtures down to zero maintenance. The jackshaft garage door opener fits that description. Here is a list of some of the advantages of side mount garage door openers:

  • Does Not Obstruct the Ceiling: Side mount garage door openers are mounted on the side wall of the garage door, hence their name. If you have a large vehicle parked in the garage, this is an excellent option. Mounting your opener on the side will also open up more overhead storage space in your garage.
  • No Need for Rails: With a side mount, you don’t need rails to hang your opener from.
  • Easy to Maintain: The main benefit of lubricating a jackshaft is that it will not drip on your floor or car. You also won’t need to adjust your door due to cable stretch. Since this opener does not require rails, there’s also one less part that needs cleaning.
  • Saves Space: Unlike trolley bar installations, that take up space in the headroom of a garage, jackshaft openers are mounted on the side and create more space in your garage.

It is important to mention that in order to have a jackshaft installed, your garage can’t have low headroom. A high lift ceiling is necessary for this kind of opener. Your garage also needs to have an outlet at the head of the garage near the door. Lastly, you must have space on the sides of the door to install side mount garage door openers.

Why Work With Custom Door & Gate?

We have been repairing and installing commercial and residential garage doors for over 30 years — which means we have experience installing and repairing garage doors of all models, sizes, and types. When it comes time for you to purchase a jackshaft garage door opener, we’ll be here to help ensure a smooth installation. We also offer services in gate security, access control systems, and more.

If you’re looking for a partner to deliver quality and expertise for your garage door needs, trust Custom Door & Gate. Contact us today.

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The ROI of Garage Door Replacement: Increase the Resale Value of Your Omaha Home

Compared to the cost of some other home improvements, garage door replacement is a relatively quick and affordable way to be certain your Omaha home stands out among all the others and can even increase it’s resale value when it comes time to sell.

After all, the garage door is one of the first things potential buyers notice when looking at the front of your home, and if the overhead door is in ill repair or appears to be old, outdated or no longer in style, it can turn buyers away before they ever see what’s inside.

70 Percent of Realtors Agree: A New Garage Door Can Help Sell Your Omaha Home

Remodeling magazine’s 2019 Cost vs. Value report has consistently identified garage door replacement, especially for upscale homes, to pay off handsomely in terms of both curb appeal and resale value. Selecting a new overhead door that matches the price point, and architectural style for the home is an important consideration, they add.

AAA Garage Door, Inc. in Omaha offers residential garage doors manufactured by Cloplay, who partnered with an independent research firm to conduct nationwide research around realtors’ perceptions of garage doors as a worthwhile investment for homeowners before to listing a residence for sale. The results overwhelmingly supported the ROI of overhead garage door replacement with 70 percent of realtors agreeing that a new garage door helps sell a home faster. Over 80 percent acknowledged that a new overhead door could impact home value.

A New Overhead Garage Door Can Increase the Potential Selling Price of Your Home by 4%

Another interesting point of the study was found when realtors were asked to provide an estimated listing price for several homes featured in “before and after” garage door installations ranging from inexpensive replacements to high-end upgrades. Knowing that the only difference in the images they saw was the garage door, the findings pointed to realtors’ assigning selling prices as much as 4 percent higher to the homes with new garage doors. With the average U.S. home price estimated at $206,300 in 2017, this could add up to an increase of between $8,000 and $14,000 to a home’s selling price just by investing in a new or upgraded overhead garage door prior to listing.

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Tips and Tricks to Make Your Garage Area Stand Out


We are all enjoy seeing the transformation our homes undergo during spring time. The exterior comes alive with blossoms on the trees, colorful hanging baskets and perhaps a new welcome mat or wreath for the front door. Make sure this fresh look extends to your driveway and garage areas as well. A clean, continual look is not only aesthetically pleasing, but can also boost curb appeal if you are placing your home on the market this year. Here are a few suggestions to consider.


Your biggest upgrade or boost to this area will be your garage door. There are so many styles and options that can enhance your home’s overall look. Consider a different material like wood or steel. Many doors offer vertical or horizontal patterns, besides the traditional paneled look. If your budget allows, wood doors make a spectacular impression, offering a variety of grains and bold stains that add a rich look. Window panes are another way to add character and set your door apart from other similar doors in the neighborhood. Iron hinges or accents are also a marvelous way to spruce up your garage door.


If your garage door is still in great shape, perhaps a fresh coat of paint is in order. A dark brown or bronze will work well with a brick home, while a gray exterior can be enhanced with a deep burgundy or black. You could choose a color a few shades darker than your homes exterior for a sophisticated, contemporary look. A word of caution….don’t get drawn into a color that is over the top or too trendy. You don’t want to be “that” home in the neighborhood!


Accessorize the area leading up to and around your garage door with low growing shrubs or planters. Choose perennials that offer color in the spring and stay green throughout the summer months. If the surrounding area of your garage is flat, consider adding a trellis or portico for added texture. The adjacent walls may benefit from some stonework or decorative trim. If you seek something less permanent, try lattice with ivy or another climbing plant to add a welcoming look.


If your black-topped driveway is in need of repair, perhaps consider pavers instead. Brick and concrete styles can be arranged in a pleasing design & artistic pattern. They also allow you to bring a bit of color to that area as well.


Have a bit of fun with new lighting. A lantern style on either side of a wooden garage door will give it a charming carriage house feeling. Another popular look is those vintage, goose-necked barn fixtures. Solar, pathway lights lend a little brightness at night as well as added security. A lighted border can also show off beautiful landscaping & lend a bit of ambiance.


Don’t overlook the advantages of having a manicured, pleasing garage area. A consistent look makes your home’s exterior look balanced and welcoming.



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What Makes a Quality Garage Door?

Garage doors are vital to the functionality of a home or business. If your garage door doesn’t function properly or is damaged, your home or business is more prone to break-ins. While just having a normal-functioning garage door is important enough, installing a high-quality one can pose many great benefits. But have you ever thought about what makes a great garage door? In this article, we’ll discuss what qualities make up a great garage door, including what company is perfect for all of your residential and commercial garage door service needs.

Qualities to Look For

The truth of the matter is, not all garage doors are created equal. For a highly effective garage door, it’s best to choose one with the following qualities:

●      Solid Construction

An effective garage door is only as good as the materials it’s made of. When deciding which garage door is right for you, first consider the construction. Is it made with strong materials, or are the parts cheap? Garage doors are typically made of steel, aluminum, wood, copper, glass, or vinyl. If you’re looking for the strongest material for your garage door, steel is a great option. This will make it very difficult to break into, and it’s likely this material will last for many years to come. Wood is another material that is long-lasting and very effective.

●      Quiet Operation

Another indication of a high-quality garage door has to do with the noise during operation. While it’s common to have a garage door that’s loud when it operates, it might mean that your garage door is old or isn’t constructed with high-quality materials. If you’re thinking about a new garage door installation, you should consider choosing a model that operates quietly.

●      Made By a Reputable Brand

Another sign you’ve chosen a high-quality garage door has to do with the brand of the door. If you’re considering buying a new residential or commercial garage door, you should first do your research on the best brands in the industry. You might try asking your friends for their opinions, and be sure to check with our professionals for the best brands our customers are most happy with.

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Ways a Garage Door Specialist Can Boost Your Home’s Security

Like many people, you probably see your home as a place you need to protect. Any point of entry can act as a potential weak spot for thieves, which is why you need to strengthen your property’s security accordingly. At Streamline Garage Doors, we install garage doors throughout the Thousand Oaks, CA area. We’re here to show you how the right garage door specialist will boost your home’s security.

They’ll find the right materials for your door

The first step toward creating a secure garage door is choosing the right material. All excellent garage door specialists know this, which is why experienced technicians will recommend the best materials for the region they install garage doors in. For example, we install steel garage doors throughout Ventura County. In addition to being a tough material that would-be thieves struggle to penetrate, steel is weather-resistant. This means it’s less likely to weaken over time, resulting in security benefits that last.

They reduce vulnerability with high-tech features

If you want to take your home’s security to the next level, consider asking your garage door specialist for electronic doors. Although manual garage doors are still popular, they’re not difficult for thieves to target. As such, some may see them as a weakness. In contrast, electronic doors are incredibly challenging to manipulate. This deters opportunistic burglars.

They’ll advise you on the best doors for detached garages

Many people assume a detached garage is more secure than an attached one. However, depending on the approach a thief wants to take, they can use a detached garage to their advantage. Most of these buildings feature a garage door that faces the street and an additional door that leads into your yard. If someone can enter through your garage and make their way into your yard, they then have a broader selection of windows and doors to manipulate. Fortunately, your garage door specialist can assess your building and advise you on the toughest door type and lock strength for protecting your property and your family.

Garage door specialists guard you against adverse events

If you live in an area that’s at risk of natural fires, you need to do what you can to guard your property against them. Like many people, you may partially dedicate your garage to storing old items that are flammable. For example, documents, books, and old furniture. If this is the case, finding a fire-safe door for your garage is essential. The right garage door specialist can help to ensure your door is appropriate for your locale’s fire risk.
Enhancing your door’s aesthetic also makes it secure

Although many thieves will target a property on the basis that it has valuable contents, others may take a different approach. When a door looks old and brow-beaten, it may signal to an opportunistic thief that the person who owns the property takes a lacklustre approach to security, too. In contrast, if a door looks new and well taken care of, they may feel less inclined to try gaining entry to your property. Your garage door specialist can also update your existing installation to ensure it looks like less of an easy prospect to potential thieves.

If you’re looking for garage door specialists in Thousand Oaks come to us. At Streamline Garage Doors, our installations come in different sizes and materials. We can provide a custom fitting for your property that allows you to rest easily at night. To learn more, call us at 805-203-9995.

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A Guide to Garage Doors

A Guide to Garage Doors

The perfect garage doors are the key to enhancing the entire look of your home and adding curb appeal to your property. The impact is everything in upping the appearance and value to your home. Garage doors are a stable return on your investment and an excellent summer project that will give your garage an immediate face-lift.

Whether you use your garage as a second entry to your home, as a storage unit, a place for your vehicles, or as a workspace, your garage door should operate smoothly and look like a cohesive part of your home. There’s a lot to look for as you search for a garage door replacement. Here’s a guide to the styles and materials you’ll come across in your search.

Garage Door Types

There are four basic types of garage doors, several with different opening mechanisms.

  • Swing out
  • Swing up
  • Roll up
  • Side to side
  1. Roll-up

You may already have or are at least familiar with the popular roll-up garage door. It’s a popular option in most modern designs.

  1. Swing Up & Swing Out

Both are a great choice for homeowners looking to keep the ceiling of their garage open, or those looking for a classic and distinguished look.

What Style is Right for You?

As you shop for your new garage door, make sure to settle on a style that suits your house. For example, if your house is of a traditional style, pick a style of door that is cohesive with that. Going for a classic look doesn’t mean compromising modern conveniences. You can still purchase modern roll-up top doors, for instance, that mimic the look and feel of more traditional doors.

Whether the styles are keeping with the traditional or bordering contemporary, there will be plenty of trim, panel, and detailing options. If you’re looking for a sturdier design, choose doors with true paneling or framed construction. Doors that utilize the decorative elements of a paneled door, but only use nails or glue at the face of the facade won’t have the same lasting power.

If you’re looking to add a touch of warmth or an inviting nature to your doors, choose a design that uses glass windowing. This will bring light into your garage and is an excellent choice if you use your garage as a work or living space.


How long will your door last? What kind of weather will it need to withstand? How much maintenance will it need annually? Your answer to any of these questions will greatly determine what material you should seek for your new doors.

  1. Steel

Steel is a very popular material choice for doors at the moment. Sturdy, hard wearing, and low maintenance, steel provides durability at an affordable cost to the homeowner.

  1. Wood

As a material, wood offers the appeal of a traditional look that other materials can only mimic. Although wood doors sport beauty and craftsmanship, this material needs extra care. Every few years you’ll need to repaint or restain the facade to keep the material intact. More frequent refinishing will be required if you live in states with harsher climates. Wood is almost always the most expensive material option, depending on insulation factors, decorative elements, and quality of the wood.

  1. Fiberglass

If you like the look of wood, but want a material that requires less care, look to fiberglass. Wood grain fiberglass designs will give your garage doors a natural-looking finish without the potential of rot and warp. It’s as durable as steel and only requires surface maintenance every few years depending on how much sun exposure they receive.

      4. Aluminum

Cheaper aluminum doors are relatively uncommon to see at present, although the material itself is loved for its unique look and rust-proof nature. Expensive, heavy-duty aluminum doors will last a long time with general maintenance, but the price tag is high. Lesser expensive doors sporting aluminum frames are a great choice if you’re in need of a light-weight garage door option, or long side-to-side doors.

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